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Should You Spend On Your Credit Card Or Debit Card ?

Credit cards offer you fast access to cash that is not yours and this is similar to borrowing money. Only that you don’t have to go through the personal loan application process used when taking out a personal loan from moneylenders. Also, debit cards only help you avoid the long queues at the ATM. Actually, […]

How to Prepare for a Loan Application for 2018

Applying for a personal loan is never easy because there are a lot of things you need to consider before you apply one. One has to consider the requirements for the loan they are trying to apply, the amount you plan to borrow, your credit history, and which moneylender to go to when you are […]

Expenses That Come From Renovating Your HDB Flat

You now have purchased an HDB flat and you would like to renovate it. Certainly, doing this is not a bad thing, particularly when the setup or old style does not meet your standards. It could be that you would like a different layout and even some additional features to meet all your family’s needs. […]