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SquirrelSave Review


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SquirrelSave is an AI-driven investment service from PIVOT Fintech Pte LTD, a Singapore–based tech company regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. SquirrelSave might be under the radar compared to other competitors, but it is one of the oldest in the business.

The Robo advisor is backed by Pacific Century Group and Nasdaq-listed Pintech technology Holdings. The platform allows you to start your investment journey with as long as S$1. It encourages Singapore investors to start small and regular investments regularly.

SquirelSave, however, mentions that the ideal initial investment is S$15,000 for optimal investment.

All details

  • 0.5% annual management fees apply for AUM below S$500,000.
  • Performance fee of 10% of all positive returns only comes into play if the portfolio exceeds the highest net value ever recorded.
  • You can start investing with a minimum investment of S$1, but SquirrelSave recommends S$15,000 to benefit from their investment fully.
  • Auto rebalances your portfolio.
  • SquirrelSave chooses from 2000 diversified Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) to create a personalized portfolio based on your chosen risk level. The platform gives you higher returns based on the time horizon you decide on.
  • SquirrelSave ETFs cover commodities, equities, fixed income, and more.
  • Offer live data streaming, massive computing power, and low-cost cloud storage to track data points 24/7 to monitor and predict market risk trends.

The Pros

  • SquirrelSave AI offers customized portfolio components based on the user’s risk tolerance
  • The platform is designed to manage risk before chasing returns and manages user’s portfolios 24/7
  • The algorithm seeks the portfolio components with the highest predictable returns based on your risk appetite
  • Rebalances user portfolio to a forward-looking portfolio unlike other platforms which rebalance based on a historical model portfolio

The Cons

  • No full disclosure on their method of investment
  • The platform does not specify what ETFs it invests in

General Information

SquirrelSave pricing is very transparent

  • Annual Management fees – 0.50% per annum, calculated and paid daily based on the daily average market value of portfolio assets.
  • Performance fees- 10% of the annual absolute returns with the highest pro-rated returns, calculated after every calendar and paid in arrears.


  • The minimum age requirement for a SquirrelSave account is 18 years old


  • Singapore PR/ Singaporean – NRIC
  • Foreigner- Passport, and documents to prove your valid address, such as utility bill if you live outside Singapore.

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How Does SquirrelSave Compare with Other Robo Advisors in Singapore?


Minimum Initial Investment

Platform Fees

Annual Management fee

Funding options

Expected Annual return





Not available


No minimum investment

0.8% (Up to $25,000)

Cash &SRS




1% (Up to $10,000)/ 0.7% (more than $10,000)


Not available



0.60% for first $200,000

0.40% flat fee for any investment  amount for CPF or SRS money

SRS, Cash & CPF


Auto Wealth





27.2% net of fees


SquirrelSave Robo Advisor – Our Verdict

The increasing number of Robo-advisors in the investment markets means that investors have a wide variety to choose from. SquirrelSave makes a smart investing platform for users who want to start small and invest over a long period. The platform uses emerging market bonds data and AI to curate portfolios that meet the investor’s risk profile and help them achieve their financial goals.

Final Thoughts

SquirrelSave is among the older Robo advisors in the investment market despite keeping a low profile. It utilizes machine learning Artificial intelligence to curate unique portfolios for every user. With an initial investment of S$1, the platform is ideal for investors who want to start small and regularly invest over a long period.

Its investment methodology is not transparent, but its fees are easy to understand with a 0.5% annual management fee and 10% performance fee.

Key Takeaways

  • SquirrelSave charges an annual management fee of 0.5% of your AUM is below S$500,000.
  • The platform is back by Nasdaq-listed Pintec Technology Holdings and Pacific Century Group.
  • It requires a minimum sum investment of S$1.
  • SquirrelSave AI decides its portfolio rebalancing.

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The platform differs from other Robo-advisers by portfolio design and investment management. SquirrelSave uses machine learning Artificial Intelligence with no human bias to create investment portfolios. Its investment portfolios match investors’ risk profiles and use real-time market data and risk-return predictions.

SquirrelSave does not have human financial advisors to offer financial advice on its platform.

The platform also assesses real-time data and predicts different risk-return scenarios to match your risk profile. Its portfolio rebalancing is done per investor and only works when SquirrelSave predicts that a specific risk-return outcome is much better than the current one.

Other Robo-advisors invest in pre-made portfolios, which might not be relevant to the often-changing market conditions.

SquirrelSave started business in 2019 after obtaining a license from Capital Markets Services. It is investment-based machine learning AI technology applied to the MPT Investment framework tested since 2015. Its parent company Pintec Group has had over 20 financial institutions since 2016.

According to its design, the algorithm has been applied mostly on mutual funds, which offer great global asset class allocation. The algorithm from Pintech Group has also been adapted by another USA registered investment adviser where the US Securities Exchange Commission reports the algorithm performance.

If you want to grow your money with a certain measure of risk for over a year, SquirrelSave is the best bet for you. The platform uses the power of AI to manage your investments in real-time consistently.

Yes. The SquirrelSave algorithms design a personal Investment portfolio based on your risk profile, age, and time horizon against the prevailing and the predicted risk-return scenarios when requesting a portfolio recommendation.

Every client has a different portfolio, even if they have the same risk category label.

This is a temporary holding account for your monies. Once you deposit into SquirrelCash, your money is held before you decide to fund your SquirrelSave Investment goals. It offers you the chance to make one deposit rather than making multiple deposits for your investment goals.

The SquirrelSave Risk Profiler adapts the Game Theory that focuses on risk-reward behavior and choices. It is a significant improvement over the traditional questionnaire approach, but it has not been scientifically proven.

The respondents may also not understand the technical nature of the questions. The profiler will require you to make several risk-return decisions. It assesses the risk you accept for the decision return and the sequence of your choices regarding the random results. From it, SquirrelSave Risk profiler build it AI builds your portfolio.

Yes. Humans focus on customer support and making sure that things go as planned in the company. The investment team that designed the algorithm assesses and monitors performance every day and ensures that the system is working as intended.

Unfortunately, no. SquirrelSave is not your typical trading platform. Its investment requires risk management over the volatile market cycles. Time horizon is, therefore, an essential part of the investing approach.

The platform only accepts investors who are prepared to take more than a year or longer for their money to grow.

The platform advises that investors have at least a three-year time horizon to manage risk over the market cycles.

Based on SquirrelSave’s theoretical investment models of using backtesting techniques from 1 January 2005 to 31 March 2019, the long-term yearly returns range from 11% for the lowest risk portfolio to 16% for the high-risk portfolio.

No. You can deposit any amount you want and at any time of the month. Their recommendation amount is based on your investment goals as well as certain assumptions. You have complete discretion over the amount that you want to invest.

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