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Best Wedding Loan Singapore

Loan Advisor has done the comparison and came up with the best wedding loan deals for you to choose from.

As the old saying goes, getting married should be the happiest time of your life. Sometimes, this means borrowing a little extra cash to create the wedding of your dreams. If your savings don’t stretch far enough to cover your big day, we’re here to help.

The wedding loan market is complex and confusing, especially for first-time borrowers or those with low credit ratings. Here at Loan Advisor, we work hard to take the hassle out of your time of celebration. In three straightforward steps, we can help you compare the best marriage loans in Singapore.

The Biggest Benefits of Using Loan Advisor

Loan Advisor’s mission is to remove the hassle from loan searches. We want you to enjoy the happiest time of your life, so we’ll do the hard work for you as far as loans are concerned.

We offer a tried and tested, three-step comparison tool that’ll connect you with the best marriage loans in Singapore in a matter of seconds. Here’s the biggest benefits of choosing us:

  • Get your wedding loan approved in minutes

We help you bypass lengthy bank checks by bringing you amazing deals from licensed money lenders with faster approval processes.

  • Save valuable time to plan your wedding

Instead of spending days searching the web looking for the best loan – simply tell us what loan amount and tenor you need, and we’ll find the best wedding loan Singapore has available that matches your requirements.

  • Pin down a deal with a top licensed money lender

Loan Advisor will only ever connect you with trusted wedding loans from legitimate money lenders that are fully licensed by the Ministry of Law. We search and compare deals from more than 150 tried and tested lenders – including those that grant loans to people with low credit ratings.

  • Enjoy a hassle-free loan application

Once we’ve set you up with your perfect match in the world of marriage loans, you can apply quickly and easily online. However, under rights reserved by the money lenders themselves, you may have to visit their physical location to sign the contract.

If trying to hunt down the best marriage loans in Singapore is driving you crazy, stop right now and let the most trustworthy loan comparison site in town take charge. Try out Loan Advisor today.

Key Wedding Loan Features

The average cost of a wedding in Singapore can vary – and can also depend on whether you’re booking a Chinese wedding, Malay wedding or a Western wedding. Some say Singaporeans typically spend upwards of $50,000, but there’s always room to save some money on your borrowing and avoid lengthy credit card bills.

Regardless of your requirements, Loan Advisor can help you find and secure a tailored or fully customizable loan that’s a perfect fit for your big day. Here are some tips on what to look out for:

  • Attractive personal loans

Not all money lenders offer specialized loans for the sole purpose of planning a wedding. Fortunately, unsecured loans are unlike SME business loans in that they usually come with no restrictions, meaning you can spend personal loan funds on dresses, wedding banquets, honeymoons, and more.

  • Low interest rates

Looking for a loan with low interest rate is essential if you want to get the best possible loan deal for your big day. Spend more on your wedding banquet by saving money on your interest rate and monthly payments.

  • Minimal processing fees

Sometimes even the best marriage loans in Singapore charge a processing fee, but fortunately, it’s easy to save a little extra cash by shopping around. We’ll find you loans with fees that cost just a fraction of what you’re paying for your wedding bands – or even less.

  • Specialized loans for customers with low credit

This may not necessarily apply to you, but it’s good to know that even people with low credit scores can still borrow money for their big day. Many licensed money lenders will look beyond bad credit histories and you could still be eligible for up to 6 times of your monthly income and can be paid within 12 months, subject to terms and conditions of the agreement.

Still unsure what you’re looking for? Our loan comparison service helps borrowers weigh up the pros and cons of Singapore’s best wedding loans in categories ranging from credit history friendliness to interest rate.

Apply in Three Easy Steps Today

The team at Loan Advisor wants your wedding in Singapore to be one to remember, which is why we’re here to take the hassle out of finding your perfect marriage loan. Compare and contrast the best wedding loans in Singapore in these three easy steps:

Step 1 – Submit a short, straightforward form

Fill in a marriage loan form today by sharing your expectations of the loanable amount, tenor, and interest rate, clicking submit, and simply waiting for the magic to happen.

Step 2 – Receive and compare up to three loan quotes

Just minutes later, we’ll send you the best loans currently available from more than 150 licensed money lenders. You’ll get all the information you need to make a smarter financial decision today.

Step 3 – Visit your chosen money lender to sign the contract

Once you’ve decided on your perfect wedding or personal loan, click through to apply, then stop by the lender’s offices to finalize and sign any necessary legal documents. Next stop: Instant cash and the wedding of your dreams!

Find Your Hassle-free Wedding Loan Now

If you’re planning a wedding in Singapore but you need extra cash for bridal packages, parties, and the big day itself, Loan Advisor is here to help in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Regardless of your credit history, wedding preferences, or loanable amount required, our comparison service will help you find the perfect loan today.

Why Compare Loans with Loan Advisor?

Hunting for the right wedding loan is never easy – especially when you’re juggling plans for wedding bands, bridal packages, and wedding banquets between trying to balance your finances. We want to make the loan search and application process as easy as can be.

Here at Loan Advisor, we help people looking for business loans, wedding loans, and personal loans with low-interest rates to find the best loans on the market and make better financial decisions. We’re one of the most trusted loan comparison sites in Singapore. 

We’re passionate about connecting people with the best wedding loans with minimum effort and hassle, which is why we do all the legwork for you. Simply fill in a form detailing your loan requirements. And then sit back and we’ll compare the best deals from hundreds of licensed money lenders from across Singapore. This will empower you to compare the best possible wedding loans in terms of:

Features available
Flexibility and tenor
Repayment plans and interest rates

If you’re looking for a tailored or customizable wedding loan, or a no-nonsense personal loan with low interest rates, look no further. Try out our completely free loan comparison service today and we’ll connect you with the best deals for Malay weddings, Chinese weddings, Western weddings and more – it really is that simple!

How to Choose the Best Wedding Loan in Singapore for You

It is often said that the day you get married is the most important day of your life – which is why it’s vital that everything is absolutely perfect. This means sourcing and securing the funds needed to make your special day everything you ever wanted it to be.

Loans for personal purposes are growing increasingly popular with Singaporeans and anyone else planning their perfect dream wedding.

But of all the wedding loans in Singapore, finding the right one to suit you isn’t always easy. For example, there are often huge differences in overall costs and general requirements between Malay weddings and Chinese weddings – while Western weddings may differ even more, especially if you need to fly in lots of guests from long distances.

Our helpful loan comparison service can help you compare the best deals quickly and efficiently. But here’s some bonus tips on how to choose the best wedding loan in Singapore to suit you:

  • Consider which type of loan you need

While specialized wedding loans might be available, most Singaporeans use unsecured personal loans or credit rating-friendly loans instead. This can be a great way of covering the average cost of a Malay wedding, purchasing those all-important little extras, or settling wedding-related invoices with companies.

  • Select a sensible loan amount

It’s never wise to borrow beyond your means. Seek advice to find out what kind of loan in Singapore you can realistically afford, then compare the best deals available that suit your desired loan wedding amount. Loan Advisor will do the legwork for you, but keep in mind that most licensed money lenders will have minimum and maximum loan limits.

  • Find the loan with the best features

Whether you need to cover the full cost of a glamorous marriage, or you’re just looking for extra funds to pay for caterers and wedding banquets, you can often benefit from a loan that offers special features, like low-interest rate or more flexible repayment plans.

  • Pick a repayment plan that fits your schedule

Maybe you want to repay the loan quickly or perhaps you need a little extra time to pay off the full cost of that fairytale dream wedding? Finding a loan that’s flexible to suit your schedule is always key.

  • Keep fees and hidden costs low

There are no fees for early or additional repayments on wedding loans in Singapore.

  • Opt for the best interest rates

This one goes without saying. Lower interest rate means lower overall costs – and some lenders might even be willing to offer an attractive introductory rate, too. Secure one of these and you’ll pay less for the monthly installment of repaying your loan.

Pin Down the Perfect Loan for Your Perfect Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have questions about wedding loans in Singapore? Here’s Loan Advisor’s top answers.

From engagement parties and basic invitations to bridal showers, honeymoons, and hair and makeup, there are so many moving parts to a wedding that it’s not uncommon for Singaporeans to seek out a little financial assistance.

Taking out a personal or wedding loan is a great way of getting your hands on the extra cash you need to make your dream day come true. Try out Loan Advisor’s comparison service to see what you could borrow today.

A traditional Malay wedding in Singapore can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000.

From the simple solemnization to overseas flights and fairytale venues, the overall cost can vary dramatically depending on what kind of wedding you desire. This is especially true from culture to culture, as certain Chinese and Malay traditions don’t always come cheap.

Here are some average costs for various wedding types:

  • Chinese wedding – $36,000 to $55,000 average
  • Malay wedding – $43,000 average
  • Western wedding – $48,000 to $100,000 average
  • Indian wedding – $30,000 to $55,000 average

Some of our top money-saving tips for wedding loans in Singapore are:

  • Select a sensible loan amount
  • Look for low-interest deals
  • Find loans with special features
  • Pick a flexible tenor if you need it
  • Try to minimize hidden costs and fees

Many people planning a wedding in Singapore opt for unsecured personal loans – which can usually be spent on almost anything at all – instead of specialized wedding loans. However, there are a number of benefits to selecting a tailored wedding loan deal instead, such as:

  • Interest rate starts from 1% per month can be secured
  • Loans are often available up to $100,000
  • Longer-term and flexible repayment terms
  • Some wedding loans are available to foreigners as well as residents
  • Special loans for people with low credit ratings might be available

Getting married will always be one of the biggest decisions of your life, so it’s important to ensure your wedding day will always be remembered. Forget expensive credit cards and try out Loan Advisor’s loan comparison service today to find the best wedding loan deals currently on the market.

Loan Advisor is a completely free loan comparison site that scours the web for the best wedding loans and most up-to-date deals currently available. This empowers you to make better financial decisions. To retrieve three personalized quotes for your wedding in Singapore today, try out our free service now.

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