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Pro And Cons Of Instant Cash Loan In Singapore

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The Singaporean lending industry is perpetually revolving to adjust to the many changes that occur in the government policies and the financial world. This has caused stiff competition and most use instant cash loan deals to lure customers.

Due to the current bad economy, with salaries and wages stagnating and reduced job availability many Singaporeans get loans to be able to meet their needs and resolve their financial needs.

In Singapore, you will find different loan choices, instant cash loan Singapore option is among the most popular loan type taken by borrowers. Both moneylenders and banks offer instant cash loans, and at times they are just referred to cash loans. However, it is crucial for borrowers to consider the different pros and cons of these loan offerings.


Easy to Obtain

As we continue to be more digital, so are businesses like the moneylenders. Thus you can get a pre-approval online without visiting the lenders’ office to await approval. Borrowers can now get several quotes as well from different moneylenders. This will let them survey the market, get quotes, compare offerings and then make more informed choices later on.


From the name Instant cash loan allow borrowers to obtain cash rather fast. This is since the credit checks are fewer and no collateral is needed. Private moneylenders can now give a quote following your monthly wages, popularly through email requests. Many loan applications get responses within 1to 2 working days.


Cash loans are easier to understand. Provided there is proof of steady income, a borrower will be able to access their loans. normally, borrowers might get to about 2 to 4 months of their monthly salary. Oftentimes your score will not be subjected to the approval process.



Being able to access quick cash might make one get out of control. Borrowers might indulge in the newly acquired money rather than use it to repay debts or any other financial obligations. In getting the new cash you will require control, a healthy amount of discipline, and a good action plan. Be sure to plan your funds as tight as possible.

Useful Tips For Getting Instant Cash Loans By Licensed Moneylenders

  • Have the necessary documents as you make the application

    As you are filling out your loan application there are several forms of identifications that you will require. Any ID type, SingPass, and any other documents which will give proof of identity will possibly be accepted. This will be useful when you submit proof of employment such as your work ID card or an old payslip from past several weeks.Most licensed moneylenders will get more comfortable in giving you a cash loan as long as you will present evidence that you hold a steady employment and that you are a trustworthy borrower. This guarantees the moneylenders that you can repay the loan on time since you hold a steady job.

  • Avoid disrespectful and unkind moneylenders

    There are some moneylenders who will try to threaten their borrowers and some will even treat them in disrespectful ways. Thus it is recommended that you avoid these kinds of moneylenders. The reason for this is you deserve to be treated with respect and fairly as well. If you come across a money lender like this, then it could be time for you to consider choosing another lender to work with. Check out here for the Ultimate Guide to borrowing from Licensed Money Lender in Singapore.

  • Enquire about collateral requirements

    It is crucial for borrowers to make inquiries about the collateral requirements prior to accepting any type of loan. When your loan has a collateral, this then implies that that loan will only be given to you in exchange for a collateral.But, when you choose or even miss to repay your cash loan then your moneylender will claim the security item you had given as collateral. It could be your house, fancy jewelry item, and even a car. It will, however, be based on the amount you wish to borrow.

  • Know how to spot illegal moneylenders

    Prior to applying for cash loans, first ensure you confirm that the lender of your choice is licensed. If the lender you have chosen is not licensed, it is then recommended that you pick another one so as to avoid getting scammed.While you apply for a cash loan, ensure to always have your identification and documents are returned to you by your moneylender. The reason is that the lender does not have a reason to keep your private documents. When lenders intend to hold on to your documents, it is most likely their intentions are not good and thus you should look for a different lender.

  • Only sign complete loan agreements and ensure to get your copy

    Always make sure that you only sign a complete agreement for your loan. If you do not get issued with the full contract copy, the loan request could be deemed as fraudulent activity.Additionally, do not sign any form document which seems to be an incomplete contract. Confirm also that the agreement clearly shows the detailed loan terms of the cash loan as well as the loan repayment period. Your contract needs to also indicate the interest rates that will be applied on the cash loan you take. If any of these details are omitted, you need to ask for a copy or you select another lender.


Due to the new control measures set by the government, loan interests are capped now at 4 percent a month. The new regulation will have moneylenders having a keen watch on those they lend money to. Thus, be upfront when you have an issue or action plan since it will offer you a good chance to get loans from legal moneylenders.

Cash loans are a simple loan method, however, be a careful borrower and ensure you read the conditions and terms provided. When you have queries, contact the loan officer particularly when it concerns repayment terms and any additional costs and fees. By being a smart and a well-informed borrower, it will let you make informed choices. Above all, find a trustworthy and licensed moneylender who is willing to work with you.


Table of Contents