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Annual Management fee


Minimum Investment

US$ 18

Platform Fees


Underlying Investment


Funding Options


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Founded by Ow Tai Zhi, AutoWealth is one of the best Robo Advisors in Singapore. It has one of the lowest fees in the market for large AutoWealth portfolios, with investors looking for a long-term growth portfolio. AutoWealth also has a dedicated wealth manager assigned to every client.

All details

  • Regional Robo-advisor based in Singapore
  • It takes the index investing approach, which has outperformed 80-90% of actively managed unit trusts across the globe over 5,10,15 years, generating high returns than traditional financial services for investors
  • 0.5% of asset fees and US$18 platform fees annually
  • AutoWealth offers a dedicated wealth advisor for every investor. The advice provided is always by a person on WhatsApp
  • Assets are held individually on legally segregated custody accounts that belong to the investor
  • AutoWealth invests in ETFs
  • The minimum investment amount with AutoWealth is $3,000

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  • It charges low fees regardless of the investment amount
  • You get assigned a personal wealth manager when you sign up and start trading
  • It is an excellent option if you are looking for a recurring investment platform
  • AutoWealth offer the safety of having your assets held in a separate personal custodian account


  • AutoWealth required a minimum investment of $3,000 which is relatively high
  • The US$18 platform fee is pretty high for small investment portfolios
  • AutoWealth accepts cash only while invest and disregards SRS and CPF funds

General Information

AutoWealth offers an annual management fee of 0.50% with a platform fee of US$18 yearly.

These charges do not change with the amount of investment you make. This makes AutoWealth an excellent option for investors who want to make recurring investments and in large amounts.

The fixed annual fee and platform fee limits investors with smaller portfolios.


AutoWealth accepts Singapore residents, Foreign clients, and P.R.s, but they all have to be 18 years and older. The main criteria of starting investing with them is having $3,000.


  • Foreign Document Requirement – Passport and Proof of residence
  • Singaporean/P.R. Document Requirement – Front and back of NRIC
  • Funding Method – FAST transfer, Bank Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, and Cheque deposit

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How Does AutoWealth Compare with Different Robo-Advisors in Singapore?


Minimum Initial Investment

Platform Fees

Annual Management fees

Funding options

Expected Annual return



US $18



27.2% net of fees


No minimum investment

0.8% (Up to $25,000)

Cash &SRS




1% (Up to $10,000)/ 0.7% (more than $10,000)


Not available



0.60% for first $200,000

0.40% flat fee for any amount for CPF or SRS money

SRS, Cash & CPF



No minimum investment

0.65% for the sum invested of less than $20,000

Cash & SRS



AutoWealth Robo Advisor – Our Verdict

You cannot invest in AutoWealth if you do not have $3,000 at hand. This Robo advisor is great for investors who are looking for a dollar-cost average recurring investment. It is a great platform since you also get the advice of a wealth manager and not just robotic tech advice.

Auto wealth does not provide investors the option of having a supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) account. It is also important to note that if you do not have the intention of growing your portfolio from $3,000, the US$18 will be relatively expensive for you.

It is also important to note that UTrade is not all transparent with the ETFs that they invest in. This is a characteristic shared by most bank-run Robos. Other than that is you are looking for a bank-run Robo advisor, UTrade is the best bet for you.

Final Thoughts

AutoWealth was one of the first Robo advisors in Singapore. It offers a comprehensive investment portfolio that is a mixture of fixed-income ETFs and equities listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE. 

It also has a diversified investment portfolio across different industries and geographically as well. This ensures that your portfolio is well protected against market volatility.

  • AutoWealth requires a minimum investment of $3,000
  • It has a 0.50% annual management fee and an $18 platform fee
  • AutoWealth invests in ETFs
  • AutoWealth’s mode of investment is through cash

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AutoWealth invests in a mix of equities and fixed income (government bonds). These class assets are diversified across different geographical areas, including Europe, U.S, and the Asia Pacific.

The equities are diversified across different consumer goods, healthcare, telecommunication, tech, and finance industries.

With AutoWealth, every client has an assigned wealth manager who is always ready to answer questions via WhatsApp. AutoWealth platform also offers meager fees, especially for significant investments. It also follows a pure market return strategy that has no ‘Blackbox’ discretionary elements.

AutoWealth has a Financial Advisors Licence number issued by the MAS. AutoWealth is also regulated by the Financial Advisors Act.

With AutoWealth, you will get better returns on your idle cash in three simple steps that are entirely online. You will first plan your financial goals while evaluating your risk appetite. After that, you will get a free investor profile recommendation tailored towards a unique profile and your financial circumstances.

After which, you will start your AutoWealth investment account anytime, either online or by appointment with one of their wealth managers.

AutoWealth’s Investment portfolios are a mixture of Fixed Income ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and equities listed on NASDAQ and NYSE. The Robo advisor has a diversified portfolio value in different industries, including tech, oil, healthcare, and telecommunications.

The vast Diversification is primarily to ensure that your AutoWealth portfolio is less susceptible to market volatility.

Here are the steps AutoWealth follow to invest:

Selects ETFs

AutoWealth screens at least 6,000 ETFs that are listed across the world. It selects the best based on the ETF fund size, expense ratio, Diversification, liquidity, the reputation of the ETF provider, among others.

The composition of your portfolio purely depends on the investment portfolio that you have selected. Keep in mind that your return will also differ based on the chosen portfolio.

AutoWealth’s Investment Approach

The Robo-advisor uses a passive market-return and the index tracking investment approach to investing where your investment portfolio will rebalance automatically with no additional charges.

Rebalancing often happens when there is movement in the market that causes your portfolio to change from its initial allocation. It also occurs when you deposit funds in your portfolio, and there is a need to put the funds into different portfolio assets.


The dividends that you receive from your investments will automatically be reinvested into your portfolio. The dividends are mostly from bond coupons from your bond ETFs and stock ETFs.

Note that your dividends are subject to 30% U.S. withholding tax, but AutoWealth works with Saxo Capital Markets to reimburse the withholding taxes partially.

Automates Investing

AutoWealth is a great investment platform if you are looking for a place to make monthly investments. The platform recommends that you transfer for recurring funds on the 1st and 12th of every month.

The funds you invest will be invested by AutoWealth on the next market day available or as soon as it is practical to invest.

Here are the steps you should follow when opening an AutoWealth account. It is not a complex account setup procedure.

  1. Once you get on AutoWealth’s application page, you will get a prompt to share your investment.
  2. You will then need to fill in your investment information, personal information, and risk assessment. You can put in your initial and recurring investment amounts, which you can also change once you have set up your account.
  3. You will then get a recommended portfolio ((Part 1). This includes portfolio allocation towards equities and bonds and the annual projected returns.
  4. After you see a recommended portfolio (Part 2), this includes the projected value. It also shows the high initial lump sum investment and no monthly investment against the lower initial lump sum investment with the monthly investment.
  5. Then you will need to choose how you would like to open your account. You can choose either of these three options:
    • Request a financial consultation to get financial advice.
    • Open an online account.
    • Open an account after a financial consultation.
  6. If you choose the open account online option, you will have to fill in two pages with your basic information. These include information about your employment details, address, and financial information. You will need to have the full name of your referrer that you will need to include on your second page.
  7. After you are done, you will click ‘submit’ to submit your application.
  8. You will need to fund your AutoWealth account with USD or SDG. You can fund your account through:
    • FAST transfer
    • Bank transfer
    • Cheque
    • Telegraphic transfer

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