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Credit Xtra Review


Company Introduction:

Credit Xtra is a licensed moneylender based in Singapore. This lender grants loans to help customers deal with emergency situations. They provide personal, foreigner, and business loans. Customers can access both secured and unsecured loans. The interest rate on their loans is up to 4% per annum.

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Credit Xtra
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by Jonny Lee on Credit Xtra

I was looking for a business loan for my start-up and I took my first ever loan from CreditXtra. I had earlier never taken any loan except from credit card companies. I needed a medium amount loan quickly and according to my own terms. CreditXtra provided me with the loan amount within a few days and I got working on my dream start-up with that loan money. They gave me a good interest rate and the flexibility to repay the loan at my own terms. I am very happy with CreditXtra for their honest approach and timely delivery of the loan amount. If you are looking for a business loan in Singapore you can definitely rely on them for it.

by Stephen Chung on Credit Xtra

It was my first time travel to Singapore and unfortunately I had lost my wallet ( along with cards) a week before my return. After checking my options, I decided to go for a foreign loan in Singapore and found the company name CreditXtra which provides foreign loans. I found them while googling and then I went to their website and straight off went to their office. I found them to be genuine and so decided to take a small foreign loan so that I could finish my travel successfully. With the loan amount I was able to pay off rent, food, travel expense and I have already paid off my loan amount after contacting my home country for some help! Thanks CreditXtra

by Benny Lee on Credit Xtra

In order to not run out of all our savings, we decided to take a home loan. The home loan will allow us to built the home of our dreams and will also secure us a permanent address. We went ahead with our secured home loan with Credit Xtra and we discussed every thing in detail with them. Since the loan amount is not a small one so we wanted to be sure that we were understanding everything. These guys helped us in deciding on the loan tenure so that we don’t have to pay more. We kept the loan tenure to eight years with variable interest. Credit Xtra is a licensed money lender in Singapore and we are relieved that we have made the right decision to go with them. We had our application processed within time and they were quite professional in their work. We look forward to a good relationship with them over the years.

by Dandi Wong on Credit Xtra

First time but great experience with the company, the staff were helpful and friendly, completely different from what I thought it will be. I was trying to get some money to get through month ends, the staff was nice to advise me not to take within my means. Will definitely come back here again when I need urgent cash. Excellent!

by Fate Yeow on Credit Xtra

Highly recommend first timers to visit this company. The staffs are friendly and willing to help explain any queries regarding personal loans. They are very detailed in illustrating the terms and structure of the loan, giving me insight which helps me in understanding how to deal with my finance.

by Alex Lim on Credit Xtra

I would like to thank this company for all the help in securing my loan for my new home. They were well organized & thorough & professional, as well as kind which made all of the difference in my interactions with you. Thank you for your patience as well as treating us as people rather than just personal loan customers.

by Alvin See on Credit Xtra

Great service, staff are friendly and helpful. Highly recommended this company if you are seeking for short-term personal loan. Cheers!

by John Lucas on Credit Xtra

There are so many expenses every day that for the last 5 years, I always had to delay my home renovation idea. It was my 35th birthday and I decided to take up on my idea of the home renovation by taking a personal loan. I didn’t need a lot of cash for it about 2500 SGD. I friend of mine suggested to try Credit Xtra for personal loan in Singapore, as she had earlier taken a loan from them. She mentioned that they are a genuine company and will provide a good interest rate. I went to their office and discussed the interest rate and options for taking a secured loan / unsecured loan. I took a secured loan since I was pretty sure to pay off the money within the time. I also got a good interest rate after comparing it with other money lenders in Singapore. I must say that Credit Xtra is a good and licensed money lender in Singapore for personal loans and I guess they also provide other kinds of loans as well depending upon your needs / requirements. I am happy with my decision to go with them and hopefully we see my home renovation within 3 months as well. Thanks Credit Xtra and my friend Nancy for suggesting them to me.

by Winnie Fang on Credit Xtra

Great customer service provided by the staff. All staff are very courtesy and helpful through out the process as such and also brief in details to customers. Would surely recommend to those who genuinely require assistance for loan. Quick and hassle free!

by Eugene Tan on Credit Xtra

Cheerio! Awesome team. Highly recommended if you’re looking for some money to get through tough times. Angelina helped with my query and processed it so well and efficient. Very detailed in explaining the terms and condition with me. You can imagine going in a place and all the staffs serves and greets you with a big smile. Definitely will choose Credit Xtra again when I require re-loan. Keep it up Credit Xtra!