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10 Best Thoughtful Wedding Gifts in Singapore Under S$200

wedding gifts singapore
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An invitation to a wedding – or two – means booking flights and hotels, buying outfits, and on top of everything- choosing a wedding gift! Just like how socially distanced wedding invites have become a trend, gifting has also evolved. And this can be a serious source of stress for a wedding guest.

Wedding registries have gone digital, couples may prefer honeymoon funds, and many couples living together before the wedding seem to have everything they need. Complicating matters more are questions, like how much should a married couple give for a wedding gift?

But don’t fret! Here we break down how much you should spend on a wedding gift. Plus, we’ve listed some of the most thoughtful wedding gift ideas to get you started.

How Much Should You Spend?

The average amount that a wedding guest was projected to spend on a wedding gift was $99 (SGD 140), according to a study from the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker. This average is applicable if you’re a friend of the couple. Loved ones or relatives, on the other hand, spend approximately $127 (SGD 179).

According to experts, a gift costing more than $300 (SGD 400+) is the sweet spot. Additionally, the cost of the wedding gift will also depend on whether the gift is off the registry, a personalised wedding gift, an experience, or cash. If you’re looking for the best wedding gift without breaking the bank, check out the list below.

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Bed Sheets –S$199.00+

Nothing screams home and comfort than a high-quality bed sheet. There are bedsheet brands that are primarily created for providing the utmost comfort for undisturbed sleep. For instance, you can get the Sonno Bed Sheets that are the silkiest, coolest sheets you’ll sleep on. Their queen-size bedding starts at S$199.

  • Thoughtful Tip: Choose bedding in the couple’s favorite colors or one that will complement their bedroom.
  • Price: starts at S$199.00.
  • Where to buy: Brand’s online store or Amazon

2. Personalized Towels – S$60

If you’re looking for something affordable yet thoughtful and memorable, you can get a personalized couple bath towels. Practical and affordable, it is a home essential and may signify warmth and comfort. Plus, since it’s a personalized wedding gift, you don’t have to worry about another guest giving the exact same present.

  • Thoughtful Tip: Add wording that is special for the couple. Or you can go with the default “Mr. and Mrs.”.
  • Price: starts at S$60. More affordable options are available on Etsy
  • Where to buy: Etsy or

3. Clothes Drying Rack – S$169

Another wedding gift idea that is as thoughtful as it is unique is a clothes drying rack. This gift offers convenience and usability, perfect for a happy couple living in a small home. 

For instance, the LEIFHEIT Rotary Clothes Dryer allows you to hang more than one washing machine load of clothes. Best of all, it is lightweight, compact, and allows for one-handed operation.

  • Thoughtful Tip: Choose a clothes drying rack that is lightweight, compact, and can be stowed away to save space.
  • Price: starts at S$169.
  • Where to buy: or Lazada

4. Robot Vacuum Cleaner – S$184

In this fast-paced world, anything that makes everyday tasks faster and easier will be appreciated. Gifting the couple a robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most thoughtful gestures. 

Although this wedding gift may be a bit pricier, it’s worth it. You can get the Botslab 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner C50 which is a good alternative to popular brands like Samsung or LG.

  • Thoughtful Tip: Choose a robot vacuum cleaner with a warranty service so the couple can get it fixed for free if something unexpected happens.
  • Price: S$184 but the cost will depend on the brand and features.
  • Where to buy: Shopee or Amazon

closeup wedding cups cheers cake

5. Coffee Press – S$40

One of the many lifestyle products you can give newlywed couples is a coffee press. The happy couple can brew a cup of coffee in just 4 minutes! You can get the Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker which makes 1 liter of coffee. It features an attractive copper finish and glass body.

  • Thoughtful Tip: You can consider getting an engraved customized coffee press for a truly unique gift.
  • Price: starts at S$40 – engraved coffee press may cost more at around S$113
  • Where to buy: Amazon or Etsy

6. Mr. and Mrs. Mugs – S$16

Looking for a memorable, personalized wedding gift? Consider getting your favorite couple a Mr. and Mrs. cup set. You can choose from a wide variety of materials – from ceramic to vinyl to glass. You can pair this wedding gift with a coffee press if you’re feeling generous.

  • Thoughtful Tip: Choose wording that means something to the couple. Or you can simply use “wifey” and “hubby” for a cute, personalized wording.
  • Price: S$16 onwards, depending on the material used and type of engraving
  • Where to buy: Lazada or Etsy

7. Roku Ultra Streaming Device – S$123

Make date nights at home memorable for the newlyweds with the Roku Ultra Streaming Device. This is a new streaming media player that delivers 4K, HD, and HDR resolutions. With this device, the couple can stream for free. It also has Disney+ and Apple TV!

  • Thoughtful Tip: Consider paying for a one-month subscription to their preferred streaming service, such as Disney+.
  • Price: S$123 onwards
  • Where to buy: Amazon or Lazada

8. Air Fryer – S$60

One of the must-have lifestyle products in any kitchen, an air fryer is a wonderful gift for newlyweds. With this item, you can cook your favorite deep-fried foods without worrying about extra calories and fat. 

It is best for cooking french fries, chicken nuggets, and more. You can get the PowerPac Digital Air Fryer with 7 pre-set functions, a cool touch handle, and overheat protection.

  • Thoughtful Tip: Make sure that the air fryer comes with a warranty so the couple can easily get it fixed in case of damage.
  • Price: S$60 onwards, depending on the brand and features
  • Where to buy: Lazada or Shopee

9. Google Home Mini Singapore – S$79

Perfect for couples who enjoy the latest gadgets, the Google Home Mini Singapore is a “smart speaker” that reacts when you speak to it. With this device, the couple can control all the smart devices in their home. The married couple can play music, receive news updates, check local traffic, listen to podcasts, make calls, and more.

  • Thoughtful Tip: The Google Home Mini is truly a unique, modern, and thoughtful wedding gift that will turn the couple’s home into a smart home.
  • Price: S$79 on the Google Store
  • Where to buy: Google Store or Shopee

10. Custom Chopping Board – S$91

Have you ever thought of gifting a chopping board? Take it up a notch by gifting the newlyweds with a personalized chopping board. You can choose from a wide variety of gorgeous woods, like walnut or solid bamboo. You can get a beautiful, custom engraved chopping board at WoodBeMine. Each piece is exquisitely handmade and eco-friendly.

  • Thoughtful Tip: Choose a high-quality wood, such as acacia and beech. Plus, the wording must be something personal for the newlyweds, such as their names and wedding date.
  • Price: S$91
  • Where to buy: Etsy or Amazon

bridesmaids pretty flowers covering faces outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Gift Etiquette

1. Can You Give A Cash Gift?

It depends on the couple. The bride and groom may not prefer to receive a cash gift since it’s a bit impersonal. If that’s the case, you can buy off the couple’s registry. On the flip side, some couples may prefer to receive cash. Today, some couples living together before the wedding may already have well-stocked homes. Cash gifts can be used as an earmark for the couple’s request to purchase a travel package or used to raise funds for their favorite charity.

For instance, in most Malay Weddings, Indian Weddings, and Chinese weddings, monetary gifts are encouraged. The amount may range between S$60 and S$300, depending on where the wedding banquet is held and your relationship with the bride and groom.

2. How Much Should You Put In A Wedding Ang Bao?

If you’re not close to the couple, it is socially acceptable for your ang bao to just cover the cost of your seat. However, if you’re a friend or a relative, you are expected to cover the cost of your banquet meal, and then some.
For instance, Marina Bay Sands or Capella fall under the higher end of the ang bao rates. Click here to check out the ang bao rates for 2022.

3. Is It OK To Buy Gifts That Are Not on the Wedding Registry?

You won’t be violating any wedding gift etiquette if you gift items that are not on the registry. However, it’s best to choose an item that you know the couple will love and appreciate. For instance, you can opt to get the couple personalised gifts.
Note that the registry contains items that the couple has taken the time to curate as things that they need. If you’re buying off the registry, be 100% sure that the item fits the bill.

4. Should I Buy a Gift if I Can’t Attend the Wedding?

While there are no hard and fast rules, it’s best to send a gift if invited – whether you can attend or not. However, it is also completely understandable if you decline an invitation and are not in a financial position to send a gift.
If you’re a close friend of the bride and groom, it’s probably best to send a wedding gift. If you’re sending a gift, you can consider spending less than what you might spend if you’re attending.

5. Should I Ship a Gift Directly or Bring It to the Wedding?

You can consider sending the wedding gift to the couple’s home instead of bringing it on the wedding day. However, you can also personally hand over your wrapped gifts to the wedding couple before or after the reception. This is typical in Indian and Malay weddings.
Keep in mind though that the couple has so many things to keep track of during the wedding. Shipping your gifts can make it a bit easier on the newlyweds. If the couple is using a registry, then follow the instructions on the registry website and avoid the headache of bringing the presents yourself.

6. How Long Do I Have To Get The Newlyweds A Wedding Gift After The Wedding?

Technically, you have up to one year to get the couple a wedding gift. However, experts agree that the sooner you can give the gift the better. It’s completely understandable if you need extra time. However, if you take longer than a month or two after the wedding, the couple may assume you’re not sending a gift at all. If you’re shipping your wedding gift, it’s best to coordinate it to be sent at the couple’s preferred time, before attending the wedding.


Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, wedding gifts need not be expensive to be special. We hope these wedding gift options have inspired you to get the couple something that is as memorable as it is useful. Marriage can also be a major financial burden for newlyweds, make sure to do a thorough research on the amount you should save up to avoid any conflicts when you work towards preparing for marriage. This is also where a wedding loan can come in handy in case you might need to save some cash for emergencies after a wedding.

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Key Takeaways

  • The average wedding gift amount is between S$140 to S$179 based on the study from the AMEX Spending and Saving Tracker
  • According to experts, a gift costing more than $300 (SGD 400+) is the sweet spot.
  • Some couples may prefer to receive cash. This is more common in Malay, Indian, and Chinese Weddings.
  • If you’re gifting ang bao at a Chinese Wedding, it is socially acceptable for your ang bao to just cover the cost of your seat.
  • It’s okay to buy gifts that are not on the wedding registry as long as you choose an item that the couple will love.

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