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Expenses That Come From Renovating Your HDB Flat

You now have purchased an HDB flat and you would like to renovate it. Certainly, doing this is not a bad thing, particularly when the setup or old style does not meet your standards. It could be that you would like a different layout and even some additional features to meet all your family’s needs. […]

Prioritising Your Financial Goals Right Now

Prioritising financial goals can sometimes seem hard, especially with high cost of living that seems to be ever increasing. Although there is no blanket procedure on how to go about it, it will help to admit that you need to have some financial priorities. However, you can start by deciding where you would like to […]

Weekly VS Monthly Loan Contract – What You Need to Know

Since the beginning on October 2015, the capping of monthly rates of interest was officially enacted. This capping means that interest rates that licensed moneylenders may charge is set at 4 %. Some of the moneylenders have switched their borrowers to the weekly loan contracts (rather than the usual monthly ones) as a way to […]

How to Start a Side-business With Minimal Money Risk

As you start your side-business there are some tips that will help you avoid making money mistakes which could derail or hold back your progress. It is an eternal riddle: you want to begin a side-business to earn money, however, you require money to begin the side-business. Luckily, the only actual solution would be to […]

Should I take Payday Loan For My Crisis?

The fast growth of the internet has made it possible for you to have most of your needs met much faster, rather easily and hassle-free. Using your computer, you can now find just about anything from motor vehicles, daily needs, clothing and particularly different loan types. The development of the internet has enabled moneylenders to […]