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Friday Prayer Bookings: Schedule, Eligibility, Requirements

friday prayer booking
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Friday prayer bookings resumed on 12 November 2021. The COVID-19 restrictions had limited prayer slots to once every three weeks in the hopes to limit the number of congregants who could pray together at one time. Thanks to the recent easing of safety measures, Muslims can once again attend Friday prayers every week.

However, they will need to secure a slot. The Worshipers in Singapore can access the official website to enable Friday Prayer Booking Singapore. VDS is required for all congregational worship services, including all Jemaah prayers. Worshippers can book up to two weeks ahead.

Mosques in Singapore That Allow Friday Prayer

All 66 mosques currently offer congregational and Friday prayer. You can find the complete list of mosques here. Note that all mosques will be implementing VDS to safeguard the community against the current surge.

How To Book Friday Prayer Singapore?

Step 1: Visit the official website of Friday Prayer Booking Singapore.

Step 2: Choose the Type of Prayer, Friday Prayer Date, and Cluster

Friday Prayer Booking 1
Once you’ve chosen a cluster, you will see the list of the Mosques available near you. Check the availability of the mosque you want to go to.

Step 3: Once done, you’ll need to fill in the details on this form.

Friday Prayer Booking 2
Step 4: Tap Book a Session

If you want to check your booking confirmation or cancel your booking, you can click here.

As of writing, registration for Friday prayer on 18 March and 25 March 2022 commences on Tuesday 15 March 2022, 10 a.m. An individual can book for one or both of the Fridays, but the slot is subject to availability.

Who Can Attend Friday Prayer Congregations?

You may attend Friday prayer congregations if you are fully vaccinated or if you are an eligible unvaccinated individual.

Eligibility of Unvaccinated Individuals

In line with the national Vaccination Differentiated Safe Measurement Measures (VDS), if you are unvaccinated, you can attend Friday prayers if you:

  • Are unvaccinated but have recovered from COVID-19, within 180 days from the date of recovery. This information will be captured and reflected in the TT/SE app/token.
  • Are a child aged 12 or below

As of 1 February 2022, unvaccinated individuals who are not exempted from VDS will not be able to participate in Friday prayer congregations.

Perks of getting vaccinated also includes eligibility to travel to Australia.

What Are the Friday Prayer Booking Slot PET Requirements?

There are mosques around the island that require Pre-Event Testing (PET). This is especially required for individuals not fully vaccinated. Here are the Friday Booking PET Requirements as listed on the official website:

  • You have completed vaccination (14 days after the second dose) – this will be reflected in your Trace Together App and Token or
  • Have a valid PET exemption notice after recovery from a previous COVID-19 infection or
  • Have valid negative COVID-19 test result after undergoing PET
  • Negative COVID-19 Test Result Notice (ART) via SMS or PRPP ART Result Slip issued by a MOH-Approved clinic(s); or
  • Negative PCR result – Notice must be issued by a MOH-Approved clinic(s); or
  • Have a valid negative COVID-19 test result at least 24 hours before the end of the prayer session after undergoing PET
  • Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) is acceptable for PET. However, the negative results must be within the 24-hour validity period.
  • Your TT app must be updated
  • Only vaccines administered under the national vaccination program are accepted for PET
  • PET Exemption Notice: issued by any clinics offering ART or PCR testing services; or
  • Check-in Successful or Entry Restricted banner: displayed on the SafeEntry (Business) application upon scanning with TT App/Token.


The ease in COVID-19 restrictions has led to the resumption of Friday prayer bookings. Worshippers can now book a prayer session on the official website.  

Key Takeaways:

  • You need to be fully vaccinated to attend Friday prayer congregations
  • Eligible unvaccinated individuals may also attend Friday prayer sessions, but they need to fit the eligibility criteria.
  • You can only book for one or both of the Fridays and the slots are subject to availability.

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