Licensed Moneylender: A Better Choice For Instant Cash Loan

Licensed Moneylender: A Better Choice For Instant Cash Loan

Moneylending is sometimes planned or unplanned. It can be to purchase a new house, a well-deserved vacation, or to cater to an emergency that occurred within the family. No matter what the reason is, at certain times, a loan from licensed moneylenders might be a better decision for you.

Unforeseen Event That Requires Instant Cash

Borrowing money in an immediate situation is common. This proves the value and the worth of a best money lender in singapore agency. You can have the amount you need in less than an hour to rectify your emergency. Only licensed moneylenders can hand over the cash that you possibly need it with fewer requirements than the bank.

Thus, in a matter of fast cash, licensed moneylenders might be a better solution to unforeseeable circumstances such as medical bills and accidents.

Chasing The Unfulfilled Dreams On Your Bucket List

You might have started building your dream house or start a minor renovation and yet, the total costs exceed the expected budget. Moneylender can grant loans of small amount quickly and efficiently without the long waiting period and difficult procedures that banks usually imposed. As long as you have the proof of stable employment and income, it is easy to get the loan granted.

Moneylending in this situation is a better choice, through this you can complete unfinished tasks that need to be done.

No Regrets, No Harassment

Licensed moneylenders are controlled by the Registry of Moneylenders and are well trained in dealing with various clients, regardless of any social status in the community. They follow a process-based protocol in handling your loan and default repayment.

If you borrow money from loan sharks or the unlicensed moneylenders, you will find yourself and your loved ones in dire situations. Avoid all that trouble by going to licensed moneylenders.

Avoiding High-Interest Charges

Unlicensed moneylenders are wolves who wanted to consume you whole. They are the people who demand too much interest since they do not practice the exact interest charges stated by the Singapore Law.

It is better to approach the licensed moneylenders and verifies them from the Singapore’s Moneylender Registry. You can also find licensed moneylenders through our website.

Keeping Your Personal Information Safe

Personal information is not free. It must be used by someone who owns it, and not by people who verify your identity. Unlicensed moneylenders are abusers; they sometimes keep your personal documents for their own personal benefit. You might find yourself in a lot of trouble and a lot of explaining to do if the copy of your NRIC or your personal information is used for illegal means.

Give An Amount That Is Right For You

Most untrusted or illegal moneylenders give you the wrong rates for your loan. Contrary to this, trusted moneylender know that you are entitled to loan a maximum four times of your annual income.

You are the best person to be the judge of your own situation on whether to approach the banks or the moneylenders for a loan but be sure, never to seek financial assistance from illegal sources or through illegal means.

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