How To Get Foreigner Loan With A Low Rate In Singapore?

For many foreigners looking for work, Singapore is a worker paradise because the country has job openings for almost all the industries in the world today. When you move to the country, you can be assured that you will be able to experience high living standards, a stable yet growing economy and political system, and a great investment opportunity.

As a result of this favorable and fulfilling environment, many expats who move to Singapore to look for a better shot of life end up staying longer and even staying for good.

However, with the global economy currently experiencing a slow downturn, foreigners living in the country do experience the same economic constraints as that of Singaporean residents. Unfortunately, if they do end up experiencing a financial bind, applying for a personal loan can be difficult due to the strict rules imposed by banks on prospect borrowers and the rates which are added to every loan.

So? How can foreigners bypass this problem?

Foreigner Loan: Definition

A foreigner loan basically is a personal loan that is offered only to foreigners and expatriates of a country where they currently reside. The foreigner or expatriate must be in the country doing either one of the following – visiting, studying, living or working – before they can avail this loan.

What Risks Are Present in Foreigner Loans?

Foreigners are not usually permitted to apply for any type of personal loan because of the risks they present to lenders.

The number one risk they present is the fact foreigners who apply for such loans are the ones who no longer have a regular source of income while in the country and may be unable to pay off their loan. It is also possible that the borrower in question runs off to their home country if they are unable to pay off their loans on time.

If this happens, loan companies, banks, and other credit providers may find it difficult to hold the borrower in place and collect their repayments.

However, it is undeniable nowadays that foreigners and expatriates living in Singapore also need financial assistance one way or the other to help them continue living in the country without problems. If they would try to seek help from banks and other financial institutions, it may take a while for them to get the help they need.

In response to this problem, foreigner loans were introduced.

Take Extra Caution

In Singapore, getting a loan from moneylenders is the most preferred choice of many who need quick cash for any reason. Those with bad financial records or those with no banking history also prefer moneylenders because of their relaxed rules on applications.

However, since they are the go-to people for those who need to borrow money, there are moneylenders out there who are not recognized by the government.

In order to help you choose the moneylender you can approach with your loan application, you can begin by checking out the list of approved moneylenders in Singapore. The list is carefully updated by the Ministry of Law and it can be viewed through their website.

Once you have a short-list with you, you should start researching about their offerings and check if they offer straightforward and helpful foreigner loans for you to apply for. You should also look into the interest rates and fees applied by the moneylenders you are looking for and pick the one that would match your requirements.

When you have picked one to sign up with, make sure that the details of the loan should be clearly defined on their terms and conditions. The loan should also be tailored to your current financial situation to help you pay the loans better. Of course, be wary about moneylenders and financial institutions who would suddenly urge you to borrow more than what you can afford and pay.

Characteristics of Foreign Loans

Aside from being offered to foreigners and expatriates, foreign loans vary greatly from the usual personal loans that are offered to Singaporean citizens. Foreigner loans have a larger interest rate as compared to the standard interest rates on personal loans. However, these interest rates are added to ensure that the borrower and the credit company create a binding contract between each other since the borrower does not have a collateral available.

Foreign loans are also shorter than the usual payment tenure for personal loans and this ensures that the borrower will be able to pay their loans immediately.

How to Get a Foreign Loan Fast and Easy?

For anyone interested to get a foreign loan, here are the things you should have or submit to get your applications approved fast and get a low-interest rate:

  1. You must be living and working in Singapore
  2. You must have a valid Singaporean visa and work permit.
  3. You must have a certificate of employment
  4. Your passport must not be expired
  5. You should have your income/salary documentation
  6. You must present your bank statements and other important documents that would show your status in the country.

If you have more concerns or questions about the loan, you can contact your selected moneylender for more details. You can also take the time to ask your moneylender if they allow restructuring of the loan program to match your needs or if they have other suggestions to make the loan application smoother.

It is important to remember that there are no obligations given to borrowers if the loan package the moneylender is offering is not good.

Final thoughts:

It is very expensive to live in a foreign land, especially if you are just starting to make a new life and job in the country. You may find some financial trouble along the way and it would be great if there is a way for you to get by financially in the meantime while you wait for your paycheck.

By getting a foreigner loan, you will be able to get the money you need to make your life easier in the country and not worry about borrowing from your family and friends overseas.

Choosing The Right Foreigner Loan In Singapore

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Foreigner loans are a huge help for foreigners living in Singapore. This loan type is often available in many developed nations, and especially those that experience a heavy inflow of foreigners. The foreigners could be coming for the purposes of business, work, studies etc.

Singapore is a country that experiences a considerable proportion of foreigners staying temporarily on work permits. Even then, there are several banks as well as licensed moneylender that provide foreigner loans.

Above all, there are many money lending companies you may turn to come to your assistance. All it takes is for you to perform some research. This will make sure that you are aware of what you will be getting into.

Foreigner Loan

Foreign Loans are offered and are eligible to persons who aren’t citizens or permanent residents in Singapore. It is difficult to deal with financial challenges. Mostly for someone who is currently in a foreign country. This loan type will help you cope when you are facing money issues. You possibly don’t know anyone that you could borrow money from. Thus, being able to obtain a loan is very helpful.

It is possible that you’ve assumed that getting a loan from banks in Singapore is one possible answer to your monetary concerns. But, it’s not as simple as you think. This is because even for local residents, having their loans approved takes a long period. There are many documents that have to be submitted. Together with the thorough strict credit checks that are normally carried out. For a foreigner, getting a traditional loan authorized is almost near impossible.

When you are a foreigner in Singapore and it happens you need money for a number of your projects. You may think about applying for foreigner type of loan offered by moneylenders in Singapore. As indicated, this alternative type of funding is intended for helping non-citizens obtain funds. And this is without experiencing extensive stress.

Sadly, there are a number of unscrupulous business owners who try to take advantage of foreigners. For that reason, consider the following simple factors before you choose a moneylender for your foreigner loan.

Fees And Interest Rates Charged

The rates of interest rates charged on the foreigner loans. These are expected to be higher when compared to the resident options. But, you need to clarify the interest rate provided by your money lender. Also, make sure that it’s competitive in that market. In addition, it will help you avoid accumulating huge debts. Such outstanding debts you need to consider before you submit your foreigner loan application.

You need also to realize that licensed moneylenders are permitted to charge some service fees. And in particular when the first contract you sign is not honoured. For instance, there are additional charges for terminating the contract prematurely. Also more fees for any late payment as well as for sending a void cheque.

Loan Options Available

You also need to be aware that there are various foreigner loan options offered by certified moneylenders. Several loan choices mean that it’s possible for you to get a loan plan that suits your specific financial situation.

First, whether they offer both unsecured and secured loans. You will not be in a position to provide collateral as a foreigner thus making this a huge limitation. Second, you need to be clear when you can get personal. The business loans need also be based on your financial needs. Third, look at the possibility of your getting both the long-term and short-term loans.

Maximum Amount You Can Obtain

Prior to applying for personal loans, you need to know the maximum loan amount that is accessible to you from a legal lender. Most licensed moneylenders often have standard ranges in place. This is for protecting their company from bad debts.

Even then, you need to realize that the limit obligated on you can depend on your capability to repayment. However, there are additional conditions that will be assessed. Thus you are able to compare the options you have.

Registration And License Of The Lender

When searching for a dependable moneylender, you have to ensure that the company is licensed and registered. This is an important pointer that the lender you pick is dependable and reputable.

In essence, the company is able to legally provide finances to both foreigners and permanent residents. That means you are protected from any illegal deals that might influence your life. And especially for borrowers who would like to get a loan in Singapore. In addition, licensed moneylenders are obligated to strictly adhere to the set standards. This is stated in the Moneylenders Rules and Act.

Your Ability To Repay The Foreigner Loan

This is one other important factor that you need to look at when applying for a loan. Foreigner loans are can be very handy when needed to be. The loans can assist you in getting back in charge of your finances. Therefore keep in mind to check and countercheck everything while you are getting a foreigner loan.

When you require a foreigner loan in Singapore, make sure you check with a certified moneylender in Singapore. Once you make a loan request through a licensed lender, it’s possible for you to obtain a loan.

Also, keep in mind that when you have any unease regarding your impending foreigner loan. You need to discuss these issues with your lender. This way you will be able to avoid unforeseen financial pitfalls.


Foreigner Loans are very helpful for foreigners living in the country. This loan often is available in most developed nations, and mainly those that are experiencing a heavy inflow of foreigners. Singapore is one such country, experiences a considerable proportion of foreigners staying temporarily on work permits.

Additionally, it is very simple to submit an application because some lenders offer the option to apply online from your home. This makes it a lot easier for you thus taking away the pressure of financial problems. Also, take time to perform thorough research to make sure that you are aware of what you will be getting into.