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OCBC RoboInvest

0.88% p.a.

Annual Management fee


Minimum Investment

S$ 0

Platform Fees


Expected Annual Return

Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, REITs

Underlying Investment

Mobile Banking/online banking

Funding Options

OCBC RoboInvest is a hassle-free robo-advisor platform if you’re already an OCBC customer. It offers a diverse selection of 36 portfolios starting from US$100. However, it has a slightly higher annual management fee at 0.88% p.a. as compared to startup robo advisors.

All details

  • Access 36 investment portfolios across 6 markets to cater to your preference and risk appetite
  • You can start with a low minimum investment of US$100. No need to open a securities or custodian account.
  • You can control how you invest – whether from a lump sum or in regular monthly contributions
  • No lock-in period. Make full or partial withdrawals without penalty.
  • Investment portfolios are grouped by focused themes and risk profiles.
  • Hassle-free account management with flexible top-ups and withdrawals
  • Automated smart portfolio monitoring and  rebalancing to stay on top of market trends


  • Start investing at US$100 with 36 thematic portfolios so you can choose one that best suits your preferences and risk appetite.
  • It offers access to local and global products
  • OCBC RoboInvest is a simple, user-friendly robo advisory platform with a bank-grade secure interface.
  • Accessible, interactive, and hassle-free monitoring and management of your portfolio anytime.
  • Low- to medium-risk investors can invest in its balanced portfolio with four different asset classes – equities, gold, long term bonds, and short-term bonds.


  • Although you can start investing at US$100, the minimum investment amount can go up, depending on the portfolio you choose.
  • The 0.88% p.a. management fee is slightly higher than startup robo advisors.
  • In addition to the management fees, OCBC RoboInvest may also charge currency conversion fees, exchange traded funds (ETFs) management fees, and other additional charges.
  • If you’re not an OCBC customer, you’ll need to open an OCBC current or savings account.

General Information

  • Annual management fee: 0.88% p.a.
  • Platform fee: S$0
  • Currency conversion fees: Varies depending on the markets and trading channels used

All transactions are subject to the following fees depending on the market:

Singapore Exchange

  • Clearing fee: 0.0325% of contract value with a maximum charge of SGD 9999. GST is applicable for SG Residents.

Hong Kong Exchange

  • Stamp Duty: 0.1% of contract value
  • Exchange Fee: 0.077% of contract value

US Exchanges – NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX

  • SEC Fees (for Sell only): 0.00221% of gross execution proceeds

London Stock Exchange

  • Stamp Duty (for Buy only): 0.5% of contract value

Europe Financial Markets

France – NYSE Euronext Paris

  • Financial Transaction Tax (for Buy only): 0.3% of contract value for large-cap stocks.

For Singaporeans and Singapore PRs:

  • NRIC

For foreigners:

  • Passport
  • Employment Pass (EP); or S-Pass or Student Pass


  • 18 years old and above
  • Nationality: Non-US citizen, Non-UK resident, Non-EU resident, or person not residing with the EEA


  • Must hold any OCBC deposit account with OCBC Digital Banking access to fund the investment
  • Fund your investments with an OCBC account only

Not available to US citizens, UK residents, EU residents, and persons residing within the EEA

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How Does OCBC RoboInvest Compare with Other Robo Advisors in Singapore?

Robo-Advisor Name

Minimum Investment Amount

Platform Fees

Annual Management Fees

Funding Options

Expected Annual Return

OCBC RoboInvest




Mobile Banking app/Online Banking





0.35% to 0.65%

PayNow, online banking, telegraphic transfers, online remittance platforms

Cash+ is a cash management portfolio with projected returns of 1.5% p.a.




0.2% to 0.8%

PayNow, online banking, telegraphic transfers, Transferwise or Instarem

1.9% p.a. with your cash with Stashaway Simple

DBS digiPortfolio



0.75% p.a.

(for both Global and Asia Portfolio)

A DBS Multi-Currency Account with sufficient SGD or USD






Internet bank transfer (GIRO), FAST transfer, Telegraphic transfer

11% for the lowest risk portfolio to 16% for the highest risk portfolio




0.20% to 0.80%

Bank transfer,FAST transfer,Telegraphic transfer & Cheque Deposit


You can compare robo advisors in terms of their minimum investment amounts and fees. If you want to start investing but have no prior experience, the robo advisors above are a great option.

OCBC RoboInvest is a highly convenient option, especially if you’re already an OCBC customer. Plus, it doesn’t require a huge investment amount to get started – just US$100. This is a considerable amount compared to other bank robo-advisory platforms.

However, its management fees are slightly on the higher side as compared to other platforms, such as Syfe which only charges 0.65% if your total investment is less than S$25,000.

Note: The minimum investment amount of OCBC RoboInvest varies depending on the investment portfolio you have selected.

OCBC RoboInvest – Our Verdict

OCBC RoboInvest is a great beginner-friendly robo advisory platform. It offers a wide range of portfolios that are grouped based on themes and risk profiles. No other platform in Singapore is currently offering this feature. 

Additionally, it also offers geography-specific portfolios. This keeps you from investing in certain markets you find too risky for your preference.

Although the 0.88% p.a. management fee is on the higher side, OCBC RoboInvest sticks to a fixed fee structure. This means even when you invest only the minimum US$100, you’ll pay the same percentage of the management fee as larger investment portfolios. This is very attractive for those who want to start with little capital.

See also: Endowus Robo & Moneyowl Robo

Final Thoughts

Getting started in OCBC RoboInvest is easy and hassle-free. All you need is an OCBC deposit account and internet banking access. After that, you’ll answer a series of questions that will help the system curate a suitable investment portfolio.

But just like any other robo advisors, you won’t have much control over asset allocation and diversification. All portfolios are pre-designed by OCBC. However, with 36 themed portfolios, you can be assured to find an investment that suits you.

Key Takeaways:

  • OCBC RoboInvest provides investors access to 36 portfolios across 6 markets to cater to their unique preference and risk appetite
  • RoboInvest doesn’t require a huge investment amount to get started – just US$100.
  • The minimum amount varies depending on the investment portfolio you have selected.
  • RoboInvest charges annual management fees at 0.88% p.a. On top of that, other exchange fees and charges apply depending on the market and trading channel used to execute the orders.

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OCBC RoboInvest is a robo advisor platform powered by Singapore-based fintech company, WeInvest. It uses well-tested algorithm technology to provide investors with personalized service. OCBC RoboInvest boasts 36 thematic portfolios that offer ETFs and equities.

OCBC RoboInvest have ETF-based portfolios. These thematic portfolios use listed ETFs that represent major asset/sub-asset classes. With RoboInvest, you can follow preformulated strategies where you can gain exposure to ETFs, equities, and fixed income and commodities. It is also the only platform that offers the ability to invest in individual stocks within the themes you select.

The combination of ETFs or equities in each portfolio is preformulated based on market research and insights. This assures investors that they are given optimal personalized asset diversification based on their preferences and risk appetite. That said, it is not possible to customize or handpick the ETFs or the allocation.

To start investing, you’ll need an OCBC account with OCBC Digital Banking access.

Investing through internet banking

  • Login to OCBC internet banking and choose “ETFs and Equities”
  • You will be redirected to the OCBC RoboInvest platform. From there, you can create an account.
  • Choose a portfolio and proceed to fund your investment.

Investing through mobile banking

  • Login to mobile banking.
  • Tap the menu bar at the top left of the screen and choose “Invest”.
  • Select “OCBC RoboInvest”
  • You will be redirected to the OCBC RoboInvest platform. From there, you can create an account.
  • Choose a portfolio then fund your investment.

Once you have selected an investment portfolio, you’ll need to indicate the amount you want to invest. After that, you’ll have to select to fund your investment from your eligible deposit account. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees.

This is the only way to fund your investment. Currently, you are not able to invest using your Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS funds) or Central Provident Fund (CPF) accounts.

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