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Best for Low Minimum Spend and EZ Link Auto Top Up

Citibank SMRT Credit Card

5% SMRT$
Groceries, Online Shopping,
SimplyGo transactions 
Up to SGD120 Cashback

Sign-up Gift

S$ 500

Minimum Spend

Offering a low minimum spend limit and some superb cash rebate benefits, the Citibank SMRT card is a great choice for young and budget-conscious consumers who enjoy both traditional grocery stores and online shopping. 

It also doubles-up as an EZ Link card and offers EZ Link auto top up and/or EZ reload, making it one of the best credit cards for commuters, too. That said, bigger spenders might want a cashback credit card that packs a little more punch.

Citibank SMRT Credit Card Rewards

  • Enjoy a low minimum spend limit of just $500 per monthly statement
  • Earn as much as you like in SMRT$ cash rebates with no monthly cap
  • Get up to 5% SMRT$ on groceries, online shopping, SimplyGo transactions and taxi or private hire rides
  • Take advantage of EZ Link auto top up and EZ reload by using the EZ Link mobile app to register your Citi SMRT Card as an EZ Link Card
  • Get a two year annual fee waiver for 1x primary and 2x supplementary cards

Whenever you buy groceries online or in-store, you’ll be able to earn up to 5% SMRT$ with your in-person or online shopping spend. This will be credited to your Citi card or bank account at a base rate of 0.3% or a bonus rate of +4.7% – but you will need to meet that $500 minimum spend limit to secure the higher percentage.

All online shopping spend will also earn you up to 5% SMRT$. However, this excludes any travel related transactions, which currently don’t count as eligible spend for any kind of cash rebate. Again, it’s important that you meet that $500 minimum spend limit on your monthly statement retail purchases to incur your online shopping spend SMRT$ at the best possible rate.


  • Works great as an everyday spending and EZ Link Card rolled into one
  • Enjoy a cash rebate on in-store and online shopping spend at grocery stores, on eligible goods and on private hire rides
  • Most online transactions and SimplyGo transactions qualify for SMRT$ cash rebates 
  • No monthly cap imposed on cash rebate earnings – meaning unlimited cash back potential
  • Very low minimum spend limit of just $500 total monthly statement amount


  • Although there’s no monthly cap, annual cash rebates are in fact limited to 600 SMRT$ p.a. – so be careful
  • Buying groceries online with your cashback credit card will only earn you 1x 5%
  • Travel related transactions do not qualify for any cash rebate or cash back
  • Lower interest charges can be found on other credit cards elsewhere

How to Apply

21 years old and above

Singapore and Permanent Residents


Annual FeeS$192.60 
Fee waiverWaive for First 2 Years for Primary & Supplementary Cards 
Annual Interest Rate26.9% p.a.
Late Payment FeeS$100
Cash Advance Fee $15 or 6%, whichever is highest
Minimum Monthly Spend / Monthly Payment:$500 to qualify for bonus rate of +4.7% on top of the 0.3% base rate for cash back / Either $50 or 1%, whichever is highest
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee1.8%
  • NRIC/Passport
  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment or last 12 months’ CPF statements
  • Last 3 months’ bank statements for self employed individuals
  • Work permits and bill statements for foreigners

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How Does the Citi SMRT Card Compare with Other Credit Cards in Singapore? 

Let’s take a quick look at how the Citibank SMRT card shapes up against some of the other best credit cards available to Singaporeans right now: 


Minimum Income


Cash Back

Min Spend


Citibank SMRT Card





26.90% p.a.

+4.7% bonus rate available with qualifying monthly spend

Base rate on cash rebate is 0.3%

Customers who exceed the monthly spend limit will earn 0.3% + 4.7% = 5% overall

$500 low minimum spend limit to qualify for +4.7% rebate rate

All customers earn up to 5% SMRT$ on online shopping, buying groceries online and in-store and private hire rides

Use your Citi SMRT Card as an EZ Link card for EZ Link auto top up and EZ reload on public transport

OCBC Plus Visa Credit Card





26.88% p.a.

Cash rebates and discounts at FairPrice Unity and Warehouse stores

Fuel savings, bonus Linkpoints and more

$500 monthly spend outside of FairPrice

(or $400 monthly outside of FairPrice for OCBC NTUC union member customers)

Up to 7% off in store purchases at FairPrice

Up to 3% off FairPrice online purchases

Amazing fuel savings of up to 20.3%

Save money on Telco bills and other essentials

Increased percentages for customers with NTUC membership

DBS Takashimaya Visa / American Express Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$45,000 (Foreigner)

26.80% p.a.

$30 worth of Takashimaya gift vouchers earned with every 100 Takashimaya bonus points

Even greater perks available to Takashimaya Amex card members


Up to 300 Takashimaya bonus points per transaction for DBS Takashimaya Amex card members

Redeemable Takashimaya rebates and gift vouchers for all customers

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$60,000 (Foreigner)

26.90% p.a.

Up to 1.5%

Unlimited cap


2 year fee waiver

Up to 22.61% fuel savings at Caltex

American Express True Cashback Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$60,000 (Foreigner)

26.90% p.a.

Up to 3.0%

Unlimited cap


Additional 1% cashback on foreign currency spend

No minimum spend or cap

DBS Live Fresh Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$60,000 (Foreigner)


Up to 5% available both online and via contactless payments

$600 min spend per month

1 year fee waiver

0.3% earned on all other types of spending

Citi SMRT Card – Our Verdict 

It’s clear from the comparison table above that the Citibank SMRT Card is a great choice for budget-conscious spenders, with its relatively low minimum monthly spend limit and broad range of transaction types that qualify as eligible spend for cash rebate purposes. 

What’s more, being able to use your Citibank SMRT Card as an EZ Link Card with just a few clicks of the EZ Link Mobile App is going to be a big draw for younger consumers and regular public transport users, too.

That said, while Citi SMRT is certainly one of the best credit cards for these kinds of buyers, bigger spenders might not like the annual cap on cashback earnings potential – or the fact that travel related transactions such as air tickets purchases won’t qualify for any SMRT$ at all. Just as when applying for any other financial products, deciding whether this card is right for you will always be a highly personal decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Citi SMRT Card

Citibank SMRT Card purchases will only qualify as eligible spend at selected merchants. Your bank account rewards program will award you SMRT$ based on the Merchant Category Code or “MCC” of each transaction. You can find more details about this here.

This all boils down to the MCC code of your Grab transaction, which you can view in your GrabPay wallet, Apple Pay or Citi app. Taxis and private hire vehicles logged as “MCC 4121” will qualify, but only if you have linked your GrabPay wallet to your Citi SMRT Card beforehand – so be careful here.

No, under these circumstances you would only earn 5% on the transaction. More details and bonus rate queries can be found on the Citibank website here.

Yes, you’ll need to hit the $500 minimum monthly spend limit we mentioned earlier to qualify for the bonus rate of 4.7% cash back plus the base rate of 0.3%, totalling an earn rate of 5% overall on qualifying auto top up and other transactions.

At the time of writing, customers are entitled to earn a maximum of up to SMRT$600 per card anniversary year. That said, you should keep a close eye on Citi’s terms and conditions here for any unexpected changes.

Citi SMRT Card Final Thoughts

So, the Citibank SMRT Card has some great public transport benefits, offers tons of cashback and cash rebate opportunities on groceries, online shopping and private hire rides and is a good fit for budget-conscious spenders – but is it right for you? We’d recommend considering the following factors before you apply:

  • Not all transactions qualify as eligible spend
    If you do a lot of SimplyGo transactions, are always ordering groceries online and shopping at eligible spend stores, you’ll enjoy tons of cash back potential with this card. Just remember big ticket purchases and travel related transactions won’t qualify as eligible spend for bonus rate cash back.

  • Regular public transport users will benefit most
    Using your Citi SMRT Card as an EZ Link Card for EZ reload and EZ Link top ups is great if you’re a frequent commuter but might not be an ideal perk for everyone.

  • The annual fee waiver only lasts two years
    Don’t forget that if you choose to sign-up after reading our Citibank SMRT Card review, your annual fee will only be waived for the first two years – then you’ll be eligible to pay.

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