How to Get Your CBS Report to Evaluate Credit Score

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Credit scores are a numerical coefficient of your overall performance after handling a loan and other forms of credit. Banks receive hundreds of thousands of loan applications daily. In turn, credit scores — being a summary of a customer’s fiscal performance — make it easy to determine if they’re up to handling the loan amount … Read more

Guide to the Debt Repayment Scheme in Singapore

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According to statistics of the number of applications of bankruptcy, it was evident that the figures have kept on rising from the year 2017 to 2019. To add, in January 2020, the number of applications jumped 47% higher – the highest number since October 2004, says Chanjaroen and Ong. In these difficult times, if you … Read more

Debit Cards vs. Credit Cards in Singapore: Which Should You Use?

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Almost all physical aspects of a debit card and a credit card are indistinguishable. It is a thin plastic item that displays bank logos, a lot of classified numbers, and dates. However, they function on a different level and for different purposes as well.  This article will help you differentiate the main difference between debit … Read more

What You Need to Know About Money Lender Credit Bureau (MLCB)


Introduction Are you a Singaporean who has any outstanding loan? Have you approached any licensed moneylender the past year? Has your loan limit increased since you last paid your loans? These are some of the questions that go through the mind of many Singaporeans when it comes to taking out a loan to moneylenders or … Read more

Startup Business Loan in Singapore : How and Where to Apply

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Singapore gives aid to any start-up business because it prioritizes innovations and technology-based solutions in upgrading its existing systems and technology. Financial institutions in the country heed and examine the many innovations that stem from the country. In doing so, they respond with many varieties of business loans in Singapore. A start-up Singapore business loan … Read more

How To Find The Best Business Loan In Singapore

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A business loan Singapore is one of the most essential products any Singapore business should consider when they’ve stabilized their operations and improved their overall systems. A business loan allows Singapore companies to expand and scale their operations at will. The added financing allows them to purchase new equipment, more employees, and even branches when … Read more

11 Golden Tips To Settle Your Credit Card Debts

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It’s convenient to have a credit card in Singapore, especially today where cashless transactions fare better than using actual cash to pay retailers. However, with great convenience comes big problems in the form of credit card debt Singapore. It’s easy to get tremendous interest in unpaid credit card debt if you continue to purchase anything … Read more

10 Myths of Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore To Ease Your Doubts

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It’s undeniable that Singapore has a relatively high share of loan sharks. However, a licensed moneylender that provides legitimate lending services exists in the country, and the government regulates their activities entirely. Most of your negative thoughts about licensed moneylenders came from generalizations and horrors stories. Across the internet, narratives about working with money lenders … Read more