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Best for Air Miles and Oversea Travel

Citi Premier Miles Credit Card

Annual 2 visits

Airport Lounge Access

45,000 Citi Miles*

Sign-up Gift

Up to S$1 mil

Travel insurance

No expiry

Point Expiration

If you travel regularly, a Citi PremierMiles card can help you earn miles and enjoy a taste of everything top-tier frequent flyer programmes have to offer. Citi Miles never expire, and Citi PremierMiles cardholders get to enjoy generous sign up bonuses, complimentary travel insurance and access to airport lounges worldwide. That said, these benefits come at a cost – and customers looking for a low annual fee or chargeless foreign currency transactions might want to look elsewhere.

Citi PremierMiles Credit Card Rewards

  • Earn miles at fantastic rates and enjoy bonus miles on certain purchases
  • Get 4 Citi Miles per every $1 spent on food delivery and home entertainment
  • Earn 2 Citi Miles per every $1 of foreign currency spend 
  • Get 1.2 Citi Miles per every $1 of local spend
  • Enjoy superb frequent flyer programmes, including two complimentary visits to airport lounges worldwide

Citi PremierMiles cardholders get to earn miles at a miles per s 1 rate of 4 Citi Miles per $1 spend on food and home entertainment, 2 Citi Miles per $1 worth of foreign currency spend and 1.2 Citi Miles per $1 worth of local spend. What’s more, 10,000 bonus miles will be awarded on your card anniversary and your Citi Miles never expire.

Under a promotion in collaboration with Agoda hotel bookings, customers have the potential to earn miles at a miles per s 1 rate of 7 Miles per $1 of foreign currency spend. You can also enjoy earning 10 air miles on every $1 spent at Kaligo. However, foreign currency spend will always attract that 3.25% Citibank administrative fee and 1% Mastercard charge that we mentioned earlier.

The Citi PremierMiles Visa Card also grants customers some great petrol saving perks, too. You’ll receive a 5% Esso Smiles discount and a 4% Citi card discount when you spend at Esso, as well as a 5% Shell discount, 5% Shell Escape discount and 4% Citi promotion whenever you spend at Shell filling stations.

If you download the Citi Mobile App, you can use City PayAll to keep track of and process any payments affecting utility bills, electricity bills and other eligible transactions. However, you’ll need to closely monitor your credit on your card account and any other Citi prepaid accounts, as insufficient credit could cause Citi PayAll to take compensation from you. All Citi PremierMiles Card transactions will attract a 1.25% to 3% service fee.


  • Citi Miles never expire – meaning you can use Asia miles and bonus miles when and wherever you please
  • Earn miles on local spending, foreign currency transactions and hotel bookings with Agoda and Kaligo
  • Get a generous sign up bonus worth 10,000 Citi Miles on your card anniversary
  • Take advantage of City PayAll to turn larger payments on electricity bills and other purchases into cash rebate rewards
  • Get up to $1 million in complimentary travel insurance coverage when you use your Citi PremierMiles Visa Card to buy Singapore Airlines tickets or flights from other eligible payment service providers



  • You’ll need to pay an annual fee 192.60 $ with no annual fee waiver currently available
  • Might not be a good fit for customers who don’t travel much and use their card mainly for smaller quasi cash transactions and local spending
  • All foreign currency spend incurs a 3.25% Citibank administrative fee, as well as a 1% Mastercard administrative fee
  • All other transactions associated with the Citi PremierMiles Card attract a 1.25% to 2% charge
  • Lower interest charges can be found elsewhere on the market

How to Apply

21 years old and above

Singapore and Permanent Residents
Salaried employee: S
Self employed or commission-based : S$40,000


Annual FeeS$192.60 
Fee waiverNo Waiver 
Annual Interest Rate26.9% p.a.
Late Payment FeeThese are determined by your credit card issuer, which means late payment fees may differ between a Citi PremierMiles Visa Card and other kinds of Citi PremierMiles credit card types
Cash Advance Fee $15 or 6%, whichever is highest
Minimum Monthly Spend:S$0
Minimum Monthly Payment:$50 or 1+1%, whichever is highest
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee3.25%

Singaporean / PR

  • A copy of your passport or NRIC
  • Your Income Tax Notice of Assessment or last 12 months’ CPF statements
  • Last 3 months’ bank statements (only applies if you are self employed)


  • A copy of your passport and work permit (with minimum 6 months validity)
  • A copy of utility/telephone bill or bank statement with your name and address
  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment and latest original computerized payslip

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How Does the Citi Miles Credit Card Compare with Competitors in Singapore? 

Curious as to how the Citi PremierMiles Card stacks up against top competitors? Below we’ve compared the sign up bonuses and credit card rewards, as well interest costs and minimum spend limitations, of the Citi PremierMiles Visa Card and some popular alternatives.


Minimum Income


Cash Back

Minimum Spend


Citi PremierMiles Credit Card






Earn miles at a fast miles per s 1 rate of:

4 Citi Miles per $1 on food deliveries and home entertainment

2 Citi Miles per $1 on foreign currency spend

1.2 Citi Miles per $1 on local spend

A minimum monthly spend or repayment of 1% plus 1% of any unbilled instalment amounts and interest charges applies

The above is sometimes replaced with $50, if this amount is higher

Get a current sign up bonus woth 10,000 Citi Miles on your card anniversary

Enjoy discounts on hotel bookings with Agoda

Take advantage of Esso and Shell petrol savings

Get complimentary travel insurance of up to $1 million when you buy Singapore Airlines and other travel tickets on your card

HSBC Advance Credit Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)




1.5% to 2.5% for regular customers

3.5% rate available to HSBC Advance Banking customers only

$2,000 per calendar month to secure 2.5% cashback rate

Monthly spend below $2,000 will attract base 1.5% reward rate only

1.5% to 2.5% cashback on local and international purchases

Earn an extra 1% cashback when you deposit fresh funds to your HSBC Everyday Global Account each month ($2,000 minimum)

DBS Takashimaya Visa / American Express Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$45,000 (Foreigner)

26.80% p.a.

$30 worth of Takashimaya gift vouchers with every 100 Takashimaya bonus points

Even more perks available to Takashimaya Amex card members


Up to 300 Takashimaya bonus points per transaction for DBS Takashimaya Amex card holders

Redeemable Takashimaya gift vouchers and rebates for all DBS customers

Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$42,000 (Foreigner)

26.90% p.a.


Unlimited cap


Redeem cash back instantly

Cash rebate via SMS or Pay with Points

American Express True Cashback Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$60,000 (Foreigner)

26.90% p.a.

Up to 3.0%

Unlimited cap


Additional 1% cashback on foreign currency spend

No min spend or cap

POSB Everyday Card

$30,000 (Singaporean)

$45,000 (Foreigner)

26.80% p.a.

0.3% for all purchases


Use SimplyGo as an MRT card to eliminate auto top up requirements

Link to your current account and/or debit card for more perks

Citi PremierMiles Card – Our Verdict 

The Citi PremierMiles Card offers literally tons of perks to frequent travellers who want to earn Asia miles, bonus miles and more on local spend and overseas transactions. We also love the fact that both new and existing cardholders who buy miles get complimentary travel insurance, while all customers are able to enjoy attractive petrol discounts and the opportunity to claim a generous sign up bonus. 

That said, all these perks don’t come cheap – you’ll need to shell out some cash for your annual membership with no annual fee waiver currently available. You’ll also need to be willing to pay some slightly above average interest charges, too.

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card – Final Thoughts

So, the Citi PremierMiles Card is exceptionally good for regular travellers who want to take advantage of frequent flyer programmes that earn them big miles for spending both at home and abroad – but is this the right credit card for you? Well, before you sign up for a PremierMiles Visa Card, we’d recommend keeping the following in mind:

  • You’ll need to pay for your annual membership

An annual fee 192.60 $ applies to all Citi PremierMiles Card customers, with no annual fee waiver option currently available.

  • The benefits are best for regular travellers and big spenders

Citi PremierMiles is fantastic for frequent flyers and anyone who makes a lot of high value purchases, but smaller quasi cash transactions and other ineligible spends won’t earn you any Citi miles at all – meaning smaller spenders might want to consider other credit cards.

  • Foreign spending incurs multiple fees

While the Citi PremierMiles Card is without doubt one of the best credit cards on the market for travellers, overseas transactions will incur some pretty hefty fees of 3.25% with Citibank and 1% with Mastercard.

For more credit card reviews, check out Loan Advisor’s blog page. If you’re looking to compare credit cards or hunt for personal loans, home loans, travel insurance and other amazing financial products, Loan Advisor is here to help. 

Our loan comparison service can help you find and compare the best deals in Singapore just by sharing some basic personal information and outlining your requirements.


Citi Miles are earned whenever you make eligible foreign currency or local spend transactions, as well as when you use your credit cards to purchase Singapore Airlines or other flights, or arrange hotel bookings on sites like Agoda. You’ll earn at a different miles per s 1 $ rate per transaction, and your Citi Miles will typically be credited within 1-3 working days of each eligible purchase.

Yes, unfortunately certain transactions will not help you earn miles. Ineligible transactions include certain utilities payments, quasi cash transactions, payments for government services and at educational institutions, top ups to prepaid accounts like YouTrip and payments to real estate agents and managers.

You can use the Citi website to calculate how many miles you are entitled to for each hypothetical transaction here. If you are already a Citi PremierMiles card holder or Citi customer, you can redeem and manage your points flexibly using the Citi Mobile App or Citi PayAll whenever you like.

You’ll get accidental death coverage of up to $1,000,000, medical benefits of up to $40,000 and travel inconvenience coverage as follows:

  • $500 for trip cancellation
  • $500 for flight delay or trip interruption
  • $1,000 for loss of luggage
  • $600 for luggage delay

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