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Personal Loan Bukit Batok

Bukit Batok is found along the eastern boundary of the West Region of Singapore. The Bukit Batok, known as a matured residential town, is a planning area. It is the 12th most populous and the 11th most densely populated planning area. 


Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2024


110A Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068579


470 North Bridge Road
#02-12 Bugis Cube
Singapore 188735


17A Circular Road

Singapore 049373


14 Scotts Road
#03-63 Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213


470 North Bridge Road
#02-01A Bugis Cube
Singapore 188735


2 Havelock Road
#02-08 Havelock II
Singapore 059763

Bukit Batok is also popularly known to be a key location for quarrying. The place mostly sits on Gombak norite, which is a geological formation. 

In any case, you find yourself running out of cash, moneylenders in the area are there to extend their help.


Types of Loans

Moneylenders offer different types of loans. Each loan caters to different needs. Thus, it is essential to know what loans are available in the market before you get one. Below are the typical loans offered: 

1. Personal Loan

It is a short-term loan that can be used for various purposes. These loans are ideal for home improvement, vacation, and the purchase of a car, among others. The typical interest rate for this type of loan ranges from 1%-4% only.

2. Business Loan

It is ideal for business expansion or when you want to start a business venture. It is also available when your business is currently experiencing turbulence. The usual requirement for this loan is the continued operation of the company for at least one year. 

3. Payday Loan

As its name suggests, is a loan designed to act as your payday. The amount will not go higher than your monthly income and is due on or before your next payday. This loan is ideal for emergency cash. This loan is available to local and permanent residents with a minimum salary of SGD 2,000. As for foreigners, they must have a minimum wage of SGD 3,000.

4. Monthly Loan

Monthly repayment loans are offered under personal loans. In Singapore, lenders usually allow you to borrow up to 6 months’ worth of your income. This loan is ideal for long-term commitments. It is also more affordable than in line credits. 

5. Foreigner Loan

This loan is available for foreigners in Singapore who find it difficult to adjust to living costs. For foreigners, licensed moneylenders do not require a high credit score. 


How to Apply? 

Moneylenders offer hassle-free loan applications through their online facilities. You can also talk to a loan officer and book an appointment to discuss the loan’s terms and conditions.


How Can Our Company Help You? Why Us?

The total loan obligation you need to pay when taking a loan depends on the terms and conditions. Interest rates and term periods usually affect this amount. Each loan and moneylenders may offer different rates. Thus, it might be an intimidating task to evaluate all options. 

Here is where our company steps in. In Loan Advisor, we aim to help you have the relevant information you need to ascertain the ideal loan for you. We have an updated list of the best licensed moneylender Singapore and the loans that they offer. Reviews of the services of moneylenders are also available.



If you need cash for whatever reason, worry not, we can find the perfect loan for you. If you have any questions, you may contact us through this link.


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