How much loan can I take from moneylenders in Singapore

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The certified moneylenders are among the financial institutions that grant loans. The loans they offer are then repaid over a set period of time. On short notice, the moneylenders can be rather helpful, and they also offer several loan types that can help you ease financial troubles. This includes payday loans as well as personal … Read more

How to Plan Ahead for Your Child’s Education

Saving Education in Singapore

Succeeding in life through luck is sweet. But using education to unlock the mysterious locks that keep people struggling is unmatched. Every parent’s dream is seeing their children succeeding in education and carving a path to glory. More often than not, these dreams remain to be just that, dreams. This vicious cycle of unattainable dreams … Read more

Weekly VS Monthly Loan Contract – What You Need to Know


Since the beginning of October 2015, the capping of monthly rates of interest was officially enacted. This capping means that interest rates that licensed moneylenders may charge is set at 4 %. Some of the moneylenders have switched their borrowers to the weekly loan contracts (rather than the usual monthly ones) as a way to … Read more

Illegal Moneylenders (Loan Shark) in Singapore: How To Identify Them

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When we speak about a Loan shark in Singapore or ‘Ah long’,  we generally feel unsafe with them. Well, truth be told, those feelings are genuine. But as a borrower,  what you can do is to be diligent and equip yourself with knowledge on how to identify them. We hope through this article you are … Read more

Should You Get A Personal Loan For Your Business

Should You Get A Personal Loan For Your Business

When we talk about Personal Loans, we would often think that individuals will use it to pay off high-interest credit card debt, pay renovations cost of a home, projects, or get it to pay for miscellaneous expenses.  But, the application of a personal loan can be used for much more. Why? This is because you … Read more

Be Prepared with Unexpected Financial Issues with Flexi Loan

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Introduction Some Singaporeans are anxious about borrowing. Considering their low salaries, they do not think they will get accepted. The reality is that most moneylenders need a minimum income to be sure they could be paid.  In line with this, some borrowers may opt to choose Flexi Loan to tide them up for a period … Read more

How to Deal with Loan Shark Harassment

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Introduction When it comes to a loan shark, Singapore citizens are best advised to ‘not transact with them’. These are unlicensed lenders who offer very high interest rates. Mostly they turn to threats and pressure to frighten borrowers who cannot repay their personal loans. These lenders are not licensed thus they transact illegally. Throughout the … Read more

Why Do You Need Instant Cash Loan In Singapore?

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Singapore, like the rest of the world, is feeling the crunch of an economic downturn. This has devised individuals who find themselves without resources. This is due to the financial predicaments they have to always deal with. Instant cash loans are also branded payday, cash advance, or no-credit loan. They are an easy and quick … Read more