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OCBC Plus Visa Credit Card

OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card

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Best for FairPrice Rewards and Fuel Savings

OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card

Up to 7%

FairPrice In Store Rebates

Up to 3% Off

FairPrice Online Purchases

Up to 20.6%

Fuel Savings with an Esso Smiles Account

The OCBC Plus Visa Credit Card offers FairPrice shoppers cash rebates and big savings on FairPrice online and in store purchases. But those who shop outside of FairPrice won’t see so many savings – and other credit card options offer slightly more favourable interest rates and lower minimum spend limits. Keep reading to find out whether the OCBC Visa Card is right for you.

OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card Rewards

  • Get rebates of up to 7% at FairPrice Unity and Warehouse Club when shopping in store
  • Enjoy up to 3% off FairPrice online shopping and online purchases
  • Take advantage of fuel savings of up to 20.6% with an Esso Smiles Account
  • Get an annual fee waiver for the first year
  • Boost your savings by a few extra percent by becoming an NTUC Union member

Standard OCBC Plus Visa customers get up to 7% rebates in store at FairPrice and up to 3% with Visa spendings at FairPrice online. NTUC members get up to 12% in store and up to 9% with online purchases.

Esso Smiles Account customers can claim back up to 20.3% in fuel savings. OCBC Plus Visa Card holders can also get 18.1% off at Caltex, too. Instant discounts are available with either service provider.

As we’ve already mentioned, online purchases at FairPrice will earn you an up to 3% rebate at FairPrice if you’re a regular OCBC, customer or rebates of up to 9% on purchases if you’re an NTUC Plus customer.

Outside of FairPrice, your OCBC Plus Visa Card will also earn you 3% with in store purchases at Popular and Cheers. This is on top of the rebates you’ll get with purchases at FairPrice Unity and Warehouse stores when using your OCBC credit or debit card.

The OCBC Plus Visa Card offers customers some excellent Visa spendings perks – which are supercharged for NTUC Plus Visa Credit customers, who get to enjoy greater percentage rebates. But the Card OCBC Plus Visa does have a handful of downsides, too. Here are the top pros and cons:

OCBC Visa Card Pros 

  • Up to 3% off FairPrice online purchases for regular customers
  • Up to 7% rebate rate on in-person store purchases at FairPrice
  • Annual fee waiver can be applied to second year if your minimum spend exceeds $2,500 per annum (p.a.)
  • Boosted rebate rates of up to 12% in store and up to 9% online for NTUC Plus Visa Credit customers

OCBC Visa Card Cons 

  • There’s a minimum spend limit of $500 monthly outside of FairPrice stores
  • An annual fee of $107 applies 
  • Competitor credit card companies charge slightly lower interest rates than OCBC’s 26.88% p.a.
  • Late payment fee and cash advance charges also apply

How to Apply

21 years old and above

Singapore and Permanent Residents


Annual FeeS$107 
Fee waiverWaive for First Year, Second Year Available With $2,500 Minimum Spend p.a.
Annual Interest Rate26.88% p.a.
Late Payment FeeS$100
Cash Advance Fee $15 or 6%, whichever is highest
Minimum Monthly Spend / Monthly Payment:$50 or 3%, whichever is highest
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee3.25%
  • You will need to provide supporting documents as proof of income. In most cases, OCBC will grant you a credit limit for all unsecured facilities capped at four times your monthly income.
  • Only NTUC Union Members will qualify for the better benefits offered by the OCBC NTUC Members Card

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How Does the OCBC Visa Card Compare with Other Credit Cards in Singapore? 

Let’s briefly review how the OCBC Plus Visa Credit Card shapes up against some of the other best credit cards available to Singaporeans right now: 


Minimum Income


Cash Back

Minimum Spend


OCBC Plus Visa Credit Card





26.88% p.a.

Cash rebates and discounts at FairPrice Unity and Warehouse stores

Fuel savings, bonus Linkpoints and more

$500 monthly outside of FairPrice

(or $400 monthly outside of FairPrice for OCBC NTUC union member customers)

Up to 7% off in store purchases at FairPrice

Up to 3% off FairPrice online purchases

Amazing fuel savings of up to 20.3%

Save money on Telco bills and other essentials

Increased percentages for customers with NTUC membership

DBS Takashimaya Visa / American Express Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$45,000 (Foreigner)

26.80% p.a.

$30 worth of Takashimaya gift vouchers earned with every 100 Takashimaya bonus points

Even greater perks available to Takashimaya Amex card members


Up to 300 Takashimaya bonus points per transaction for DBS Takashimaya Amex card members

Redeemable Takashimaya rebates and gift vouchers for all customers

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$60,000 (Foreigner)

26.90% p.a.

Up to 1.5%

Unlimited cap


2 year fee waiver

Up to 22.61% fuel savings at Caltex

American Express True Cashback Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$60,000 (Foreigner)

26.90% p.a.

Up to 3.0%

Unlimited cap


Additional 1% cashback on foreign currency spend

No minimum spend or cap

POSB Everyday Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$45,000 (Foreigner)

26.80% p.a.

0.3% for all purchases


Use SimplyGo as an MRT card to eliminate auto top up

Link to your current account or debit card

DBS Live Fresh Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$60,000 (Foreigner)


Up to 5% available both online and via contactless payments

$600 min spend per month

1 year fee waiver

0.3% earned on all other types of spending

OCBC Plus Visa Credit Card: Our Verdict 

If you’re looking for a Visa card or debit card that helps you redeem rewards and save big money on Visa spendings and purchases at FairPrice Unity and Warehouse Club stores, this OCBC Plus card might be the perfect credit or debit card for you. 

We love the annual membership fee waiver, impressive rebate at FairPrice rates and supercharged NTUC Plus savings potential of this Card OCBC Plus Visa. However, annual membership fee costs, minimum spend limits and interest rates are more favourable with with other credit and debit card providers on the market – so be sure to compare before you sign up!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the OCBC Plus Visa Card

No – not all transactions will qualify. You should always check OCBC’s terms and conditions for the latest debit card rules here in Singapore. Generally speaking, however, you’ll receive percentage discounts on qualifying FairPrice purchases online and in store, while savings outside of FairPrice are fairly limited.

A “transaction date” refers to the date that you bought or purchased an individual item whereas a “posting date” will usually mean the date that OCBC Bank received any information or notification relating to said transaction.

OCBC will usually require customers to make an in-person deposit or withdrawal at one of their Singapore branches for you to reactivate a savings account, Plus savings account or OCBC checking account.

Final Thoughts

The OCBC Plus Visa Credit Card or debit card offers several great benefits to customers – especially those who are regular spenders at FairPrice stores. That said, when deciding whether this card is right for you, it’s important to keep in mind that:

  • Minimum spend limits outside of FairPrice apply. You’ll need to spend at least $500 monthly outside of FairPrice in order to qualify for all the amazing rebates we’ve reviewed.
  • Store purchases attract more benefits than online purchases. The discount rates OCBC Bank will offer you on FairPrice products are generally higher on in store transactions than online ones. Also, don’t forget that NTUC FairPrice card holders get even better OCBC rebate rates.
  • Annual fee and minimum spend limits might be better elsewhere. Not everything about the OCBC Plus Visa Card will be beneficial for all customers. Always compare what kind of interest rates, minimum spend limits and annual fee costs other providers charge, as you might get a better deal elsewhere – especially if you don’t shop at FairPrice too often.

For more details and in-depth reviews of the best credit cards in Singapore, check out Loan Advisor’s blog page. If you’re looking to compare credit card terms or search for personal loans and other amazing financial products, such as savings account and loans, Loan Advisor is here to help. 

Our loan comparison service can help you find and compare the best deals in Singapore just by sharing some basic personal information and outlining your requirements.

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