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How and Where to Get $100 CDC Voucher For Households

CDC Voucher
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COVID19 has severely affected Singapore’s businesses in various ways. Fewer tourists come to Singapore nowadays, decreasing hotel reservations and tourism revenue. The sudden movement and travel restrictions have greatly affected the retail and food industry.

Apart from the government’s financing assistance to small and medium enterprises in the previous years, it launched the Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers project. The vouchers aimed to help the poorest Singaporean families and boost local market activity by encouraging households to spend.

Learn more about claiming and using your CDC voucher for optimal savings below.

What is the CDC Voucher?

A CDC voucher is a one-household-only voucher worth about S $2 – S $100. The Singapore government used them to encourage residents to spend money on local shops while helping the latter save money simultaneously

All Singaporean households, including foreigner households, can claim CDC vouchers using their SingPass or their local community center. 

CDC vouchers come in the following denominations:

  • S $2
  • S $5
  • S $10

How to Spend Your CDC Voucher?

It’s easy to get started spending using your CDC voucher. Just follow the steps below.

1. Retrieve your voucher from SingPass or have your physical voucher ready

2. You can take a screenshot of your e-voucher’s QR code.

3. Present the QR code screenshot or the physical voucher’s QR code upon payout

4. Once the business scans it, the voucher is spent. The voucher scheme dictates that the worth of CDC vouchers are absolute, and merchants will not issue any cash change.

Where to Spend Your Voucher

Currently, there are 3,000 participating merchants in Singapore with their CDC vouchers decal displayed. The decals indicate that they can receive vouchers as payments. The merchants have a specialized app that scans your QR code and instantly gives them payment as good as cash.

Here are some of the participating merchants in Singapore to use your vouchers.

  • Hawker Centres
  • Wet Markets
  • Bakeries
  • Hardware / Repair Stores
  • Provision Shops
  • Minimarts
  • Pet Shops
  • Hair Salons
  • Optical Shops
  • Fashion Retail Stores
  • Other participating hawkers and heartland merchants (locksmiths, laundry, etc.)

How Do These Digital Vouchers Help Give Back To The Community 

Many small and medium businesses directly affected by Circuit Breakers and movement restrictions due to COVID19 need all customers willing to spend cash. In a way, it’s cash that the Singapore government provides citizens and foreign workers working in Singapore that does not inflate the Singapore economy and helps every participating merchant get the most amount possible from their voucher digitally or physically. Businesses could also consider applying for a loan from a licensed money lenders in Singapore.

Who Are Eligible For The CDC Vouchers Scheme?

Everyone in Singapore can apply for and receive a CDC vouchers scheme using their SingPass details. You won’t need special requirements or credentials to receive your vouchers. All participating merchants who display their decals allow sellers to accept voucher payments.

CDC Voucher Claiming: A Step-By-Step Guide

Here are the steps you can take to claim your CDC vouchers:

1. Click on the CDC Vouchers Link right here.

2. The voucher link leads to your SingPass account.

3. Enter your mobile number after logging into SingPass to get an OTP SMS

4. Upon verification, you’ll get a link or QR code of your CDC vouchers.

Family Household

Some Things to Know About the CDC Vouchers

Keep these in mind when claiming your CDC vouchers. 

  • Each household can only receive one (1) S $100 worth of vouchers from the CDC. 
  • All voucher denominations are fixed and will not give you any exact change. If you spent S $90 and used your S $100 voucher, you won’t get S $10
  • You can use the “Share My Vouchers” feature on your SingPass to generate a link you can send to household members.
  • Collect physical vouchers at the nearest CDC community center if you can’t access your e-vouchers using your phone.
  • The vouchers cannot be resold and will have legal consequences.

FAQs for Further CDC Voucher Understanding

1. Can Everyone in the Household Claim CDC Vouchers?

Yes. However, once a household reaches a total of S $100, you cannot claim additional vouchers. On the other hand, you can use SingPass to send S $2 – S $10 denominations to anyone in your household.

2. Who is Funding the Voucher Scheme?

The CDC and Singapore’s Prime Minister have created the scheme to “give back” to Singaporeans and everyone currently residing in Singapore for enduring the most challenging period the country has ever faced in light of recent economic downturns due to COVID19 and Circuit Breakers.

In addition, it’s a way to boost the local economy by encouraging households to spend digitally and physically. Singapore’s government intends to maximize its scheme by allowing the use of non-digital vouchers that anyone can claim in local community centers.

3. Until When Will CDC Vouchers Be Available?

The Singaporean government has set the voucher expiration dates on 31 Dec 2022. Households can still claim their vouchers by the following year, but they must spend them before the deadline.

4. Are All Singaporean Merchants Participating in the Program?

At least 3,000 Singaporean SMEs are participating in the CDC voucher program, and each of them will receive the total voucher amount you use the pay them. Any merchant that displays their decals can receive vouchers as payment. They can scan QR code vouchers through their RedeemSG merchant app.


Help local merchants and give yourself more spending cash by claiming your CDC vouchers and claiming them from any participating heartland merchants with this simple guide. Enjoy your free cash!

  • Singaporean and foreign households can claim up to S $100 spending money using their SingPass. Alternatively, those without internet access can claim them from their local community centers.
  • You can claim S $2, S $5, and S $10 voucher denominations.
  • Merchants have a special app that allows them to scan their smartphones on digital and physical vouchers to scan QR codes.
  • You can spend your vouchers on any participating merchant displaying their decals. Over 3,000 businesses are participating.

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