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Best for Beginner Investors

StashAway Simple

LionGlobal Money Market Fund (30%), LionGlobal Enhanced Liquidity Fund (70%)

Underlying Investment


Investment fund manager’s fee

1.9% per annum

Expected annual return



Annual & Management Fee



If you are new to investing and looking for safe investments to earn a stable and regular return in a volatile time, StashAway Simple may be your ideal option. 

Or you need a shelter to park your funds while waiting for the first signals from the stock market. StashAway offers the perfect launch pad for your shots.

You may not know that StashAway Simple can act as an alternative to your bank deposit for emergency needs and earn a higher return of 1.9% per annum or 3.2% per annum than banks can offer in Singapore. To see more, read on.

All details

StashAway Simple is an income portfolio holding highly liquid and quality assets like money market funds, which are as liquid as cash.

The cash management account comprises 2 underlying funds: LionGlobal SGD Money Market Fund(30%) and LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund(70%).

The 2 funds are extremely low-risk investments. The former invests in money market instruments and high-quality short-term debts of 2 to 5 months issued by the government, banks, and big corporations. At the same time, the latter buys short-duration bonds of 6 to 12 months offered by investment-grade government agencies or companies of investment grade. 

Since its launch, the 2 funds’ NAV(net asset value) has long been stable. Because the government agencies or corporations that the funds invest in have high credit ratings. Credit ratings refer to their financial strength and ability to repay debt assessed by rating agencies like Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s.

The investment risks for the 2 funds are high only compared with bank deposits but low with other investment funds.

Moreover, the return for StashAway Simple has never been in the negative territory since its launch in 2019. You should know that past performance does not reflect the future situation.

The following table lists the relevant information and fees of the StashAway Simple:

Underlying funds

  • LionGlobal SGD Money Market Fund (30%) 
  • LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund (70%)



Annual fee & Management fee


Investment fund manager’s fee

0.15%(reflected and deducted from fund prices)

Projected rate of return

1.9% per annum

Registered as the name of Asia Wealth Platform PTE LTD (CMS100604) with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, StashAway carries fund management businesses, advising investment products like collective investment schemes, securities, and life policies

Investment institutions in Singapore should register with the MAS(authorized Singapore Government agency) before doing related businesses. The MAS has a legal responsibility to assess and monitor businesses carried out by them vigorously.

StashAway is an award-winning fintech with subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, the Middle East, and North Africa, besides Singapore. The group now has more than USD1 billion in assets under management.

StashAway has a high transparency policy concerning projected rate calculations. Besides  fund managers’ fees, the broker charges no management or investment fees.

StashAway Simple invests your funds in LionGlobal SGD Money Market Fund(30%) and LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund(70%). The projected rate is the sum of the amortized yield of the 2 underlying funds, minus the fund manager’s fees, minus rebates from fund managers.

For example, StashAway Simple projects the rate of return as 2.6% this year, fund managers’ fees of 0,15%( net of rebates), and StashAway management fee of 0.

After deducting the two fees above, the net projected rate is 1.9%∽p.a.=2.6% p.a. – 0.15% – 0% p.a.

StashAway informs clients of any changes of more than 0.1% concerning the projected rate.

The company is committed to returning any rebates to clients if it receives more from fund managers.


  • No management fee, no account, and exit fees
  • Unlimited and free withdrawals
  • No minimum balance
  • No subscription fees, switching fees, rebalancing fees, and re-optimization fees.
  • No tier or cap on the balance structure and one return for all investment amounts
  • No investment, insurance salary requirements for investing with StashAway Simple
  • No restrictions on withdrawals or transfers
  • Investments funds supported and guided by notable fund management company: Blackrock
  • StashWAway Simple can act as an emergency fund to pay for your bills, rent, mortgage, tuitions, or other upcoming events like wedding, car purchase while you cannot earn higher interests than your bank account.
  • A cash management account gives you a predictable and stable return and has had no negative return since its launch in 2019.
  • You can use StashAway Simple to park your funds and wait for the right moment to invest in other funds.
  • StashAway returns 100% of rebates to clients from fund managers. Fund managers usually rebate 50% of funds’ expense ratios to StashAway. It forms a part of the account’s higher yield.
  • Unlike a bank’s fixed deposit, you can withdraw funds without lock-up period restrictions.
  • LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund has lower expense ratios(institutional share class) charged by its fund manager and increases returns.
  • The balance with StashAway Simple does not count towards the total assets under management(AUM) in calculating the management fees.
  • You can invest in a StashAway Simple account only and need not participate in other investments with the company.


  • Averse to investment risks. The maximum drawdown for SatashAway Simple is -0.04% a year. The drawdown refers to a maximum price fall of 0.04% for a year. However, investors have seen no negative return since its launch in 2019.
  • Long-term investor: If you have an investment goal like retirement or other one-time goals like travel or downpayment for buying a home. You should invest in a longer lock-up period to earn a higher return by enduring a more volatile short-term market.
  • You prefer investing in other investment tools like stocks, commodities, or other alternatives like warrants or options with higher fluctuations. StashAway Simple invests mainly in funds and may not fit your investment style.
  • You are an active investor. You prefer allocating your assets yourself. StashAway Simple is a fixed asset allocation account.
  • You are an aggressive investor. Unlike stocks or other assets, StashAway Simple is a low-risk and low-return investment account.

General Information

You can follow the guiding steps and register a StashAway Simple account easily.

Step 1: Download the StashAway mobile app from your cell phone, or you can surf on the company’s website – and click on the top-right side.

Step 2: For Singapore citizens aged 18 or above, you should get a copy of the following: 1. the National Registration Identity Card(front and back sides), proof of residence(utilities, phone bills, bank statement of the most 3 months. You also use MyInfo to verify the information.

Step 3: You are about to complete a financial assessment, also called “Know Your Client,” as required by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Step 4: Wait for confirmation from StashAway due to information verification.

Step 5: Account opening is complete once you receive your confirmation.

Step 6: Fund your Simple account and invest.

Disclaimer: This information may differ from what you see when you visit other financial service websites or the product’s official site, but Loan Advisor continues to keep every detail updated and accurate. This site may be compensated through third-party advertisers. However, the results of our comparison tools which are not marked as sponsored will always be based on objective analysis.

How does StashAway Simple compare with Other Cash Management Accounts in Singapore?

Comparing products from other institutions with StashAway Simple is one of the best ways to help you understand better.

StashAway Simple/Simple Plus

Endowus Cash Smart Accounts

FSMOne Auto Sweep Account

MoneyOwl WiserSaver Account

Syfe Cash+

Projected rates Simple: 1.9% p.a. Simple Plus: 2.7% to 3.2% p.a. Enhanced: 2.5% p.a. to 2.8% p.a. Secure: 1.7% p.a. to 2% p.a. Ultra: 2.9% p.a. to 3.3% p.a. (July 31, 2022) 1.57% (Aug 30, 2022) 2.29% (Aug 30, 2022) 1.9% p.a.
Funding/Withdrawal period Funding: 2 to 3 business days (3 – 4 business days for SRS account) Withdrawal: 3 to 4 business days Funding: 2 to 3 business days Withdrawal: 6 business (10 business days for CPF/SRS accounts) Funding: T+1 business day T+3 business days T refers to a transaction day Funding: 1 business day for the custodian to receive the deposit Withdrawal: 1 business day into the WiseSaver account 2 business days into a bank account Funding: 3 to 4 business days Withdrawal: 4 to 5 business days
Funding types Cash, SRS Cash, SRS Cash Cash, SRS Cash
Management fees 0 0.05% p.a. 0.05% per quarter 0.15% p.a. 0
Minimum investment deposit/balance amounts 0 for all Deposit: SGD1,000 Balance: 0 Deposit: SGD50 Balance: 0 Top-ups: SGD100 minimum Withdrawal: SGD50 minimum SGD10 0
Underlying funds Simple: LionGlobal SGD Money Market Fund(30%); LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund(70%) Simple Plus: LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund(20%); Nikko AM Shentonn Short-term Bond Fund(35%); LionGlobal Short Duration Fund(45%) Enhanced: UOB United SGD Fund (50%); LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund (50%) Secure: Fullerton SGD Cash Fund (50%); LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund(50%) Ultra: PIMCO GIS Low Duration Income Fund (10%); Nikko AM Shenton Short-term Bond Fund (12.5%); Fullerton Short-term Interest Rate Fund (25%); LionGlobal Short Duration Bond Fund (25%); LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund (27.5%) LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund (55%); Fullerton SGD Cash Fund A (25%); Cash (20%) Fullerton SGD Cash Fund(100%) LionGlobal SGD Money Market Fund (30%); LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund (35%); LionGlobal Short Duration Fund (35%)
Funding methods FAST transfer; PayNow via UEN FAST transfer; PayNow via UEN or QR Code FAST transfer; PayNow via UEN FAST transfer; PayNow via UEN FAST transfer; PayNow via UEN or QR Code; Telegraph Transfer; Online transfer in the US
The above information is for your reference only, and you should refer to institutions for more details.


Like other fintech, StashAway offers similar services in terms of funding methods, types, and deal process time efficiently and speedily using the most advanced technology. But beginners may like the flexibilities it provides, for example, no minimum account balance, no initial deposit, fund manager fee rebate, and no management fee.  Besides, its 2-product approach is transparent for two reasons. Firstly, beginner investors may find it easy to understand investments due to an appropriate number of funds: 2 for Simple and 3 for Simple Plus. The second is that investors may find it more motivating and willing to park their cash in these two accounts due to fewer restrictions. Therefore, investors may find it more favorable to find ways to their cash management solutions in StashAway Simple or Plus.

Final Thoughts

StashAway Simple is good and an ideal investment tool for beginner investors to learn basic investing skills with its simple investment portfolios. The cash management account is fit for advanced investors to park their funds as an emergency pool and a shelter for future risky investments. 

The current projected rate of StashAway Simple is 1.9% p.a. Investors opting for higher returns can participate in the StashAway Simple Plus for 2.7% to 3.2% p.a. of return. Both accounts are investment tools inhering possible price fluctuations. However, both are low-risk products, with Simple Plus riskier than Simple.

Key takeaways

  • StashAway Simple is good and an ideal investment account for beginner and advanced investors.
  • The account projects a rate of 1.9%.
  • No investment amount requirement, annual fee, withdrawal fee, or frequency requirements.

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If you plan to enter cash management account services offered by StashAway, you should study the differences between the two accounts.

The table below lists the primary differences between the two accounts:


StashAway Simple

StashAway Simple Plus

Projected rates1.9% p.a.2.7% to 3.2% p.a.
Management feesN/AFree till June 30, 2023, at 0.05%
RiskUltra lowSlightly higher than Simple
Underlying funds

LionGlobal SGD Money Market Fund (30%);

LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund (70%)

LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund (20%); Nikko AM Shenton Short-term Bond Fund (35%); LionGlobal Short Duration Fund (45%)

Note: The projected rate of StashAway Simple Plus is higher than the StashAway Simple; however, the risk is for the former also is higher than the latter.

Using SRS contributions to invest in the StashAway Simple account, you can reduce your taxable income by SGD15,300 per year and save the maximum payable tax by up to SGD3,366 per year but subject to your tax bracket. Furthermore, you can hold 2 Simple accounts with StashAway at the same time. One for your wealth, and the other for your SRS contributions, so you should utilize the full benefits of both worlds.

Besides, you can enjoy a 50% tax concession and withdraw the distributions for up to 10 years to minimize the tax.

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