Should I take Payday Loan For My Crisis?

The fast growth of the internet has made it possible for you to have most of your needs met much faster, rather easily and hassle-free. Using your computer, you can now find just about anything from motor vehicles, daily needs, clothing and particularly different loan types.

The development of the internet has enabled moneylenders to easily reach potential borrowers offering them easy access to information and easy application for everyone.

How will the easy application process benefit you?

With the online loan application process, you can now have your loan money disbursed directly to your account. This is why licensed moneylender offers the best and hassle-free loan application which allows you to apply online.

What Causes Financial Crisis?

It is possible that you may be having a tough time managing your budget this month and you urgently need some additional funds to help you cope till end month awaiting the next paycheck. If this is your situation, what can you do to cope?

Most licensed moneylenders can help you by offering you a loan whenever you need emergency money as you wait for the next payday.

The payday loans are intended to be taken for a short time. So, in general, this loan type is easy to get and all you need to do is complete an online application form. Normally once you complete the form, the moneylender will get in touch with you for more details.

Generally, expect the loan money to be disbursed to your bank account in several hours after approval.

Application Process

Why is the online payday loan application hassle free? It is because this process involves easy application procedures and normally the entire process is done online so you will not require to take any other action apart from simply completing the online application form.

What happens after submitting the online form? Soon after completing and submitting the online application, your work is essentially done, you simply need to wait for your moneylender to get in touch with you following your application.

With such ease in the application process, you will not need to go to banks and go through the tedious application only to wait for many hours to get the application approved.

Why You Need a Payday Loan

Often times, previous month’s check gets you to about mid-month or maybe three-quarters when you are very prudent about how you spend it. Even so, it is rather uncommon for the wages to last you the entire month due to the different responsibilities that need your attention.

Also, there are some situations that come up when you least expect thus needing that you get financial help immediately. What can you do to overcome this?

  • When you need to get a bill paid, yet you do not have the cash, it could mean you will need to wait until after the next payday. However, have you looked at other options for getting the money you need? You could look at the alternative of applying for a payday loan by moneylenders to provide you with the amount you need. Better yet, it is possible to get the loan money on that same day you applied.
  • Using payday loans ensures that you never get stuck in a tight financial spot claiming that end-month appears to be far away. Rather, it will allow you to afford a portion of your pay in advance hence keeping you more comfortable financially. This will even help you make better and more informed choices which will help improve your pay so that it lasts you much longer compared to past months. Is a payday loan good for you? Definitely, as it will get you out of those tight spots.
  • Nowadays all types of loans will take a longer time in getting approved due to the lengthy procedures involved. Because of this problem, most financial opportunities for the employed are lost and after that can lead to hefty losses. What can you do then in this situation? In order to overcome and avoid this issue, potential borrowers can take advantage of the payday loan.
  • In Singapore, payday loans can help you solve some problems like a financial crisis, medical emergency or personal problems to name a few. The process involved in applying for this loan form of a cash advance is easy and can take a short time. What is more, no examination is done on a borrower’s credit records. What does this mean? It means that the payday loans are accessible to individuals with good and also those with bad credit records.
  • Although this type of loan does not look into the credit records, they, however, will consider some eligibility qualifications. What are some of the requirements? The borrower must live in Singapore, must be aged 18 years and above, must have a fixed monthly income, and should have an account which accounted for and properly maintained.

Repayment Of Payday Loans

What happens when it comes to repaying the payday loan? During the following payday, you will need to pay back the entire amount of your payday loan. How does this happen? A borrower will not need to visit the moneylender’s offices to do this. Instead, the payday loan company can automatically deduct the amount from your bank account hence saving you the trouble.

Even though payday loans are very helpful, it is important to note that they are only meant for dealing with short-term credit issues.

Is there a way to make the most of this short-term loan?

Yes, let’s say you are facing some urgent financial difficulties and you are strapped for cash, you can seek out an alternative way to solve the long-term financial challenge. Yet ensuring to repay back your payday loan on time and in full.

In Concluding

Is a payday loan good for you when you are faced with an urgent financial problem? The cost of living in Singapore seems to be increasing constantly. How then can you make a payday loan go a long way toward solving your short-term financial need? Be sure to use the loan money for the intended use and always repay your loan punctually and in full.

Benefits Of Payday Loans You Should Know About

Before getting any loan type, it is important to consider all its positive and negative arguments. Look at whether the loan is beneficial for you when considering the interest rate, terms of payment, etc.

For example, when you do not intend to get a huge loan which is to be repaid within the next 5-10 years. It may be a good idea to get the least interest possible.

As far as payday loans are concerned, they might have rather high-interest rates. Even so, Singaporeans who urgently need quick cash get them since they are to date the fastest option. Although payday loan is among the most common financial services today, many people do not know how they really work.

Actually, when applying for personal loans, you might not be aware of all the benefits that go beyond its main purpose – handling your emergency bills.

What Is a Payday Loan

This loan type is a short-term small loan. The payday loan will offer you funds to settle your monthly bills. It is most effective if you do not want to default on the monthly payments. This loan type is useful and you will not have to explain the bounced post-dated check.

When you are facing financial emergencies that need instant attention then payday loans are suitable for you. In Singapore, most moneylenders offer this loan type which has many advantages. When compared to most traditional loans, payday loans do not necessitate collateral when getting them.

Advantages Of Payday Loans You Need To Know

Credit Score Is Not Important

Taking out a payday loan comes with another pleasant benefit: a credit score analysis is not necessary here. When you cannot present a good credit history, you can be relieved to know this since the credit score is not an obstacle in obtaining the payday loan type.

The one difference that your credit score will make on the loan you take is increasing or lowering the interest charged. It then means that individuals with excellent credit scores will get lucky and enjoy lower rates compared to individuals with poor scores.

The good news is that payday loans may help you in improving your credit score. All you need to do is make prompt loan payments and ensure you successfully repay it in full.

They are available at any time

You could face an emergency at any time be it day or night and most t moneylenders cannot ignore this reality. Institutions offering payday loan are normally open 24/7 thus making it possible for them to process their customers’ applications immediately once they receive them. Many money lending services can be accessed online, thus it means you will not even need to get up from your couch in order to make an application for a loan.

It Is Among The Few Fastest Methods Of Getting Instant Cash

An emergency requires an urgent action and when you choose to get payday loans so as to manage your emergency expenditure, you have to obtain one almost immediately. The application procedure normally takes several minutes and only requires minimal information.

Several moneylenders are also ready to disburse the funds in just a matter of few hours after the approval of your loan request. But, the common waiting period is one to two business days.

It Is Very Easy To Qualify For Payday Loans

There is not much information needed as you fill the application form. This means that there are almost no major requirements to make you ineligible for the payday loan. The only key requirements for the loan are having a steady paycheck, being 21 years and above, and having a valid account.

The other important data that the licensed moneylenders would like to know is the source of your monthly income and whether you have ever had a default or take out another payday loan in the past.

The Payday Loans Are The Best Way To Start You Off

When you do not have any experience in taking loans from moneylenders, the payday loans are a good way to help you start learning about the money lending world. From it you will learn about how to work with moneylenders, even to discipline yourself in making regular monthly repayments and also manage your monthly budget even with these payments

This Loan Type May Be Used For Any Purpose

One misconception regarding the payday loan type is that borrowers can only utilize the cash on your own personal needs. However, though the payday loans do not have any limitations on how they should be used.

No one will be controlling just how you utilize this loan type, and this means you have an endless variety of options: from settling your other outstanding loans to even investing in a small business.

The Qualifications For Getting a Payday Loan

In essence, the criteria for fulfilling the requirements for the payday loan is quite simple. To start with a borrower should be aged between 21 and 65 years. One compulsory requirement is that a borrower is a Singaporean or a permanent resident. It is also possible for foreigners to access the payday loan given that they hold a valid passport.

A borrower should also present their employment letter. This is essential during the application process as you will be expected to show proof that you hold a steady job. There are a number of documents that you will need to submit to help validate your application. These will include an appointment letter as well as a current payslip. Your letter of appointment is necessary for individuals who have been employed for less than six months.

In addition, you will have to present your income tax statement as well as bank statements. Singaporeans who have an existing bankruptcy filing will not be permitted to apply.


While applying for a personal loan, look to see whether the loan is beneficial for you in terms of the interest rate, payment terms, etc..This loan type is a short-term small loan which will offer you funds to meet your financial needs. Luckily the payday loan does not have any limitations on how to use the money.


Should You Choose Payday or Principal Reducing Loans?

When you find yourself in need of funds, it is likely you will go for a loan to support that necessity. May it be for sudden bills or emergencies, you will need money to fund them.

Fortunately, Singapore has a lot of financial avenues for Singaporeans and foreign residents to look into for their immediate money needs. For those hoping for a quick business capital and other business financing needs, Singapore has the financial services that will match it.

There are several loans Singaporean or foreign residents can avail of their sudden financial needs. Two of the most popular loans requested are payday loans and principal reducing loans. These loans can be requested quite easily and a lot of information about it is offered by moneylenders across the country. It is also easy to apply for and avail and lenders only request minimal documentation from the borrower to avail it.

Much like personal loans, you will need to determine if you need a payday loan or a principal reducing loan for your quick money needs since they are different from one another.

So, what are their differences and when should you borrow it?

Payday loan

For employed people with regular salaries, this is the ideal loan for them to avail. The moneylender will be issuing the loan with the agreement with the borrower that they will repay the loan in full on the day they get their salaries paid.

A person who wishes to avail a payday loan must show to the moneylender that they are employed and show their proof of income from their employer. Once you submit these requirements, the moneylender will study your salary amount to determine if you can pay your payday loan well and without problems.

Usually, payday loans are issued within a 30-day cycle to match the payment cycle of all employees throughout the country. If your pay cycle is different, you may need to ask the moneylender if they have a payday loan cycle that matches your pay cycle. The interest rates consider the number of days of the loan, but it is usually stated in the contract that it is the stated monthly or yearly with the effective interest rate that will be applied.

When the borrower has successfully passed the requirements, many lenders will immediately release the loan to the borrower.

Principal Reducing Loan

If you have regular employment or you can earn money easily, you can also request for a principal reducing loan.

With this loan, the moneylender will look into your credit history before they give you a loan. If you have a slight problem with your credit history, you may have problems in getting the loan. However, there may be moneylenders that can let you off depending on how you can convince them regarding it.

Unlike payday loans where you have to pay it immediately when you get your salary in full, principal reducing loans enable you to pay it within a few months just like a regular personal loan. As a result, you can have an easier time to pay it and give yourself an extra budget for your regular expenses.

Moneylenders can also be quite stringent when it comes to those applying for this type of loan and their credit background. So long as the borrower is capable of paying during the months of repayment, they will be lending them money.

If a person has a bad credit, they may not request this type of loan since they are at risk of bankruptcy and repayments would also be jeopardized.

Moneylenders to the rescue

If you see the need to get either one of these loans, it is best you do your research about the moneylenders that offer payday loans or principal reducing loans and compared their rates. Each moneylender has different values when it comes to their loans so consider their prices before selecting one.

It is also ideal to determine what type of loan you actually need before you go off to one moneylender because you may find yourself overwhelmed in the end once it is time to pay it off. Once you identify the loan you need, it would help you determine how much you will need and how you can pay it without problems.

When you sit down with the moneylender, ask everything you need to know about the loans: from the interest rates to the payment methods. If you may have problems paying, ask them about their policies about it and if you can get a flexible payment method that matches your requirements or paying capacity.

Of course, before you borrow a personal loan, it is best you determine where you will use your loan. If you will just use it to pay your other loans, you will need to consider seeking financial advice from a debt manager so you can pay it without having to seek for other loans.


If you are employed or have means to earn money then you find yourself in a monetary bind, there are loans out there that you can get from a moneylender in Singapore.

If you need a quick loan, you can get a payday loan. Unfortunately, payday loans are small in an amount so if you need a larger amount of money you can borrow, it is recommended to get a principal reducing loan. With such loan, you can get a longer repayment period and the interest rates are also lower.

But if you need a quick loan, payday loans are the best choice since you can get it immediately. The only bad thing about it is you have to pay everything back in full when you get your salary and the amount you can borrow is based on your salary.

Depending on what you need, you may need to consider which loan will fit the bill twice before you agree to one with your moneylender.

Remember, when you sign that contract, you are in it until you pay your bill. So, be careful and review your loan checklist and the moneylender’s terms and conditions before signing your agreement.

Does the Payday Loan Work?

It can be rather stressful when you have to budget your finances into small piles of family expenses. Oftentimes, the apportioning is not sufficient. Every now and then, certain conditions and unforeseen expenses can occur. These will include a reunion, medical emergencies, or your kid’s school trip.

Borrowing from the banks might subject you to a process that could eventually not yield anything. In particular when your account does not look that good. This reality alone can make many borrowers anxious, however, on the bright side, there is a solution to your money issues.

Money lender singapore have a loan which is designed to assist you during such times. It is known as the payday loan.

When To Use It

In essence, this loan type is appropriate for individuals who need short-term funding. They also are in a position to repay the amount using their next paycheck. Most Singaporeans get payday loans mostly when they do not meet the lending criteria set by banks. More so for regular bank loans. Due to this practice, most borrowers seek other financial institutions that offer short-term aid.

If all the moneylenders in Singapore were to be like the banks that thoroughly examine the borrower’s paying capability. Then the only group of people who can be able to take out loan money from the moneylenders would be the rich. These rich only makes up 1% of the country’s population based on the Occupy movement.

An additional feature of this short-term loan that has contributed to the increase of its popularity is the interests. The rates are normally lower compared to those on other loans owing to the short period of repayment.

Even so, you need to keep in mind that the payday loan is to use as a short-term loan. Thus it is advisable that you only consider taking payday loans when it is necessary. At the same time, you are aware of your limitations. Most people have ended up being bankrupt. Or even going to jail due to borrowing way beyond their ability to repay. Avoid getting into such a predicament.

You need to use this loan type only for contingencies. Meaning it is not suitable for managing household bills and covering usual living costs. When you use the payday loan for some of these costs. You risk incurring penalties on your payday and even on your other monthly bills.

Many times than you will want to consider, you might find yourselves facing a shortage of funds. This might happen to anyone even when they are careful financial planning and budgeting. There are times when the need for some extra cash seems unavoidable. More so when you are faced with unexpected expenditures.

It is not every time that you will patiently wait in line to be interviewed strictly about your funds by a bank officer. It is in these circumstances when you could consider using payday loans.

Processing Time

The payday processing time is faster than that of the conventional bank loans. Additionally, minimal documentation is needed. The payday loan has requirements are less strict for individuals who have bad credit records. Furthermore, Singaporeans with low income are eligible for this loan.

Why It Works

The payday loan is an unsecured, small type of loan which helps you meet financial needs. These are needs that require your urgent attention. This loan type is fast. Due to the loans nature of attracting interest, it is ideal for short-term borrowing. The reason being long-term borrowing will tend to make it expensive. This will only make it more of a burden than a help to a borrower. From its name, the borrower is to pay the loan during the next payday. Normally, your income and your employment status are verified to guarantee your ability to pay.

Owing to the recent technological progress of issuing payday loans. Potential borrowers can fill out an online application which confirms their identity. Following this, your funds are then transferred by direct deposit to your bank account. Payment for the payday loan plus the interest incurred is withdrawn electronically from your next pay.

As you are deciding on the suitable loan for your needs. It is wise that keep this in mind: always find out first everything there is to know regarding the lending services offered.

Benefits Of Taking Payday Loans

The one difference between payday loans and the traditional loans is their running period. Payday loans are meant for a short term which can be under a month. You will also need to pay back the loan quickly. Given that you keep up by paying prior to the set due date. This loan type will help you make do during those times you are low on cash. Ask your loan advisor.

Zero Credit Checks

The traditional bank loans normally take longer to get approved. The reason behind this is they run thorough background checks on your finances. At present, to get the unsecured loans you will have to undergo rigorous financial checks. The good thing with a payday loan, moneylenders will not put you through such stress.

Fast Access To Quick Cash

Usually, in less than 24 hours, you will be able to access the loan cash. The loan process is faster compared to the conventional bank process. Bank process might take several days to process then disburse the cash.

Loan issued by Legal Moneylenders

It is advisable that you always work with the licensed moneylenders. They are different from an illegal lender and follow strict money lending rules. The legal moneylenders are also licensed by IPTO.

In Summary

The payday loan can still affect the amount you may borrow from banks. This is only in instances when you wish to take out a bigger loan. An example of the bigger loan is a home loan. Thus it is best that you only use payday loans as an alternative. It can be your last option when you desperately need cash. When you have to take out payday loans. Always ensure to only do this because you really require the funds. Importantly, make sure to pay it back at the set time.

Why A Payday Loan Is Unique

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There is a huge technology development across Singapore. Thus cluttered financial imbalances are on the rise. This is slackening the economy along with increasing product prices. This economic collapse has either pulled or pushed Singapore’s monetary conditions. Also, it has resulted in bills increasing. Plus the expenses are continuously growing.

Inevitable financial crisis slows down an individual’s progress in life. Even then legal lenders in Singapore can help you manage this. The legal moneylenders are available to help you access funds. These funds can help you meet your financial obligations. These lenders also have tailor-made loan products that will suit your financial requirements. One of these loan products available to borrowers is the payday loan.

What is a Payday Loan?

This loan type will help you before getting the next paycheck. Also, it’s a short-term loan. And comes with a small amount but it will be enough for your basic needs. The payday loan is the easiest loan type for borrowers to access. This loan type is provided by money lender singapore.

Because of this loan type have less stringent processes and requirements. That’s why Singaporeans who require extra cash should consider a payday loan. This is because it has a seamless process which is convenient.

Basic Payday Loan Requirements

A payday loan is a short-term time for a loan. This is offered by licensed moneylenders in Singapore. This loan type is accessible to all individuals. Provided they meet the set requirements. This means both Singaporeans and foreigners can have access to this type of loan. Borrowers who are unfamiliar with the lending industry can obtain this loan as well.

The requirements for a payday loan include:

  • A borrower should have a Full-time employment.
  • You should be aged between 21 to 65 years old.
  • You should be a citizen or be a Permanent Resident.
  • When you have recently filed for Bankruptcy please do Not Apply.

The payday loan type is a unique loan. It is designed to provide for those in urgent situations. The loan is also known by various names. Such names include simple cash advance, payday advance, or a payroll loan. This loan is an unsecured loan offered by licensed moneylenders. And it is linked to the customer’s salary and employment standing.

The payday loan is different from other types of loans. And it is designed for a short-term reason. This makes it easy for you to borrow money. Since you could borrow money, and you’ll only need to repay on your next payday. It’s like the cash advances. Thus you don’t have to deal with long-term settlement terms.

Typically moneylenders will verify your employment records and income using a bank statement, they can also use a payslip for this. The payday loan needs less paperwork than other types of loans.

It’s the perfect loan and has easy repayment process. This loan is aligned legally according to the Singaporean Law Ministry. The payday loan is a low-interest type of loan. It has a rate starting from 1 percent at minimum. This is because it will be repaid on a transient basis. This percentage is considerable for working employees. These employees receive a steady salary on a monthly or semi-monthly basis.

You will need immeasurable patience as you wait for your next payday. This is because all businesses give salaries to employees on respective due dates. One thing you need to realize is that licensed moneylenders appreciate the burden. They are aware that emergencies can’t be delayed. These lenders are willing and ready to provide you with plan B, a payday loan. This loan type will help reduce or even stop the increasing bills. This you can help you deal with your needs before its maturity date. Using this, you can avoid the interests charged on any late payments.

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore provide these high approval cash advances. This is a simple cash advance accessible with a click. This loan application is a simple course of action. This is made easier and far from the old-fashioned loan possesses. Lenders user-friendly site is designed to make applications easy and convenient.

What you’ll need to do is to fill out the form with the necessary information. Once finished just hit the submit button. Once done expect a reply to flash within a minute. This means you will not need to wait for long get more information on the payday loan. Licensed lenders consider that your time is precious. Thus they have no intention of wasting a moment of it.

The moneylender company prioritizes your wishes. When the bills have increased and can’t be delayed wait, visit a lender for help. Be sure bring your income summary and the process will start as you wait. Many lenders envision their goals to offer flexible cash flow. And it’s also to help promote a financial standing among Singaporeans.

The payday loans will offer you a way to of adaptable repayment conditions. And this is in accordance with the customer’s conditions and capabilities. When you require a hassle-free procedure pick the payday. This loan will cater for a small loan amount that also convenient to repay.

Any Drawbacks To These Loans

  • One notable issue with this type of loan is the repayment time. The payday cash advance has to be paid off within some weeks or even a month.
  • This type of loan is basically a short-term loan. And the rates of interest charged are rather as well.
  • Thus, when you don’t repay the loans on time, you’ll be in a financial mess. Certainly, the loan will be carried forward by the moneylender. But that will only mean that you’ll find that you pay higher rates of interest on them. Therefore, only take a payday advance when you are confident about repaying. And you will need to get it done on time.

This type of loan will help you before getting your next paycheck. Also, it is a short-term loan. it also comes with a small amount but it will be sufficient for your basic needs.

How Payday Loan Can Help You From Day To Day

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The cost of living in Singapore is rather high. Actually, there are several Singaporeans who face financial problems. This is because their wages aren’t enough sometimes. For this reason, they at times get into some difficulties. And mainly when they experience unexpected expenses they need to pay for. But lack the money to do so.

Asking your family for help may seem convenient to do. But admittedly they have their own expenses to deal with. It’s, for this reason, it isn’t always ideal borrowing some money from them. More so if you would like to get a bigger amount.

What Payday Loan is About

This loan type is intended to help you cope until the following payday. Also, it’s not a big amount but it will be enough for your urgent and basic needs. The payday loan is the easiest loan type for you to access.

This loan type is issued by loan advisor. Because of their less stringent processes and requirements that accompany it. That’s why Singaporeans who require extra cash consider a payday loan. This is because it involves a seamless process.

Advantages of a Payday Loan

This loan type allows you to meet all the basic needs. Even as you are dealing with some financial concerns. Therefore, for payment of utility bills and additional needs, the payday loan is ideal. You need to note that payday loans are only for short-term needs.

The application process for payday loans is fast and efficient. Also, it requires no extensive paperwork from you. Actually, payday loan companies have online loan application forms. These can be found on their websites. Thus you can simply fill out the forms in a few minutes.

But, there are few verification procedures involved. This may normally be completed at the lender’s office. It’s also a good method to establish the legality of the lender. As you can confirm the legal business operations they hold.

Additionally, you need to confirm if they have a registered landline. This way you can call whenever you have any concerns. Mostly, you will realize the speedy process as you apply for a loan. It could even take an hour for you to get feedback on your application. An hour might the time it takes till your loan request is approved.

Another key benefit is confidentiality offered to their customers. Moneylenders ensure that all your personal information remains private. This will give you the assurance needed as you complete the request form. It is very important. As you wouldn’t all your information wafting around the net. Or have this data being shared with other financial institutions and lenders.

Things to Consider Before Taking Out a Payday Loan

Payday loans are easy to get. However, there are important things to consider before you borrow a loan. The Singaporean government is carrying out ways to protect the citizens. They want to ensure that illegal moneylenders don’t compromise Singaporeans safety. Thus they will be prevented them from doing fraudulent activities. Though, this doesn’t show that their activities have completely been stopped. For this reason, you’ve got to try to research and shop around. For you to find the right lender you’ll be spared from being scammed.

Below are some things you need to look into. Prior to you making use of payday loans from the moneylender.

Carefully Read The Payday Loan Conditions And Terms

Moneylenders often have different rates of interest as well as repayment schedule. Even then, they do follow a standard set by authorities governing moneylenders. Always read carefully the conditions and terms.

Also, ask the legal lenders for an explanation when necessary. In so doing, you will avoid the unscrupulous lenders. These unlicensed lenders are illegally conducting their businesses. And their aim is to get some money from their unsuspecting clients. Therefore, confirm the rates charged on the loans as well.

Pick A Legal Moneylender

Singapore has numerous moneylenders. However, not every one of them is operating legally. Since some of them are without licenses and a physical office. Nonetheless, their activities are continuing.

Thus, it’s important that you confirm the legitimacy of a moneylender. Also, confirm they are doing their adverts for services offered in a legal way. Be sure to stay away from any moneylenders that print advertising or do SMS. This is because these are frequent actions done by illegal moneylenders.

Establish The Amount You Require And The Monthly Installments To Be Made

Ensure that you take out the exact loan amount you actually need. And reconfirm this figure before you hand in your application form. Realize that the principal amount borrowed comes with a given interest.

So keep this in mind when you start to repay the loan. One important thing is that you only borrow the amount you need.   This will help you avoid suffering due to the huge fees and interest rates. Also, you will have a specific use for the amount.

Additional Tips To Think About On Payday Loans

Generally, payday loans are easy to take out. The loan requires you to submit a few documents. These documents include proof of your dwelling and an assessment notice. The latter is only applicable to individuals who are self-employed. These documents have to be presented to your lender.

And it’s often during the verification of the information you indicated. That is through your application form. These documents will be evaluated accordingly by the moneylender. This way you can decide the loan amount that can be borrowed. And this is based on the provided information.

Just remember that payday loans are by no means long-term solutions for financial concerns. It is a short-term type of loan and requires no security to access. Therefore you should pay it back in a few weeks time. Do consider your ability to repay the loan before you apply. When you know you won’t manage to repay it. It’s best you don’t get one to begin with. This might truly damage your credit score. And it will give you more pressure as you deal with the reimbursement process.

Tips For How To Apply For Payday Loan Safely

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Many Singaporeans turn to payday loans since they are much easier to access than traditional bank loans. Different from bank loans, payday loans do not necessitate credit checks. When you have a stable job, getting authorization for a payday loan from certified moneylenders is quite easy.

A payday type of loan is a small amount of money which is typically advanced and charges high-interest rate. The rates are normally charged in agreement that the individual borrowing can be capable to repay it. And this is usually after you get your next paycheque.

Among the principal aspect of this type of loan is its simple loan application process. When compared to long-term loan types, payday loan applications do not require traditional credit records. They also do not need a form of collateral and the extensive paperwork.

Payday loans issued by moneylenders can help get you the much-needed funds when you urgently need some. And more so when your next paycheck isn’t coming anytime soon to help you manage the shortfall. A payday loan can be very useful when you are faced with an emergency situation. Often times this happens these emergencies are hardly planned for.

You could also use a payday loan to help increase your holiday spending. This type of loan is a type of salary advance but instead of your employer making the advance. It is a money lending company that does this. It is possible for you to get an approval for this type of loan. This, however, can be done immediately after you prove that you currently are employed.

In addition, you will need to be in possession of an active bank account. This is because the cash is sent to this account and will be deducted from it when it’s due. Most licensed moneylenders do not intend for you to get into a vicious series of borrowing. Therefore it is important for you to make sure that the money has a purpose. This will help ensure that you only use the needed cash to specifically address the need you have planned for.

An additional aspect for you to keep in mind is your ability to repay a loan. Always make certain that you are capable of paying back the loan money. This also includes the set rates of interest. In so doing, you will be able to avoid extending your loan as well as incurring penalties for doing this.

Also, do keep in mind that payday loans are intended to offer you a strategic service. This service will help you meet your financial need within the quickest time possible. Even then, it is better for you to be able to borrow safely.

Thus said here are a number of tips for requesting a payday loan. These tips will assist you in putting your budget in order. In addition, they will help you get your debts paid off fast. Therefore this will make sure that you safely take out a payday loan.

Continue Cutting Back

When you are cutting back to help you in paying off your debt, you will be presented with an excellent opportunity. This opportunity will help you seriously consider all your budgetary costs.

When you are going to reduce your spending, it is advisable that you follow through. This will help you be able to pay your creditors off once the short-term loan is fully repaid. It is also important that you are aware of the amount you spend each month. This way you will be in a position to pick out what you can do without and what you should have. Thus eliminate what is unnecessary.

Do Not Change Your Targets

Even while you are paying down all your debts, make sure you avoid changing your goals. As an alternative, try and keep them until the short-term loan is fully repaid. One aspect of the payday loan request is that between the high interest and short terms.

This debt normally needs to be given high priority even than a credit card. This is regardless of what the loan balance might be.

Spend Carefully During The Two-Week Period

It is important for you to realize that your spending will matter. For that reason, you will also have to be very keen on what you are spending on. This is especially crucial within the two-week period before you settle your loan. For you to achieve this, you will have to carefully consider each one of your purchases.

In the end, it will help you avoid overspending. Also, it will make it easy for you to have the money to repay your payday loan with ease. Having a budget in place can also help you in monitoring your spending habits.

Your Minimum Payment Should Settle The Interest Charges

In order for you to reduce significantly the payday loan outstanding balance. You will have to settle any loan amount over and above it. For you to achieve this, you will have to cut off a number of items from your grocery list. You also might have to empty your piggy bank.

When you are not capable of affording to pay the loan off in full, you will have to attempt by paying using minimal amounts. At the end of it all, you will ultimately reduce the fees charged on interest the next you submit some of the instalment money.


A payday loan request is a quicker way of receiving a budget boost. Just like you will be in a position to access the money, you will have to work at obtaining the money to repay it. This is a short-term type of loan, therefore d not hesitate as you are organizing your budget to help pay it off.

You will have to settle any loan amount over and above the initial loan amount. To get this done, you will have to cut off a number of items from the grocery list. Above all monitor your spending habits to help you be able to free up some money for the loan settlement.

Is It Wise To Take A Payday Loan For A Vacation In March School Holiday?

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The March school holidays are nearing. And maybe you would like to take a much-needed break. Let’s say a holiday if possible somewhere out of the country. But before you can hit the “buy” button to purchase your airline tickets; you may be wondering whether it is a good idea to spend so much. You may find yourself trying to figure out if a payday loan would be a better choice instead.

However, different from most bank loans, the payday loans do not involve credit checks. When you are aged 18 years and above and hold a steady job. Receiving approval for your payday loan is rather easy. Nonetheless, it’s better for you to be safe. When seeking a financial solution to help you go on vacation.

Below listed are pointers to help you make the decision:

Where You Are Getting The Loan Money From

It is important for you to know whether the loan will come from the line of credit. Or get it from a licensed money lender singapore personal loans. Also keep in mind that when the loan comes from credit cards, then look for other funding alternatives. By no means should you borrow using your credit card. Instead get personal loans from legal moneylenders. The rate of interest is always higher: normally around 26 percent per year. When compared to the average of 6 percent a year for personal loans.

You need to make use of the credit cards only as a form of payment. That means you will need to repay the entire amount right away. This way you will be able to get the cash back and rewards. That is without having to pay interest.

Remember that actual borrowing needs to be limited to deals on personal loans. Take your time to make comparisons of the cheapest personal loans. Moreso those currently available in the market.

Are you Able to Afford a Specific Vacation Cost Using the Payday Loan

It does not have to be an endeavour of “all or nothing”, as far as loans are concerned. Being able to borrow sufficient loan money for the entire vacation; does not mean you need to. On the contrary, you will need to consider paying some of the expenses using a loan. In so doing you will be able to save money. And even have additional disposable funds for the holiday trip.

For instance, when the main highest cost is $200-each-night hotel accommodation, then think about taking out a payday loan. This will help you cover this then pay for the additional aspects of the trip in cash. There is a key explanation for mentally compartmentalizing your loan in this way. This is because it will stop you from excessive spending.

Otherwise, you could take the entire loan amount (most likely more than you will need). And use it all up on impulse buying. (Since I’m already paying for this loan, I can as well use it all up!)

When You Pay For The Holiday At One Go, How Much Is Left In Savings

This is probably one of the essential concern you need to look into. When you pay for your vacation in one go. Just check the amount that will remain in the bank account. You have to strive to keep – at least – 3 months worth of your everyday expenditure in savings.

If taking a vacation will leave you having less than that amount, then you are taking a big financial risk. Accidents can happen at any time. Starting with breaking your laptop that you need urgently, to the kitchen pipes bursting.

When you do not have sufficient funds saved, it might be better for you to consider taking a loan. The loan will be payable each month in installments. Instead of having to empty your bank account. Just ensure you make comparisons between the various loans. This will help minimize the interest you’ll pay.

For instance, the HSBC’s personal loan will afford you an amount equal to $5,000 for the vacation. The loans monthly repayments are about $436 for a period of one year. (with a rate of interest of only 4.49% a year).

Will You Be Left With Reasonable Amounts To Spend, When You Don’t Take Out A Loan

It is important for you to consider, whether you’ll have a substantial amount to spend. When you choose to pay for it in cash. There is no need for you going out of the country with little amounts of money. And end up spending the whole holiday in cheap roach-ridden motels. Yet you stay without lunch each other day.

Considering the high prices of accommodations along with flight tickets, you could also spend a bit more for a grand vacation. Instead of spending something and only end up having a lousy holiday. When taking out a loan can make this happen for you. And it’s within your expenditure, it then may be worth it using one.

Even With A Loan, Will Your Loan Obligations Stay Below 30%

It is very important for you to confirm if the payday loan obligations are manageable. Confirm this especially before you use a loan for your holiday. One rule you could attempt to abide by is; keeping an expense ratio of 30 percent or even below.

For instance, given that you have earnings of $5,000 each month. Your expense ratio at 30% will mean. That all your total costs of every one of your expenses don’t go beyond $1,500.

Therefore, when getting a payday loan for your vacation will cross this amount. Then you could either use the savings instead. Or you could hold off your vacation until you have repaid your existing debts.


The March schools holidays are around the corner. And maybe you are considering taking a much-needed break. You might find yourself trying to figure out if a payday loan would be a better choice.

However, although different from most bank loans, the payday loans don’t involve credit checks. Nevertheless, when you follow the above-mentioned pointers, you’ll be safe. As you look for a financial solution to help you take a vacation.

How To Pick The Best Payday Loan In Singapore

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When you have an unforeseen expense that requires you to pay, but you do not have sufficient money until the next payday an instant loan can be useful for you. Singapore has many Payday moneylenders. The loans provided suits the needs of borrowers who need extra cash to sustain you between paychecks.

When you are seeking the best terms possible to meet your needs, it’s best you take your time and do research on the different possibilities and sources where you can get loans and also afford you huge savings.

Below are some tips and notices that you need to consider before applying for a payday loan.

Confirm Other Charges

Never submit your loan application particularly when you feel persuaded by a specific payday loan money lender. It’s important that you first understand the loaning rates as well as ensure clarity of the credit expenses together with the charges to be incurred. When you have questions regarding the terms of the loan do not hesitate to ask your moneylender before applying

Pick The Right Moneylender For You

When you are ready to pick a money lender singapore, carry out some research by shopping around and also reading moneylender reviews as well as feedback. This way you will be able to narrow down your search to a specific lender who is able to offer you the best loan deal to meet your need. Be clear on the basics and stick to your ability for reimbursing. Avoid settling on alternatives by observing dependably and commercials to hasten your research about the moneylender

Below are the best licensed moneylender shortlisted by Loan Advisor, click here to know more about how we have selected these top moneylenders.

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The Newest Of The Best Payday Loans

There’s a new type of loan that is accessible to you, and it will not only offer you the loan money you require, however you also do not have to repay it tomorrow. This kind of loan offers you more time for repayment, and it’s rapidly becoming one among the most popular and best payday loans available to Singaporeans that need cash.

This kind of payday loan takes a 100-day time period. This 100-day loan offers you a lot more time for you to repay, and also the payments will not be as hurting your budget. For a borrower, this means that they don’t have to entrust their whole paycheck or even possibly half their paycheck to repaying the loan within a week or two.

Familiarize Yourself

It’s really essential for borrowers to be familiar with the procedure that they have to go through when applying for a loan. Because of the numerous moneylenders available in the market these days, it is rather easy for you to look over them ahead of deciding on the best lender who can meet your needs, your budget, and credit score as well.

Then again, some of these lenders may be rather costly for you whereas others only have few differences that will just cost you lots of dollars. You will need to be familiar with it as well as with the payday loan necessities first, that way you’ll know whether you qualify or not. A Payday loan Calculator can help you evaluate whether you can afford to pay for your loan or not.

The Entire Loan Amount

Prior to getting a payday loan, you’ll need to at least have 20% of the total cost of the entire loan which is well-known as a down payment. A number of lenders today will require that you pay 20% of your loan and especially when you hold a bad credit status. But when your credit standing isn’t good, you may not have to pay below this percentage.

Based on the insight by experts, by paying 20% of the down payment it will help you by allowing you to pay fewer dues for your monthly repayments on the loan. In addition, you will not require getting loan insurance anymore.

Confirm Your Credit Record

It is recommended that those individuals who are seeking to take out a payday loan need to be honest by stating their financial standing. The licensed moneylenders will examine their credit record to find out whether there could be some financial uncertainty during the repayment period.

Before you obtain a payday loan, you need to verify your own credit standing and report against the annual Credit report accessible from the Credit Bureau’s site. On the bright side, a Payday loan program could approve your personal loan even when you hold a bad credit record, therefore making them the right choice for many families in recent times as far as home loans are concerned.

Getting The Best Payday Loan For You

It’s important that you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. The payday loan is meant to be a short-term loan that helps you get through the month before your next paycheck. This loan type needs to be repaid immediately and on time. The more time you take, the more you will end up paying back for this high-interest loan type.

Given that this is a high-interest loan you will have to make certain that you only take out the loan amount that you require. When you take out more than the amount you need, you can only make it a lot harder for you to repay your loan. In the end, this could cost you a lot more money in the end in fees and interest.

It is recommended that you use the loan money for the specific emergency and only for the crisis. The payday loan is not meant to cover for expenses of a night out or for helping you purchase something that is not necessary. These are short-term loans that are to be used for medical bills, car repairs, rent, groceries, and other things that are a necessity.

Be sure you get payday loans for emergencies and that you repay them as soon as possible. They are short-term, high-interest loans that should be used only for emergencies. Use them right, and they will help you during the difficult time, but when you use them the wrong way, you will be repaying the loan for many years.

Benefits Of Choosing A Payday Loan To Build Credit History

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When you’ve been worrying concerning having low credit rating when you intend to get a loan during the financial crunch, a reliable moneylender is able to help you out. A bad or poor credit rating will not be an issue when you are taking out a loan anymore.

Using payday loan is a prudent way of accessing funds to help you overcome unexpected financial emergencies. There are many the dependable and trustworthy moneylending businesses in the financial market in Singapore. They offer easy and quick to access instant personal loans that have a flexible repayment plan.

Some of the benefits of obtaining a payday loan are discussed below-

  • One major reward of using the instant payday loan is that it’s easy and quick to access and the processing is fast to help you cover your emergency bills.
  • The payday loan is intended as a short-term and unsecured loan which is designed in a manner that the repayment is made within a shorter time thus you aren’t indebted for long.
  • Payday loans do not require any collateral, therefore, you do not risk losing any of your property and other assets.
  • Renowned and accredited moneylender often offer custom-made loan packages that come with a reasonable rate of interest as well as repayment plans for the financial emergencies.
  • And finally, payday loans provide a brilliant opportunity to help you build strong credit record by maintaining a track of your loan repayment plan.

How Payday Loans Can Help My Credit Rating

Similar to the way a credit account in arrears could hinder your credit rating, payday loans can actually help build your credit rating. Since March 12th, 2014, when positive credit reporting was introduced in the country, additional information is included in your individual file regarding your borrowing record. This consists of having additional details as regards the form of credit account you’ve opened, together with when your account was opened and also closed as well as your payment record.

Therefore below are several ways in which positive repayment record will influence your credit record file as far as payday loans are concerned. To begin with, making timely repayments on your payday loan can cancel out any bad credit record on your file.

A payday loan can, for instance, get a different weighting when compared to a mortgage. Thus making timely repayments each month is among the important ways borrowers can help maintain their credit profile in good health.

An additional benefit of positive repayment record is that the limit of credit of the open credit accounts is shown. Hence, when you currently repaying a payday loan and a potential moneylender takes a look at your file, they’ll see that your existing loan is fairly small.

Previously, they would only see that you’ve made a loan request, however, they wouldn’t know whether you have opened it and also the amount of credit that was extended to you. Nowadays, moneylenders are now able to have a clearer picture of your current financial position.

Things To Consider When Taking Payday Loans

Bearing in mind the strict rules as well as the unpredictable economic conditions, it’s essential that you be cautious when taking out any loan type from the lenders. Here are some essential things to consider when choosing a legal moneylender in Singapore:

  • Always be sure to read through all the terms and conditions carefully before you sign a copy of the loan agreement.
  • Do remember to select a licensed moneylender of excellent repute and one who will offer you low-interest rates as well as comfortable repayment conditions and periods to meet your specific desires.
  • At all times be picking experienced Moneylenders and who have the expertise in providing different types of loans as well as financial products. All these need to be supported by solid research, superb customer support, as well as financial security. In addition, it’s critical that you read all the terms in detail and confirm the total loan amount and interest rates as well.

A reputable and licensed money lenders is perfect for you since it permits you to take out loans in your time of need and also during the unplanned situations or events in your life. The licensed moneylenders available in Singapore always follow all the set rules and regulations. They also will offer you instant help with the payday loan services in your time of urgent need.

How Payday Loans Negatively Impact Your Credit Score

Individual reporting agencies calculate your credit score and the influence is different depending on the calculation by the agency you are looking at. The effect the information on your credit record depends on a number of different things.

It’s not just the kind of moneylender but also the credit account type, the loan amount you are applying for, frequency and number of credit inquiries, and also a variety of other factors. For example, taking out a payday loan will get a different weighting when compared to a bank mortgage moreover it may contribute towards a lower rating.

The credit record of payday loan doesn’t directly affect the loan amount a client can borrow. But it can affect the credit rating of a borrower which is afterward used in the evaluation of your loan requests.

How You Can Reduce The Impact Of Payday Loans On Your Credit Score

Keep in mind not to make frivolous requests for a loan. It is advisable that you only send in an application for a payday loan when you are sure that you require one and that you intend to apply for it.

One thing to keep in mind is that you be cautious about the number of times you make applications for the payday loans. A big number of moneylenders recommend that you wait a minimum of 3 months in between applications.

It is essential that you do not take risks; hence if there is something you are able to do to help increase your possibility of approval then do it first. Do not wait for your request to be turned down before attempting to improve your position.