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1AP Capital Pte Ltd is a licensed lender that offers loans to borrowers at all levels of income. The company was founded in August 2018. This lender offers payday, personal, foreigner loans.

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1AP Capital
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 10 reviews
by shahrin zainal on 1AP Capital

beware if you default on payment. Although there is a written late penalty charge per month, Their debt collector Mr Huang will call your office or your spouse many times rudely and abruptly using threatening language and will inform them that you have not paid and will demand the payment like a thug. They will visit your office and home every other days in using pressure tactics for a late payment of $400 +60 penalty fees.
This type of tactics should stop from legal money lenders using illegal moneylenders scare tactics. I have had enough and contemplating to make a report to Ipos and report on this Money lender.

by Bernard Lee on 1AP Capital

Lousy place to go last place to go if u need a loan just 3 days ago I took a loan and clear them today ten cents also they won't discount bad very bad service attitude and work like loanshark

Don't just simi lanjiao also reply with will look into the service lah kan ni nah beh pua cb

by WeHypebeast 1107 on 1AP Capital

Although despite having bad credit, they still provide a loan to me and help me alot. Will not regret will still comeback in future. Thanks AP CRDIT.

by aravindas pillay on 1AP Capital

They will sell ur details, after application with them got many calls from sharks

by James P on 1AP Capital

the service is not good. staff did not inform the procedure clearly. change bank account and company name also never inform. suddenly got people called you that you transferred the money wrongly. another day, got people called you and said she is from XX company and you have a loan account with us. This really scared the client off. so far quick loan 101 at tanjong pagar is the best. if you have a choice don't go to this agency.

by Arrow Head on 1AP Capital

Don’t ever go to this money lender!!!! 3 days late already send collector to your house with demand letter. No room for negotiation even for a few hours needed. They even call your next of kin rudely to ask for you. STAY AWAY. Worst people to deal with ever.

by Muhammad Syazwan Abdul Nasir on 1AP Capital

Worst service ever! Only late for 4 days due to busy at work, i informed them that i will be transferring the money asap. They charge interest + late fee + late interest fee for each installment so high. They even send the debt collectors to your house and ask for money straight away. This should not be the way. Even can be discuss but they just ruin people live.

Please and please be careful! Don't destroy people live. We trying our best to help one another in emergency situation.

Thanks for sending your debt collectors and make a big issue to me and my family! Superb!

by Julian Zhuo on 1AP Capital

Never ever borrow from them. Worst rate ever. Its not 4% interests as mentioned by them. They add late fee even I paid 1 week in advance. Also, they mentioned if clear earlier which I did yesterday, the principal and late charge will not incur but they insist mi to pay 190 more from my outstanding and just give the reason as its what the system shown. This is a con money lender company. Never ever take from them. Go cash direct better. Took 10000 for 8 months and repayment is only 1480 with no late payment fee. While 1AP charge u 984 per mth for 5.5k loan with 8mths repayment period. Do your math... They are charging more den 5%!!! Con company. I transfer them the amount to clear off my outstanding and guess what. No reply from them. Better keep your screen shot. SOA and DC other company will email u but 1AP insist u have to go to the office to retrieve it. Waste of time and good luck on your 5-6% interest.

by Muhammad Daniel on 1AP Capital

I had some unexpected thing happen not able to pay the loan as I having some difficulties. Call them up and they are helpful and gave me a longer repayment without any extra charges. Thank you for being understanding

by Angel G on 1AP Capital

Beware of this company . They charge interest + late fee + late interest fee for each instalment.
You will easily pay a few hundred more compared to other licensed money lenders repayment scheme .
Their interest is NOT maximum 4 % . CON COMPANY .