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The Moneylenders Review

Company Introduction: The Moneylenders Pte Ltd is a legally licensed lender that provides reliable money lending services to residents and foreigners in Singapore. According to the company, as long as you have valid working passes as a foreigner, they will grant you a loan. This lending company provides personal and business loans. The Moneylenders Details … Read more

Tan & Jiang Enterprise Review

Company Introduction: Tan & Jiang Enterprise is a licensed lender that was incorporated on 9 September 2010. This lender offers loans to Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and foreigners with valid employment passes. The company grants personal and business loans. Tan & Jiang Enterprise Details Business Name: TAN & JIANG ENTERPRISE PTE. LTD. Phone: 67866098 Address: … Read more

Synergy Credit Review

Company Introduction: Synergy Credit is a licensed lender that offers a wide range of loan services. The company offers loans at low-interest rates and on flexible terms. The company helps you to plan your loan structure to best suit you. Synergy Credit provides monthly loans, installment loans, and debt consolidation loans. Synergy Credit Details Business … Read more

Swift Credit Review

Company Introduction: Swift Credit is a fully licensed money lender based in Singapore. This lender has been approved by the Registry of Moneylenders. The company provides fast loans to Singapore residents, permanent residents, and foreigners who have valid employment passes. Swift Credit provides personal, foreigner, payday, and business loans. Swift Credit Details Business Name: SWIFT … Read more

Sumo Credit Review

Company Introduction: Sumo Credit is a legally licensed money lender based in Singapore. The company advertises itself as an experienced lender who has dealt with lots of clients from different backgrounds. Sumo Credit provides fast cash loans, foreigner loans, payday loans, SME business loans, personal loans.  SUMO Credit Details Business Name: SUMO CREDIT PTE. LTD. … Read more

Su Credit Review

Company Introduction: SU Credit is a licensed lender that provides hassle-free credit services. The company’s loan packages are tailored to meet the needs of their clients. SU Credit provides personal, business, and foreigner loans. SU Credit Details Business Name: SU CREDIT PTE. LTD. Phone: 66365644 Address: 175, BENCOOLEN STREET,#01-36, BURLINGTON SQUARE, SINGAPORE 189649 Website: … Read more

Soon Seng Credit Review

Company Introduction: Soon Seng Credit is a legally licensed lender that has built its brand on transparency and compassion. The firm ensures that they disclose everything about their loan facilities to their customers. They provide cash loans, personal loans, and business loans. Apart from locals, foreigners with valid employment passes can also qualify for a … Read more

SME Care Review

Company Introduction: SME Care is a licensed lender in Singapore. This lending company is regulated by the Ministry of Law in Singapore. The company swift money lending services to its customers. SME Care provides several loans including personal and business loans. SME Care Details Business Name: SME CARE PTE. LTD Phone: 62710023 Address: 5, JALAN … Read more

SKM Credit Review

Company Introduction: SKM Credit is a licensed lender that is regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders. This lender provides different kinds of loans such as education loans, personal loans, medical loans, and business loans. The company offers a guaranteed fixed rate on their loans. The loans also come with flexible payment terms. SKM Credit Details … Read more

Singa Credit Review

Company Introduction: Singa is a legally licensed money lending firm that was established in 1992. The company was formerly known as Yong Seng Credit. This lender is regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders hence it abides by all the regulations of the government body. Singa Credit provides personal, payday, bridging, foreigner, business, and one percent … Read more