Why You Need To Keep An Eye On Your Credit Score

Why You Need To Keep An Eye On Your Credit Score

When your credit score is lower than you would like it to be, chances are such a score is as a result of some little financial mistake or even an oversight you may have made some time ago.

Not all people that have bad credit have a low credit score brought about by something they did. Though at times, other people’s unlawful activity may affect your credit rating. It is therefore advisable that you protect your credit rating to help prevent becoming a victim of fraudulent acts.

Any unexplained adjustments to your credit score may be signalling fraud, however, regular checks on your credit reports will help you prevent financial losses. Through the countless money scams taking place these days, it is better for you to be safe than be sorry. Being a victim of financial scam will not only cause immediate problems like a monetary loss, it could affect your credit rating as well, as a result creating long-lasting financial problems for you.

There are some tips that will assist in keeping you and your credit rating safe from online as well as financial predators:

Why Credit Rating Is Important

Once you have applied for an unsecured loan facility (a personal loan or a credit card) from the banks or licensed money lender singapore, always ensure to check that an update is carried out on your credit record by your money lender.

Since your credit report holds all sorts of helpful and important information – like the history of the missed payments, or even the likelihood of you being overleveraged, and certainly, the credit score. It plays a key part in determining if you will have your loan request approved for your moneylender personal loan or maybe the credit card you want.

Even if you do not want a loan at this time, a time may come when you will need some urgent cash, for example, to pay for wedding expenses, or to deal with medical emergencies. When it comes to credit cards, you could change your mind as soon as you realize that you will be saving a lot of money a year.

In addition, there are some specific professions (particularly in the finance industry or public service) that require their candidates to hold good credit scores and history. As a result, there are numerous reasons why you should ensure your credit history is in a good status.

However, there is one more way in which a person’s credit score is essential. And this is in most situations often disregarded. Since the data in your credit history changes every time there is a personal loan or a credit card loan request made using your names, the credit rating can also be used to alert you whenever you have become a victim of financial fraud or even other illegal activities.

What You Could Do To Protect Your Credit Rating

A malicious person or a fraudster is only able to affect your credit history when they can access it, generally through stealing your identity. For that reason, you need to always exercise good habits to help safeguard yourself.

Ensure that you always keep safe sensitive information like personal particulars, both online and offline. Make certain that you dispose of documents such as bank statements as well as bills appropriately (you can use a shredder when you would like to be double sure) and never share your personal data through unsafe channels (like during phone calls that are unverified, or over the net and also social media).

Always keep your account numbers as well as PIN numbers safe. Ensure you cover your PIN and account numbers every time you are using debit at a store. Do decline to give your PIN to anyone. Also, avoid noting down your account and PIN numbers simply because you do not know when such information might get to malicious people.

When applications for credit cards are sent to you in the mail, and they are “pre-approved”, tear up these applications and the enclosed letters before you discard them. This isn’t being paranoid. It’s taking caution since identity thieves at times go through garbage as they search hoping to find these forms. This way they will fill them out and thus steal your identity.

Do not buy items online from companies you don’t trust or even from a corporation that doesn’t have an encryption technology plus an excellent privacy policy

As earlier mentioned that your credit history can be an additional tool you could use to protect you against identity theft plus all the consequences that will arise from it. For instance, when you notice that your credit score has been downgraded for no apparent reason or when you notice that there are a number of requests for your credit record all of a sudden, or you might get marked for late repayment when you don’t hold any debt, then you are sure to know that something is amiss.

This is what you should do: confirm your credit history regularly for any inconsistencies, and make sure to report any mistrustful activities immediately. When you dispute any unwanted financial actions as soon as you notice them, you stand a chance of bringing to an end those illegal acts.

How The Singaporean Credit Bureau Can Assist In Keeping You Safe

You don’t have to fanatically check your credit history each week. But there lies the setback – it may be easy to forget checking your reports if we were the ones to do so ourselves. Life gets busy or even the task just slips our mind. It is for this reasons that the Credit Bureau (CBS) offers a monitoring service on your credit report. This service ensures that your records are untarnished by no one else and prevent identity theft.

  • Each time a lender updates a transaction on your credit history, you receive an email alert to this regard. It also alerts you when a loan request is made using your name.
  • By safeguarding your credit information and personal finance it makes it easy for you to access all your records from home, thus putting your mind at ease.
  • It ensures the uploaded information onto your file is correct thus managing your credit reputation

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