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A1 Credit Review

A1 Credit

A1 Credit has very helpful staff who have helped me out of a financial crisis. They take the time to carefully explain the procedures in obtaining the loan and go through solutions to resolve any financial issues you might have. Special mention to the staff namely Ms Tracy and Mr Steven who i think are very meticulous in their work and deserve special mention. Kudos and keep up the good work. People might come in with worries and problems but trying them out definitely helped solve my problems. I hope others will be able to experience what i hadRamli Borhan Mar 15, 2020

Horison Credit Review

Horizon Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed money lender that provides solutions tailored to meet the needs of their customers. This lender started operating on 13th February 2018. They offer fast cash at reasonable interest rates. This lending company specializes in personal and foreigner loans. Horison Credit Details Phone: 68442902 Address: 1, PARK ROAD,#01-15, PEOPLE’S … Read more

Uniqcash Review

UniqCash is a legally licensed money lender in Singapore. The lender provides financial solutions that are customized to meet the needs of borrowers. The company prides itself in delivering excellent customer service and offering loans at low rates. UniqCash provides personal, payday, and business loans. UniqCash Details Phone: 69103483 Address: 7A, TRENGGANU STREET, SINGAPORE 058461 … Read more

Trillion Credit Solutions Review

Trillion Credit Solutions, based in Chinatown, Singapore, is a licensed lender that offers a wide variety of loans for both locals and foreigners. This lender allows you to begin your application process by visiting its official website Trillion Credit provides personal, payday, and debt consolidation loans. Trillion Credit Solutions Details Phone: I: 62220300II: 65090111 … Read more

Majestic Credit Review

GS Credit is a licensed moneylender in Singapore. The compare received its license in 2013 and they strive to offer quick loans to borrowers. This lender provides personal, foreigner, and business loans. According to the company, they often adjust their rates to ensure that the interest rate is always competitive. Majestic Credit Details Phone: 67772772 … Read more

JD Credit Review

JD Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed lender that tries to maintain the trust of its customers at all times. The company provides personal, payday, foreigner, and business loans. JD Credit is transparent with its services. The company offers loans at competitive rates. JD Credit Details Phone: 62927717 Address: 531, UPPER CROSS STREET,#01-38, HONG LIM … Read more

Golden Credit Review

Golden Credit is a licensed moneylender that has been in business since 2010. This lender processes loans within 24-hours and they also guarantee low-interest rates. There are also no hidden fees. Golden Credit provides personal, payday, short term, emergency, business, renovation, wedding, holiday, Angel Investor, moving expenses, vehicle maintenance, debt consolidation, credit preservation loan, and … Read more

Credit Master Review

CreditMaster Pte Ltd is a licensed lender that has built its services on trust and integrity. The company seeks to meet lenders at their point of financial needs. They offer prompt loan services. They provide small business loans, foreigner loans, personal loans, and payday loans. Credit Master Details Phone: 67481338 Address: 531, UPPER CROSS STREET, … Read more

Credit Xtra Review

Credit Xtra is a licensed moneylender based in Singapore. This lender grants loans to help customers deal with emergency situations. They provide personal, foreigner, and business loans. Customers can access both secured and unsecured loans. The interest rate on their loans is up to 4% per annum. Credit Xtra Details Phone: 63388829 Address: 101, UPPER … Read more

Credit King Review

Credit King Pte Ltd is a licensed lender that offers customers a wide variety of loans since its inception. This lending firm strives to put a smile on the faces of its customers by providing swift lending services. Credit King Details Phone: 62221788 Address: 101, UPPER CROSS STREET, #01-27, (PART)& #B1-49 PEOPLE’S PARK CENTRE, SINGAPORE … Read more