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10 Best-Reviewed Renovation Contractors in Singapore 2024

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Congrats on finally owning a home in Singapore! If you want to truly make it your own, you need to give it a renovation makeover. But how much does a home renovation cost in Singapore?

Basic renovation packages, offered by licensed renovation contractors, start from as low as S$10,000 for a 4-room build-to-order (BTO) flat. A basic renovation package includes carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical wiring, and masonry works. That said, home renovation isn’t exactly cheap.

For this reason, you need to find a good renovation contractor. Aside from providing you with an estimate, they will also submit the renovation permit to HDB on your behalf. Plus, they will ensure that renovation works comply with the estate’s renovation guidelines.

Cost of Renovating a House in Singapore

Before you start searching for renovation contractors, you need a ballpark figure to know how much you should set aside. But renovation costs may vary since it depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of home – is it an HDB flat, condo, or landed property?
  • Age and condition of the home
  • How much work do you want to get done?
  • What type of materials you want to use
  • The contractor or interior designer you choose.

The basic renovation costs for a 4-room BTO flat can cost anything from S$8,000 to over S$48,000, depending on the factors above. Take a look at the table below:

Type of HDB flat Basic renovation cost for a BTO flat Basic renovation cost for a resale flat
3-room From S$8,000 From S$22,000
4-room From S$10,000 From S$24,000
5-room From S$11,000 From S$26,000

For condominiums, renovation prices are higher since they have strict restrictions. For example, most condominiums require renovation contractors to work certain time periods of the day. Some also require contractors to provide lift paddings.

Renovation Guidelines for First-Time Homeowners

1. Check for Defects Before Renovating Your Home

Checking for defects is a must before starting residential and commercial projects. In doing so, you avoid disputes in case an issue arises in the middle of the renovation project. That said, the earlier you report and rectify defects, the sooner you can start your renovation project.

Here are a few tips:

  • Check for defects during the day and night
  • Check for leakage and seep marks during rainy days.
  • Look for any unfinished or badly done flooring

If you own an HDB flat or a condominium, check the Defects Liability Period (DLP). It’s usually effective for one year from the date of key collection. During this period, the developer must rectify any problems found with the new unit, at their own cost.

Lastly, check your warranty. There are warranty periods for other defects, such as wall seepage, ceiling leak, etc.

2. Review the Estate’s Renovation Rules and Regulations

Planning on creating an open-concept space in your home by hacking down walls?

Before you do that, make sure to review your estate’s renovation rules and regulations. For instance, in an HDB flat, you must first submit all your hacking plans for approval. Why? Because some walls, columns, beams, or slabs are load-bearing. They can’t be removed, moved, or altered.

That said, whether you’re replacing flooring or renovating your bathroom, check the rules and regulations first. Here are some rules to keep in mind:

  • Submit hacking plans to HDB for approval
  • Use pre-packed cement screed
  • 3-year restriction period on renovation work on BTO bathroom floor and walls.
  • Exposed pipes cannot be permanently concealed
  • Restrictions on household (bomb) shelter
  • The front door must be fire-rated
  • You cannot remove or tamper with safety railing or grilles installed by HDB
  • You can install windows but full-height, 3/4 height, and bay windows are not allowed
  • You cannot do renovation work at certain hours and days

3. Property’s Resale Value

Are you considering reselling your home in a few years? Then the property’s resale value may be important to you. That said, it’s good to keep in mind that hacking down walls or installing built-in furnishings can affect your home’s resale value. Some buyers bid lower on highly renovated apartments, especially if the number of rooms has been reduced.

4. Verify Contractor in the Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC)

Before you get in touch with home renovation contractors, verify their credibility. Engage only licensed contractors listed in the Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC) to do your renovation project.

The HDB registered contractor will submit the renovation permit to HDB. They will also make sure that the renovation works adhere to the estate’s rules and regulations.

Even if your renovation project doesn’t require HDB’s approval, you still need to work with a licensed contractor.

renovatin contractor drilling wall

Best Renovation Contractors In Singapore

1. Qanvast

Technically, Qanvast isn’t a home renovation contractor. However, it is a wonderful platform that connects homeowners with the right interior designers in Singapore. As of writing, Qanvast has helped over 25,000 homeowners with their expert recommendations.

If you use this home renovation platform to find a contractor, you’ll enjoy several perks. For instance, you can get discounts on furnishings and appliances. Plus, they will safeguard your renovation deposit amounting to $50,000 for free. Best of all, you can get free quotes to compare different interior designers and find your perfect match.

Best For Interior design and full renovation
Services Home renovation platform to find firms offering home renovation and remodeling

Client Reviews

Here are what some of their clients had to say about their experience with an interior designer recommended by Qanvast:

“I’m thankful to Thomas for providing a comprehensive quotation for my renovation plan. He also provided valuable advice and was very professional in his dealings with us. Thomas was very responsive, friendly, and approachable. He made sure to include discounts as well as free things to perk up our quotation. Thomas was also very punctual to our meeting and was very warm to us. He ensured that we understood the things that he was quoting and was also quick to respond to any questions I had.”

“Engaged Brandon from 9 Creation to renovate my house with a small budget and I am very pleased with the outcome. I liked the regular updates from him on our reno and prompt replies to our queries. That gave us peace of mind! The project is completed on time with minimal fuss. I would highly recommend Brandon if anyone is looking for a reliable and responsible ID for their home project! Great job, thank you!”

2. Jaystone Renovation Contractor

Jaystone Renovation Contractor provides a wide range of services. With a talent pool of professional and experienced tilers, carpenters, and other renovation workers, they are one of the best renovation contractors in the country. They are committed to providing you quality workmanship at affordable pricing.

This direct renovation contractor also offers a full suite of renovation consultation services with a personalized renovation plan. Among the services they offer include:

  • Waterproofing
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Window Grille
  • Flooring and Tiling
Best For Full home renovation
Services Renovation consultation, bathroom toilet renovation, kitchen renovation, carpentry, flooring & tiling, feature wall, drywall partition, false ceiling, painting, doors, waterproofing, window grille, plumbing
Rating 5-star rating

Client Reviews

Here are what some of their clients had to say about their experience with Jaystone Renovation

“We just got our keys to our BTO and were overwhelmed by the ID and renovation contractor choices.

Thankfully after talking to Ethan from Jaystone, he was able to provide reasonable pricing for the whole renovation project. It was the best decision ever! Work done was professional and design is beautiful, thanks!”

“They provide very good renovation and consultation service, helping us with a lot of space-saving designs to utilize the house space. The carpentry and flooring works are also top-notch, thanks Jaystone.”

3. Empire Works

Empire Works has been in the home renovation industry for 5 years. Boasting over 50 completed projects, they are a one-stop renovation solution contractor in Singapore. They have a team of 20 that specializes in multiple fields.

What makes Empire Works one of the best renovation contractors is their reasonably priced BTO packages that start from S$6,588 for a 3-room HDB. Best of all, they promise transparency when it comes to pricing and ensures good service. Empire Works build functional yet aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Best For Full home renovation
Services Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, plastering & partition, doors & gates, tiling & vinyl flooring, glass & aluminum works, and air-conditioning services
Rating 4.9-star rating on Google (13 reviews) and a 5-star rating on Facebook (44 reviews)

Client Reviews

Here are what some of their clients had to say about their experience with Empire Works.

“Engaged them for 2 bedroom works. They are not the cheapest, but I do think the carpentry works speak for themselves. The guys Ivan had, the carpenters, and the electricians know what they’re doing. You’ll be in good hands.”

“Strongly recommend Empire Works! Price is competitive and quality service! Despite the covid situation, they ensured that things went according to plan. The whole renovation process was very smooth. Thank you Ivan and his team for the prompt responses and constant assurance given to us throughout the renovation period. We really love our new house! #Trustworthy reno contractor”

4. D’ Ark Interior

D’ Ark Interior boasts quality workmanship, quality materials, and competitive pricing. They are a one-stop solution for homeowners looking into interior design and direct factory renovation services.

They offer a variety of services and are great for home renovation and commercial projects. They can even create customized furniture and fixtures.

Best For Interior design and direct factory renovation
Services Brief analysis, concept design, space planning, consultant coordination, quotation evaluation, 3D visuals, project management, site evaluation and interior surveys, interior design, detailed and construction drawings, furniture, fixtures, and equipment consulting.
Social Page
Rating 5-star rating

Client Reviews

Here’s what a client had to say about their experience with D’ Ark Interior.

“Yuri has helped us a lot with the renovation of our flat. The pre-renovation was difficult at first as we have to knock off the walls and it has to be well planned so as to allow more space and feasibility in the long term. He did up an alternative floor plan and suggested how to improve on the house design and it worked well without sacrificing the aesthetic. The overall design was great and we love it. The details were also well-thought even though there is space constrain. The carpentry was well done, the painting work can still be improved.”

5. M2 Decor

With 30 years of experience in the industry, M2 Decor is another one of the best renovation contractors for interior design and carpentry. Their philosophy is to provide innovative design combined with practical ideas. They provide professional advice on:

  • Space planning
  • Furniture selection
  • Interior styling

Best of all, they also provide 3D rendering services so you can better visualize your ideas.

Best For Home interior design, interior decorating, and space planning
Services Carpentry, electrical works, painting, interior design, consultation, and more.
Rating 4.8-star rating on Google with 21 reviews

Client Reviews

Here’s what a client had to say about their experience with M2 Decor.

“Regardless of the kind of renovation work, I look for interior designer & client chemistry. Without this sort of chemistry, it will be difficult to communicate and to have a mutual level of understanding and I found that with my ID. Most interior designers I meet would take the fastest, easy, convenient route and refuses your idea or suggestions or they will make promises which they cannot deliver after you have signed them on.

My ID on the other hand does not do that, he checks and reverts. He is extremely dedicated to his work, making time for me and he will never leave me stranded and wondering. He updates me with the renovation work schedule. His dedication is beyond words of appreciation. I am grateful and thankful that I met him and engaged M2 Decor.”

6. Reno Pro

Reno Pro is a renovation company based in Singapore that specializes in residential and commercial renovations. They can deal with most types of properties including:

  • HDBs
  • Condominiums
  • BTOs
  • Landed properties

Reno Pro is a team of trained professionals and they offer value quality at low costs. Simply state your style, preference, and budget and their team can make it happen. They have the ability to cater to both big and small renovations.

Best For Post-renovation services
Services Full renovation, small renovation, landscaping, and interior design
Social Page
Rating No rating and reviews yet

7. ZL Construction

ZL Construction is a boutique interior renovation firm that is based in Singapore. Boasting more than 30 years of experience, they specialize in wetworks, carpentry, and kitchen renovation.

A one-stop home renovation firm, they also provide interior design services and advice. Plus, they can provide consultation services which include impartial site assessment, validation, and appraisal of your home interior.

Best For Home interior design and kitchen renovation
Services Wetworks, carpentry, and universal design.
Rating 4.6-star rating on Google with 9 reviews

Client Reviews

Here are what clients had to say about their experience with ZL Construction.

“A highly recommended ID. Have engaged them in several projects. Always provide very practical inputs on design coupled with great workmanship. Definitely highly recommended to engage Jake and the team.”

“It is a joy when one comes across a company like this. Tony and his team were excellent in communication, timing, and follow-up service. Upon encountering a small issue, Tony and his team immediately rectified the issue at no cost. A pleasure to do business with.”

renovation contractor climbing ladder

8. Unimax Creative

Unimax Creative is an award-winning renovation firm. With 30 design and sales professionals on their team, they offer interior design and renovation solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

What makes Unimax Creative stand out is its 12-month workmanship warranty on all residential works. Additionally, they also offer free non-obligatory design consultations.

Best For Design and renovation for residential and commercial spaces
Services Interior design and full renovation
Rating 4.4-star rating on Google with 47 reviews

Client Reviews

Here’s what a client had to say about their experience with Unimax Creative.

“I have engaged 4 home designers over 15 years, and I must say Michael has completely changed my negative mental models about contractors. Not only is he knowledgeable and resourceful, what really makes him stand out, and what matters most to homeowners is his integrity and a strong sense of responsibility. My latest engagement with Unimax was incredibly positive because of Michael. Not only does he personally manages and handles all our requests promptly and efficiently; even after the project has finished, whenever we encounter any residential issues and seeks his advice and help, he continues to provide us with his warm and friendly service. Michael is really top-notch in his field, and I have recommended him several times to my relatives and friends. Way to go Unimax!”

9. JS Carpentry & Contracts

Boasting 60 years of experience, JS Carpentry & Contracts is one of the first renovation contractors in Singapore. They have improved thousands of residential and commercial spaces. In fact, they are also recognized by the Housing Development Board (DB) and the Building and Construction Authority.

Known for their carpentry service, JS Carpentry & Contracts also offer renovation services, such as minor electrical works, painting, flooring, and more. Best of all, this renovation firm pledged to only use environmentally friendly materials.

Best For Customized built-in carpentry and full home renovation services
Services Custom carpentry, new residential renovation, resale residential renovation, and commercial renovation
Rating 4.5-star rating on Google with 103 reviews

Client Reviews

Here’s what a client had to say about their experience with JS Carpentry & Contracts.

“Wei Wei was the project coordinator for my BTO flat last year. She was excellent, hardworking and, competent. She attended to all my queries and needs promptly. The project was completed ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend her.”

“All thanks to JS carpentry & contracts and not to forget our project coordinator Nic Tan for assisting us and providing us with their All in 1 service for our 5 room resale flat full renovation! Nic is a very nice guy, patient, responsible, and quick to rectify the minor issues, and most importantly, manage to accommodate our budget despite the size of the house! Highly recommended, good quality workmanship and delivering it on time! Greatly appreciate Nic’s help, suggestions, and sincere advice!”

10. OM Decor Pte Ltd

OM Decor is one of the few contractors in Singapore that specialize in retail and F&B renovations. They started off as a masonry contractor but grew into a full-range business renovation contractor. Perfect for SMEs, they offer high-quality materials with the most on-trend design.

They create aesthetically pleasing interior designs while maximizing space. Additionally, they not only meet requirements but also aim to help businesses become more productive.

Best For Retail and F&B renovations
Services Business renovations, interior design, space planning, cost and budget planning, project administration, building construction
Rating 4.9-star rating on Google with 9 reviews

Client Reviews

Here’s what clients had to say about their experience with Om Decor Pte Ltd.

“I would like to recommend Joseph from Om Decor to give me the advice and recommendation. He prefers to use a practical and logical approach as a solution to my business setup. Thank you Joseph and a 5 star for your service.”

“I was looking for a Designer and a Contractor to set up my 2nd clinic but I was rather busy then. Joseph, from Om Decor, was highly recommended by my friend. Met Joseph and explained briefly my requirements. He is a very experienced & honest guy who knows not just about interior design, but also very good at handling his people. Problems were fixed and the project was on schedule. Thanks to Joseph & team.”

Other Things to Know

Renovation Contractors vs Interior Designers

Renovation contractors provide construction services. This means they do all the heavy lifting, such as hacking walls, fixing plumbing issues, cleaning up the mess from construction, and more. That said, it’s best to hire a renovation contractor if you already know what you want to do with your home.

An interior designer, on the other hand, is someone who specializes in planning and design. They will sketch and make 3D drawings based on your preferences and style. On top of that, interior designers will coordinate with contractors on-site plus, provide you with construction updates.

Where to Complain About A Renovation Contractor?

You can lodge a complaint with the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) if your issue is a consumer-to-business dispute. They will reach out to the contractor on your behalf or write a letter to the contractor addressing your concerns.

Another option is to lodge a claim at the Small Claims Tribunals (SCT).


Choosing the right renovation contractor can be overwhelming. The contractors listed above are some of your best options in Singapore. Any of these contractors will help you achieve the comfortable, aesthetically pleasing space you’ve dreamed of.

However, to achieve the look for your dream home, you’ll need funds. If you’re short on cash, you can turn to licensed moneylenders for home renovation loan. Loan Advisor is a reliable loan comparison website that offers up to three loan quotes from licensed moneylenders.

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