Is It Wise To Take A Payday Loan For A Vacation In March School Holiday?

Is It Wise To Take A Payday Loan For A Vacation In March School Holiday?

The March school holidays are nearing. And maybe you would like to take a much-needed break. Let’s say a holiday if possible somewhere out of the country. But before you can hit the “buy” button to purchase your airline tickets; you may be wondering whether it is a good idea to spend so much. You may find yourself trying to figure out if a payday loan would be a better choice instead.

However, different from most bank loans, the payday loans do not involve credit checks. When you are aged 18 years and above and hold a steady job. Receiving approval for your payday loan is rather easy. Nonetheless, it’s better for you to be safe. When seeking a financial solution to help you go on vacation.

Below listed are pointers to help you make the decision:

Where You Are Getting The Loan Money From

It is important for you to know whether the loan will come from the line of credit. Or get it from a licensed money lender singapore personal loans. Also keep in mind that when the loan comes from credit cards, then look for other funding alternatives. By no means should you borrow using your credit card. Instead get personal loans from legal moneylenders. The rate of interest is always higher: normally around 26 percent per year. When compared to the average of 6 percent a year for personal loans.

You need to make use of the credit cards only as a form of payment. That means you will need to repay the entire amount right away. This way you will be able to get the cash back and rewards. That is without having to pay interest.

Remember that actual borrowing needs to be limited to deals on personal loans. Take your time to make comparisons of the cheapest personal loans. Moreso those currently available in the market.

Are you Able to Afford a Specific Vacation Cost Using the Payday Loan

It does not have to be an endeavour of “all or nothing”, as far as loans are concerned. Being able to borrow sufficient loan money for the entire vacation; does not mean you need to. On the contrary, you will need to consider paying some of the expenses using a loan. In so doing you will be able to save money. And even have additional disposable funds for the holiday trip.

For instance, when the main highest cost is $200-each-night hotel accommodation, then think about taking out a payday loan. This will help you cover this then pay for the additional aspects of the trip in cash. There is a key explanation for mentally compartmentalizing your loan in this way. This is because it will stop you from excessive spending.

Otherwise, you could take the entire loan amount (most likely more than you will need). And use it all up on impulse buying. (Since I’m already paying for this loan, I can as well use it all up!)

When You Pay For The Holiday At One Go, How Much Is Left In Savings

This is probably one of the essential concern you need to look into. When you pay for your vacation in one go. Just check the amount that will remain in the bank account. You have to strive to keep – at least – 3 months worth of your everyday expenditure in savings.

If taking a vacation will leave you having less than that amount, then you are taking a big financial risk. Accidents can happen at any time. Starting with breaking your laptop that you need urgently, to the kitchen pipes bursting.

When you do not have sufficient funds saved, it might be better for you to consider taking a loan. The loan will be payable each month in installments. Instead of having to empty your bank account. Just ensure you make comparisons between the various loans. This will help minimize the interest you’ll pay.

For instance, the HSBC’s personal loan will afford you an amount equal to $5,000 for the vacation. The loans monthly repayments are about $436 for a period of one year. (with a rate of interest of only 4.49% a year).

Will You Be Left With Reasonable Amounts To Spend, When You Don’t Take Out A Loan

It is important for you to consider, whether you’ll have a substantial amount to spend. When you choose to pay for it in cash. There is no need for you going out of the country with little amounts of money. And end up spending the whole holiday in cheap roach-ridden motels. Yet you stay without lunch each other day.

Considering the high prices of accommodations along with flight tickets, you could also spend a bit more for a grand vacation. Instead of spending something and only end up having a lousy holiday. When taking out a loan can make this happen for you. And it’s within your expenditure, it then may be worth it using one.

Even With A Loan, Will Your Loan Obligations Stay Below 30%

It is very important for you to confirm if the payday loan obligations are manageable. Confirm this especially before you use a loan for your holiday. One rule you could attempt to abide by is; keeping an expense ratio of 30 percent or even below.

For instance, given that you have earnings of $5,000 each month. Your expense ratio at 30% will mean. That all your total costs of every one of your expenses don’t go beyond $1,500.

Therefore, when getting a payday loan for your vacation will cross this amount. Then you could either use the savings instead. Or you could hold off your vacation until you have repaid your existing debts.


The March schools holidays are around the corner. And maybe you are considering taking a much-needed break. You might find yourself trying to figure out if a payday loan would be a better choice.

However, although different from most bank loans, the payday loans don’t involve credit checks. Nevertheless, when you follow the above-mentioned pointers, you’ll be safe. As you look for a financial solution to help you take a vacation.

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