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Weekend Getaway: Exploring the Beauty of Coney Island

Coney Island
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Coney Island should feel like a tourist trap for many Singaporeans because it’s one of the first recommendations most will give their friends visiting the country for the first time. However, the excellent experience in Singapore’s Coney Island always feels genuine, as if you’re visiting it for the first time again – even if you’ve already done so countless times.

Singapore designed Coney Island Park to be an ecologically sustainable park that largely benefits from its internal environmental initiatives, such as water and energy conservation. For example, all aging trees requiring removal have their material reused as seats, signage, and others.

Visiting Coney Island Park will give you plenty of fun and excitement than what anyone in mainland Singapore can tell you about. As a simple guide to Coney Island, here are some ten great things you can do there.

10 Great Activities To Do In Coney Island

1. Punggol Point Park: Your Starting Point

You’ve followed all the signs and have now arrived at the Punggol Point Park. You may walk along the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk and take photos in this zone. If you look around, you can find some turtles on the road, bike rental stations, and snack buying stations. Renting a bike and bottles of water will help you in Coney Island because the trails are largely uninhabited – making it all the more fun!

2. Coney Island Gate: Take a Picture To Commemorate The Day Forever

Coney Island Park’s east entrance and west entrance have its identical and signature Coney Island Gate. You’ve seen them many times on the social network feed of many friends. Don’t be shy and take your own picture in this area to commemorate and cement the event forever. If you’re visiting from another country, print out this photo so that you’ll always remember when you went and had a fun experience in Coney Island Park.

3. Cycling Routes: 2.5km of Amazing Views

Singapore Coney Island Park’s biking trails are a favorite among many bikers because it has many scenic routes. Plus, you get to pass by the many forest and mangrove habitats all over the area. 

Be aware that you’ll need some great endurance to cross the entire 2.5km trail that connect Coney Island’s islands. But, it’s all worth it, especially when you see Serangoon Reservoir’s promenade view and the challenging trails of neighboring Pulau Ubin.

4. Beach: A Peaceful and Quiet Break

Traveling 2.5km using a bicycle is no joke. You’ll need to plop down and have some downtime before resuming your journey. But, once you do reach certain areas, you’ll come upon signs that direct you towards Coney Island’s first beach island. Depending on your current location, it can be one of the five beaches you can find in this area.

Unfortunately, you can’t swim in any of the beaches in Haw Par Island, but they make for excellent stops, scenic photographic opportunities, and an overall relaxing and peaceful break from all the biking and hiking. 

5. Haw Par Beach Villa: Explore The Island’s History

Coney Island was originally owned by two brothers in 1930, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par. These two brothers owned Tiger Balm, a 1930s brand that became famous nationwide. They built a 600sqm bungalow villa on the island. Unfortunately, the villa isn’t open to enter and visit, but its maintainers keep the villa clean and intact. 

The beach villa became a leisure resort called Singapore Coney Island at one point in the 1950s. It was touted as the first island health resort before  a Thai businessman turned it into another type of recreational destination before being a public park that it is today.

6. Casuarina Exploration Playground: An All-Natural Obstacle Course

As part of the park’s initiative to conserve and recycle, the Casurina Exploration Playground is built from the old materials of cut-down aged trees. Casurina wood is sturdy and durable, allowing children and adults to enjoy it. The obstacle course includes a wooden bridge balancer, stepping stones, and fence racing. 

7. Bird-Spotting: See Birds and Other Wildlife Here

Coney Island Park is home to many flora and fauna that you can already see going around the west and east entrances. The many mangrove forest patches and other greenery in the park is home to many types of animals, especially birds. This gives you plenty of opportunities to do some lengthy bird watching on the benches made from uprooted casuarina trees.

8. Punggol Waterway Park: Waterfront Views Await

If you still have the energy, head on to the Punggol Waterway Park. Biking to this area from Coney Island can be extremely tiring, so take a break before going here. It is highly guaranteed that the waterfront views and other things you’ll find after reaching the waterway park is all worth it. Plus, you can get refreshments while enjoying the scenery, too.

9. Mangrove Boardwalk: See Much Wilder Wildlife

In Beach Area C, you can walk through the mangrove forest to find a boardwalk that offers the best views and perspectives on beautiful wildlife that you can’t see in the wider expanse of Coney Island. However, the boardwalk is safely accessible during the low tides only, so make sure you ask about the Mangrove Boardwalk’s condition before you head and bike to it 

5 Great Dining Experiences in Coney Island

fine dining

Surely, after your dazzling adventure in Coney Island, you’re hungry for some excellent food. Here are five great dining experiences you should consider in the area.

House of Seafood

This restaurant near Coney Island is dedicated to the best traditional Singaporean, Thailand, and other Asian fusion dishes. You’ll find the best Seaweed Seafood Soup, Clear Tom Yum, and Thai-Style Fried Fish Skin in this restaurant. The entire family can enjoy the dishes they offer if everyone’s feeling like eating seafood.

Siam Square Mookata

Mookata means Thai barbecue roasted in a skillet, and Siam Square Moookata aims to recreate the delicious experience you’ll find in Siam Square’s hawkers in Thailand. However, Siam Square Mookata takes it a step further by including sliced pork, chicken teriyaki, meatballs, fishballs, Japanese Crabmeat, Xiao Balcal, and other sides that will elevate your dining experience. We highly recommend eating here if you’ve got a big belly to fill after all that biking.

Izakaya 95

Japanese dining is always an excellent choice right after a very exhausting biking experience. Thankfully, Izakaya 95 provides you with the best Miso, Yasai Tofu Miso, and Asari Miso Soup as starters. They’ll give you the finest Japanese dining experience with baked fish roe, snow crab, and fish meat (Kani Mentaiko), black pork belly with teriyaki (Kagoshima Buta Teriyaki), and various rices, including its famous Foie Gras Fried Rice that you won’t want to miss.

Trunk 95

This restaurant in Coney Island gives you the best of classic Singaporean and Chinese dishes. If your family or friends would love to have the best Tom Yum soups, fried rice, stir fried glass noodles, and even Phat Thai for that one person in the group who can’t live without Thai food, Trunk 95 is the best place for eating.

Georges By The Bay

You can’t go wrong with Western food on your break or pitstop before going home from Coney Island. Georges By The Bay doesn’t just give you an excellent waterfront view while eating, it gives you the best menu to go with it too. You can go from Luncheon Chips, Top Shells, Beer Battered Fish & Chips, and a dedicated Kids Menu to have the young ones enjoy their lunch out, too.

How Can You Get To Coney Island?

Coney Island is easy to find, but just in case you need extra details, we’ve got you covered.

  • By Commuting: Drop out at Punggol MRT station. Then, take Exit C and board bus 84. Take off at Punggol Road End, then head to Punggol Settlement, which will have signs pointing you towards Coney Island.
  • Through a Private Vehicle: Use Google Maps to find Punggol Settlement. Park your vehicle at the outdoor carpark and follow the signs pointing you to Coney Island.

Additional Reminders Before Heading to Coney Island

Here are a few more things to keep in mind before you head out for Coney Island.

  • The park is closed from 7PM to 7AM. So head there when it’s almost or past 7AM.
  • Biking is fun for young children and their families. However, keep in mind that some young children and people with disabilities may find the biking terrain rough at parts.
  • The island has no electricity and piped water, so make sure to pick up your water and snacks from the entry gates. Bring a backpack for your necessities (especially if traveling with young kids) if crucial.
  • Avoid entering the vegetation and forested areas. In doing so, you and your children avoid getting lost and harmed in semi-uncharted territory. The island’s maintainers have left a bike trail that’s relatively easy to traverse.
  • If you see macaques, hide your plastic bags. Due to long-term exposure to plastic bags and unauthorized feeding, they’ve associated these bags with food and may endanger you without warning.
  • The park and island is closed during a storm. If you get caught in a storm while on the island, make sure to seek shelter immediately and call for help.
  • Pick up any trash that you’ve left behind.


Coney Island is one of Singapore’s biggest and thriving treasures. Any family and group visiting will surely enjoy the sights, sounds, flora, and fauna. Plus, you can find excellent breather and dining spots after your long biking run. Make sure to prepare accordingly and enjoy your time together with your family heading to Coney Island.

  • Coney Island was once known as Pulau Serangoon and has undergone major changes in the last few decades before becoming one of Singapore’s best parks.
  • The island has zero electricity and piping, so make sure to prepare your supplies accordingly.
  • The island’s park is open to anyone and everyone, but it will only open 7AM – 7PM
  • You can find plenty of dining places near the entrances of Coney Island, such as Izakaya 95 and Georges By The Bay, which is perfect after your biking trek.

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