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Best Places to Buy Christmas Trees in Singapore

Christmas tree
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5 Best Place to Buy Live Christmas Trees

The best thing about real Christmas trees has got to be the unmistakable fragrance that they bring with them. The fresh and resinous scent perfectly perfumes your space while ushering in the Christmas spirit.

Here are five best places to buy live trees.

 Cold Storage Singapore

Cold Storage

For years, grocery giant Cold Storage has been a leading supplier of live Christmas trees, which they import from growers around the world just for the season. Their popular balsam firs are sold out virtually every year, so you’ll want to make your bookings early.

Cold Storage has yet to start accepting orders for the 2021 season, so we don’t yet know the prices. However, you should definitely subscribe to their mailing list so you can get first dibs when the trees finally arrive!

The Green Corner Home Page

The Green Corner 

For live Noble Fir trees directly imported from the United States, look no further than The Green Corner. Grown in the wild mountains of Oregon, these stately trees come in various sizes – from 4ft tall all the way up to a towering 12ft.

Every real Christmas tree comes with free delivery, installation and disposal for your convenience. Early birds will also receive two free potted poinsettia plants, great for enhancing your Christmas decorations.

Island Landscape and Nusery Home Page

Island Landscape and Nursery

Another awesome place to buy live trees is Island Landscape and Nursery. They offer live Noble Fir trees in three sizes – 5ft to 6ft, 6ft to 7ft and 7ft to 8ft – on their online store, but you can also pay a visit to their nursery to choose the tree you want.

Free delivery is available for orders above S$300, which you can easily top up to by adding a potted plant or two. Disposal service for your Christmas tree is also available for an additional $50.

Far East Flora Home Page

Far East Flora

Far East Flora is an established and popular florist and nursery, and undoubtedly another top pick for Yuletide shrubbery in Singapore. Their online catalogue has already been updated for 2021, and this year, you have a choice between Noble Fir trees from the US or Europe.

You may choose from different sizes ranging from 5/6ft to 10/11ft, and each tree comes with a tree stand at no extra cost. Delivery fee is priced separately at $35, whereas the optional disposal service costs S$50.

Candy Floriculture Home Page

Candy Floriculture

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Tel: 6256 6788
  • Price range: $140 to $1,200
  • Google rating: 3.8 out of 5

Local nursery Candy Floriculture offers two different varieties of live Christmas trees; besides the popular Noble Fir, you can also find Nordmann Fir, which is the Christmas tree of choice in Europe, and is known to emit a subtle fragrance with fresh, clean citrus notes.

Both are equally good choices for your Christmas decorations, but if you can’t decide, why not get both – a full-sized one for the living room, and a smaller one for the bedroom. Candy Floriculture carries live Christmas trees in various sizes – from 4ft to 12ft – so that’s easy to do.

2 Best Tree Shops to Buy Faux Christmas Trees

If you prefer not having to throw out your live fir tree after it inevitably withers, consider getting a faux or artificial Christmas instead. And with today’s advanced manufacturing methods, you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference between an artificial tree and a live one!

Try these two popular Christmas Tree shops to buy artificial Christmas trees in Singapore.

Manson Home Decor Home Page

Masons Home Decor

Masons Home Decor specialises in hyper-realistic faux trees constructed using patented FirTECT technology. Their trees are so lifelike, nobody will know they are fake unless you let them in on the secret.

The store has a large variety of trees modelled after different fir species in its collection. From the classic Alpine Fir, to Colorado Pine, Balsam Fir and Short Pine, there’s a tree to suit every taste.

And for a one-stop shopping experience, give the bundles a try. You’ll receive a 6ft artificial Christmas tree, a star topper, 24 Christmas baubles and a set or two of LED Christmas lights.

Pine Concept Home Page

Pine Concept

Another established shop to buy artificial Christmas trees is Pine Concept, which offers a large selection of faux, lifelike trees at affordable prices. While there are one or two premium lineups, the majority of their range costs under $200.

Even better, every tree comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring a wallet-friendly purchase that will last you multiple Christmases. Setting up and storage is also quick and easy, as the tree branches are designed to fall open when the tree is upright, or flip close when inverted.

If all that sounds too good to be true, know that Pine Concept has collated nearly 200 verified 5-star reviews.

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While live Christmas trees remain exceedingly popular during the holidays, the advent of hyper-realistic faux trees means artificial Christmas trees are just as viable. Both can make for the perfect Christmas tree, so feel free to choose either one, bearing these key takeaways in mind:

  • Live Christmas trees are the way to go if you want to scent your space with natural perfume. However, they require regular watering and maintenance, and you will also need to have a tree stand ready.
  • Ordering your live Christmas tree online may be convenient, but you won’t be able to choose the exact tree you want. Consider buying from a nursery if you are particular about your Christmas tree.
  • Artificial or fake Christmas trees can be a wonderful choice if you prefer less hassle. They also last longer, and can be significantly more affordable.

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Table of Contents

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