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Unilink Credit Review

Unilink Credit is a licensed money lender in Singapore. This lender provides fast, efficient, and reliable money lending services. Unilink Credit grants loans to both Singapore locals and foreigners. Loans offered include personal, payday, business, and foreigner loans. Unilink Credit Details Phone: 63380690 Address: 35, SELEGIE ROAD,#10-27, PARKLANE SHOPPING MALL, SINGAPORE 188307 Website: Reviews

QV Credit Review

QV Credit is a licensed money lender in Singapore. The company was founded in 2010. QV Credit advertises that it approves loans within an hour and borrowers can apply online. People with low incomes can also qualify for a loan from this lender. QV Credit offers personal, payday, foreigner, business, housing, renovation, wedding, installment, short … Read more

Monetium Credit Review

Monetium Credit is a licensed money lender founded on 26 September 2013. Monetium Credit prides itself on its provision of flexible, transparent, swift, and efficient services. Monetium offers personal, business, and lifestyle loans. Monetium has a mobile app that facilitates loan applications and the management of loans. Monetium Credit Details Phone: 67777775 Address: 10, JALAN … Read more

Bugis Credit Review

Bugis Credit

A very pleasant experience in Bugis Credit with the company loan officer Jacob. The whole borrowing process is hassle free and professional. They do give a great customer service and reliable image. A big shout out to Jacob for his customer service provided. Obviously, they are the best, safe and reliable licensed money lender in Singapore from you to seek a loan!

Wesley Chuah Mar 14, 2020

AKB Credit Reviews

AKB is a licensed money lender in Singapore. The company offers loans to Singapore citizens or those who have a permanent resident in Singapore. People who are eligible for their loans are those who are aged between 21 and 60 years and they earn at least SGD 1700 monthly. This lender offers business, personal, and … Read more

VM Credit Review

VM Credit is a legally licensed money lender in Singapore. VM is an acronym that stands for ValueMax. This lending company is a subsidiary of ValueMax Group which deals in several other businesses including pawn and jewelry. VM Credit grants unsecured personal loans including personal, payday, fast cash, and bad credit loans. They also offer … Read more

U Credit Review

U Credit is licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Law in Singapore. This lender advertises that it offers loans at affordable rates. U Credit provides wedding, short term, personal, vacation, renovation, payday, foreigner, car, jewelry, business, and luxury goods loans. U Credit Details Phone: 63371768 Address: 180, BENCOOLEN STREET, #01-19, THE BENCOOLEN, SINGAPORE 189646 … Read more

Tur Mohar Money Lending Review

Tur Mohar is a legally licensed money lending service that provides loans to people of all income levels. Loans Tur Mohar offer include foreigner, personal, and business loans. Tur Mohar Money Lending Details Phone: 62942219 Address: 5001, BEACH ROAD,#07-39, GOLDEN MILE COMPLEX, SINGAPORE 199588 Website: – Reviews

Su Credit Review

SU Credit is a licensed lender that provides hassle-free credit services. The company’s loan packages are tailored to meet the needs of their clients. SU Credit provides personal, business, and foreigner loans. SU Credit Details Phone: 66365644 Address: 175, BENCOOLEN STREET,#01-36, BURLINGTON SQUARE, SINGAPORE 189649 Website: Reviews

Singa Credit Review

Singa is a legally licensed money lending firm that was established in 1992. The company was formerly known as Yong Seng Credit. This lender is regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders hence it abides by all the regulations of the government body. Singa Credit provides personal, payday, bridging, foreigner, business, and one percent loans. Singa … Read more