Licensed Money Lender Open on Public Holidays (Complete List)

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Festive seasons and Public Holidays are some of the times when unexpected incidents and accidents happen most. This often occurs when you are least prepared and expecting it. Imagine how it is wonderful to celebrate Christmas and Chinese New Year with your family and friends. That would be a wonderful and joyous celebration for your entire family. However, a few days before Christmas and public holidays, most stores and shops often close early. This is because they also want to make their preparations for the festive celebrations.

During the festive period, do consider what it would be like if someone close and even your loved ones get involved in an emergency. As if to make things worse, you have used most of the money in buying gifts and red packets for the yearly Christmas exchange of gifts or the Chinese New Year. This means you hardly have money left on you for such an unexpected event. This is bound to give you lots of stress and raised blood sugar levels as you try to find ways to raise money to address the emergency. This can be challenging when you turn to family and friends to lend you some money and it happens they are not able to come through for you.

In Full Operation To Serve You Better

In Singapore, there are money lenders that operate even during public holidays. These lenders can easily be found all over the island making it easy for you to access the much-needed cash amount fast. These lenders also open their businesses on Sundays too. All you need to do is check with them and also make an inquiry about the documentation they need you to submit.

Once you have the documents ready present them to the lenders and you will be able to get an urgent loan Singapore.  Your loan application will then be approved immediately and you be given the instant money loan Singapore. The money will be made available to you immediately or within the same day of application. Also, you are thereafter able to make plans on the repayment dates.

Worry-Free Time With Your Loved Ones

As a borrower, you can still enjoy the festive period without compromising your current income. This way you will get to keep away your worries.  When you know you can easily access urgent loan Singapore even over public holidays. Banking institutions hardly ever open during public holidays and Sundays. And this complicates things further for you since when you are faced with an emergency you need immediate financial support. However, the money lenders available throughout the island will help you face such situations when they arise.

When faced with a financial emergency, do not allow such an event to dampen your holiday mood. You can turn to us for support when faced with an emergency. our service will address your financial needs painlessly and quickly. This will also allow you to have a worry-free and fun holiday experience surrounded by your friends and loved ones.

Above is the list of money lenders that are open during the public holidays to ensure your convenience and best serve your needs.