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Crucial Money Tips For Expats In Singapore

Singapore is definitely among the most livable countries in Asia for expats. It assures good quality of life and also great financial prospects. But, if you would like to get the most out of living in Singapore as an expat, you have to know some things in relation to the financial laws in the country. […]


Do I Require A Personal Guarantee To Get A Business Loan?

When starting a small business, you often start with your own ambition, vision, and personal growth. For you to keep it successful, you will need business line credit. When getting a business loan, your personal guarantee is often required during these tough economic times, especially for startup loans. The personal guarantee is simply an agreement […]


The Difference Of 3: Banks, Pawn Shops, Money Lenders

When you are faced with financial problems, there are many options available when you have to borrow money. However, making the choice is very important because you don’t want to get the wrong option for your needs. For example, when you transact with the wrong moneylender, you are likely to suffer more problems with debt […]

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Are Money Lenders An Alternative To Bank Loans?

Taking out a personal loan from banks in Singapore can at times be rather difficult. This is because of a great deal of paperwork involved. In general, banks always check your credit records before they authorize your personal loan application. In addition, banks do not consider your monthly salary when they are looking into your […]


Different Types Of Moneylender Loans

When you are in need of urgent cash and have to take out a personal loan, it is very important that you look for the right loan type to suit your financial needs. Once you have identified what your financial needs are, then it is advisable that you research further to ensure that you get […]


Licensed Money Lenders & Loan Sharks Differences in Singapore

There is a big misunderstanding when it comes to licensed moneylenders within Singapore. Many Singaporeans have even called them “legal loan sharks”. However, there are fundamental differences between loan sharks and licensed moneylenders in Singapore. In particular, when it concern debt collection, then loan processing, and its approval. Earlier, some Singaporeans, particularly those from low-income […]