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Saxo’s Regular Savings Plan

0.25-0.75% p.a.

Interest Rates

S$ 2000

Min. Initial Deposit


Min. Avg Daily Balance

Savings Account

Type of Account

Saxo Markets’ Regular Savings Plan(RSP) is one of Singapore’s best regular savings plans.

Saxo Markets has partnered with Lion global and BlackRock to offer a professionally managed savings plan with low fees and no transaction fee. However, the platform has an initial investment amount of S$2,000 and requires their clients to contribute S$100 every month to keep their accounts open.

The plan, therefore, does not accommodate individuals who cannot afford monthly contributions of S$100.

All details

  • It is a low-cost financial product that has your saving expertly managed by Saxo Markets Partners Lion Global, Singapore’s leading fund asset manager, and BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset managers.
  • Saxo Regular Savings plan (RSP)requires an investment of S$2,000, which is much lower when compared to the traditional wealth managers and other leading Robo advisors in the country.
  • After you make the initial investment, you will be required to make S$100 deposits to your account every month.
  • The platform allows regular investors to put their regular savings on autopilot and utilize dollar-cost averaging. This technique allows investors to spread their investment risk by spreading the purchases over the lock-in period.
  • Saxo’s regular savings plan (RSP)is great for people who do not worry about the timing of the market while investing. Hence your investment strategy should be time-proof.
  • Saxo Markets’ Regular Savings Plan(RSP) Markets does not have any running promotion at the moment.


  • The platform is ideal for people looking for a professionally managed regular savings plan (RSP)
  • It has a low monthly contribution of S$100
  • It does not charge any transaction fee or platform fee
  • It offers investment portfolios customized you your risk preference
  • The initial investment amount is lower when compared to other traditional fund managers or other leading Robo advisors


  • Not ideal for individuals who want to start saving with small capital
  • Not ideal for people who cannot afford to contribute S$100 every month

General Information

Annual cost breakdown

Fee in %

Cost of SGD 10,000 investment

Service fee

0.25-0.75% per annum

SGD 25 – 75

Transaction costs*



Expected ETF costs**


SGD 23

Identification Requirement

Government ID – This document contains your name, your personal ID, signature, and photograph. It might be:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • National Identity card

The government ID must be current and valid and issued by an official government authority.

Residential Documentation

These documents contain your permanent residential address, including your address, name, and country of residence. This could either be:

  • Bank statement issued within the last six months
  • National identity card
  • A utility bill that shows a service that has been provided to a residential address
  • Address statement from your local municipality that is not older than six months

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How Does Saxo Regular Savings Plan Compare with Other Regular Savings Plan in Singapore?

Regular savings plan

Minimum Investment


Financial Products

Saxo Regular savings plan


– 0.25-0.75% p.a. service fee

– 0.23% expected ETF cost

– No platform fee, entry fee, exit fee, and custody fee

portfolios comprising of iShares ETFs

DBS/POSB Invest Saver


ETFs: 0.50% or 0.82% per transaction

Unit trusts: 0.82% per transaction

ETFs or unit trusts, including:

– Nikko AM STI ETF- ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund

– Nikko AM-StraitsTrading Asia ex Japan REIT ETF

– Nikko AM SGD Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF


S$50 for ETFs$100 for unit trusts$500 for portfolios

ETFs: 0.08% or min. S$1, HK$5, or US$1, whichever is higher

Unit trusts:

– 0% sales charge

– Platform fee on cash/SRS investments only: 0.05 – 0.0875% per quarter

Managed portfolio:

– 0% sales charge- 0.35%-0.50% annual service fee

ETFs, unit trusts, and managed portfolios

– 66 ETFs

– 1541 unit trusts from 52 fund managers

– 10 managed portfolios

POEMS Share Builders Plan


For investment amount of S$1,000 or less:

– S$6 for two or fewer counters

– S$10 for three or more counters

For investment amount more than S$1,0000:2% or S$10, whichever is higher

More than 40 counters, including ETFs, stocks, and unit trusts

OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan


New customers below 30 years old:

– Flat rate of 0.88% of total investment amount and total sales proceeds for buying and selling, respectively

Other customers:

– 0.3% of total investment amount or S$5 per counter, whichever is higher for buying and selling

21 counters, including stocks and ETFs

Saxo Regular Savings Plan – Our Verdict

Saxo regular savings plan is an excellent financial product from Saxo Markets, one of Singapore’s leading brokerages. It offers its clients a low-cost plan for their savings that is expertly managed. The platform provides an affordable saving plan for its clients built on market-leading data and investment analysis.

This savings plan requires an initial investment of S$2,000 that is much lower than traditional fund managers require. After the initial investment, you will be required to contribute S$100 every month.

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Final Thoughts

Saxo’s RSP, a financial product from Saxo Markets, is one of the best plans available for consumers in Singapore.

Saxo has partnered with LionGlobal and BlackRock to offer professionally managed regular savings plans to Singaporeans. The platform requires a minimum investment of $2,000 and a monthly contribution of S$100 with significantly lower fees than other professionally managed accounts.

Key Takeaways

  • Saxo’s RSP is a product of Saxo Market, where they have partnered with BlackRock and Lion Global to manage your regular savings professionally.
  • The platform offers meager management fees when compared to other savings plans in the market.
  • You will require an initial investment of S$2,000 and a monthly contribution of $100.
  • The platform also offers different types of portfolios based on your risk profile.

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No. If you are already a client, you will just need to create a sub-account dedicated to the saving portfolio of your choice under your existing Saxon account.

You will need to click on the “Invest” button at the top right of the Regular Savings Plan portfolio. Enter the initial investment amount, which will be drawn from your Saxo account.

Yes. You can start by saving in four portfolios of your choice that suit your risk profile from the least to the highest.

You, however, need to note that each of the portfolios has its bank account number that you will use when finding a particular portfolio.

You will get the funding instructions and bank account under the funding instruction section in the deposit and transfer section on the platform. You will find it under the person’s head and shoulders icon on the top right side of the SaxoInvestor page and under the Accounts section on SaxoTraderGo.


Here is the past performance of the different portfolios. This is the total return since inception. The performance is net of all fees.

  • Defensive SGD -17.15%, which mainly contains low-risk investments such as bonds
  • Moderate SGD- 31%, which mainly contains stocks
  • Aggressive Dynamic Growth SGD- 44.75 %, which is high risk and focuses on Asian perspective portfolio and emerging markets.

No, there are no additional charges for the trading commissions or custody fee.

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