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City Hall in Singapore is the center of culture and the arts. The National Museum, National Gallery, and Asian Civilisations Museum are just in the area. 


Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2024


110A Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068579


470 North Bridge Road
#02-12 Bugis Cube
Singapore 188735


17A Circular Road

Singapore 049373


14 Scotts Road
#03-63 Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213


470 North Bridge Road
#02-01A Bugis Cube
Singapore 188735


2 Havelock Road
#02-08 Havelock II
Singapore 059763

This area of Singapore is ideal if you want to live near shopping malls, museums, and restaurants. Government institutions are likewise accessible in this part of the country. 

Being at the center of commerce, it is inevitable that you might need extra cash. If this need arises, there is a good list of best money lender in Singapore where you can apply for a loan during emergencies and other purposes. 


How to Identify a Licensed Money Lender?

There are a lot of money lenders around City Hall. However, not all are licensed by the government. Unfortunately, some are loan sharks and have predatory lending behaviors. To protect yourself from being a victim, we provide you with the characteristics of a good moneylender. Here are some of the characteristics:  

  • The Ministry of Law of Singapore publishes a list of licensed money lenders in the country. You may access the list here. If you have been approached by a company that’s not on the list, then you need to find a different creditor. 
  • Licensed moneylenders follow the rules and regulations on lending. Thus, they don’t engage in aggressive marketing of their services via phone messages and social media. They are also not allowed to ask for money transfers in the form of fees before they grant a loan. If your potential creditor does any of this behavior, then you must verify their legitimacy. 
  • Licensed moneylenders have physical offices. They will require you to go to their offices for physical verification before they approve the loan.

Factors to Consider When Taking a Loan

Getting a loan is a serious commitment. To help you decide whether to get a loan or not, here are the factors you may need to consider when taking a loan:

1. Amount needed

A primordial consideration is the amount of money you need. Knowing how much you need, guides you as to what kind of loan you will take. Moneylenders offer a wide range of loans in the market with varying interest rates and loan tenure. Therefore, you need to determine the amount of money you need to borrow. 

2. Interest Rates

Interest rates determine the total amount of debt you need to pay to the moneylender.

3. Loan Tenure

This refers to the period of time you have to make the repayments of the loan. Not all loans have the same loan tenure. Usually, the bigger the loan amount, the longer the repayment period will be. In applying for a loan, make sure that the arraignment accommodates a reasonable length of time for you to settle your debts.


How Can We Help You?

You should not be rushing in your loan application. A serious consideration of the factors mentioned herein must be weighed. This is to ensure that you will not trap yourself into paying multiple debts. But knowing what kind of loan is best for you may not be an easy task. Loan Advisor will be more than willing to assist you in the matter. 

To get up to three free quotes from the best-licensed lenders in City Hall, feel free to fill out the form and we will contact you soon!


List of Money Lenders in City Hall

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