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Illegal Moneylenders: How To Identify Them

Nowadays, we tend to see two different aspects of goods and services. In terms of goods, fake or counterfeit items are cheaper and look like the original, but as time passes, it will break easily because it was made with cheap material. In some instances, it can even affect your health and image the longer […]

Why Your Bank Loan Was Denied or Approved?

When you are trying to get a mortgage, a credit card or a personal loan, banks and financial institutions offering credit will look at one major thing: How much risk will they face when they approve your application? Will they have to worry about losing money due to late payments or defaulted loans? Considering this […]

Benefits Of Payday Loans You Should Know About

Before getting any loan type, it is important to consider all its positive and negative arguments. Look at whether the loan is beneficial for you when considering the interest rate, terms of payment, etc. For example, when you do not intend to get a huge loan which is to be repaid within the next 5-10 […]

Top Reasons Why You Should Pay Off Debt

When you are trying to pay off all your debts, it is often common that you fail to succeed in them because new debts may pile up on top of those you are trying to pay. You may also feel hopeless because the debt amount is too high and you do not know how to […]

Pro And Cons Of Instant Cash Loan In Singapore

The Singaporean lending industry is perpetually revolving to adjust to the many changes that occur in the government policies and the financial world. This has caused stiff competition and most use instant cash loan deals to lure customers. Due to the current bad economy, with salaries and wages stagnating and reduced job availability many Singaporeans […]

Golden Tips To Settle Your Credit Card Debts

Many people are afraid of debts since it is believed that it can drag you down for a long period and even give you sleepless nights. But, there are various reasons that will lead to some people in spiraling debts. You may have settled an emergency need using your credit card. But, regardless of the […]

Filing For Bankruptcy In Singapore: Process And Procedures

Even with the best attempt and desire to settle the outstanding debt. At times declaring bankruptcy may be the only option left should your financial problems spin out of control. Regardless of whether it is a company or an individual filing for bankruptcy. You will need to engage the help of a trustee. Filing for […]