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5 Best Companies in Singapore That Value Work-Life Balance

best company to work in singapore
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There’s more to the ideal company to work in than a good salary. Work-life balance, company’s culture, good leadership, respect, flexible working hours, and a sense of fulfillment are the various aspects that matter more. If you are starting a career in Singapore, it is also crucial to know the average salary in your industry. According to the latest surveys, the average salary in Singapore is S$94,023 per year or approximately S$7,835 monthly.

International data firm Statista successfully proved this with its online survey. The research was featured in a Straits Times article and evaluated how suitable various companies in Singapore are to work in based on their employees’ feedback.


Statista performed the survey anonymously and obtained feedback through online access panels and direct and indirect recommendations. They then graded the responses on a 0-10 scale. The qualification for the companies was that they must have at least 200 employees. 

0 stood for ‘they wouldn’t recommend their employers’ while 10 meant ‘they’d definitely recommend their boss.’ Most employers scored above average (between 9.16 and 7.00). Other employers got less than that.

So, which are these high-scoring companies with great support and leadership you should consider sending an application to? Let’s find out.

Employees’ Choice: 5 Top Companies to Work in Singapore in 2022

Although there are 200 highest-scoring employers recognized in the list, here are the top 5 Best Companies to Work in Singapore according to the employees from different industries. 

Name of the Company Score



Economic Development Board (EDB)


The LEGO Group






1. Google

Created in September 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google is an American search engine organisation. Its headquarters (the ‘Googleplex’) is in Mountainview, California, and handles over seventy percent of global online search requests.

Google exclusively functioned as an online search firm before. However, it has now spread its wings to offer more career opportunities with over 50 Internet services and products, from software for mobile phones and tablet computers to online document and email making.

The company currently has over 100,000 employees, with 60% being men and 40% women. 

Average salary per year (for a Senior Manager): $244,000

What Its Employees Think

  • “It was a great environment and culture that I looked forward to going to every day.”
  • “The people are great and almost always assume the best of you; I never had bad interactions or felt the need to ‘prove myself’.
  • “Been working for 2 years, I can say it was the best thing and best decision i made, also i was lucky when pandemic happened they allowed us to work from home too. I suggest it 100%.”
  • “Always positive vibes and friendly, I learned a lot and still doing so, now post pandemic it got more interesting because we were allowed to work from home it was best experience.”

2. Economic Development Board (EDB)

The EDB is a Singaporean government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. 

It was founded in August 1961 and is in charge of policies that improve Singapore’s rank as a worldwide centre for talent, business, and innovation. 

It boasts 500-1000 workers worldwide, with men being slightly more than women.

Average salary per year (for a Senior Manager): $120,000 

What Its Employees Think

  • “Every day is a learning journey where you learn new things on the job. Friendly and open colleagues where we work together to achieve the same corporate goal.”
  • “Good culture with healthy competition among employees. Benefits are good too and salary and bonuses.”
  • “Overall a good place to work in, except not much job responsibilities or exposure if you work on a temporary basis.” 
  • “I look forward to going to work because of the great atmosphere and ability to learn new things. People at EDB are extremely reasonable and amazing to work with.”

3. The LEGO Group

The LEGO Group is a Danish toy-making establishment. It was created in August 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen and derives its name from the first several letters of the Danish words ‘Leg’ and ‘Godt’, which mean ‘play well.’

Its headquarters are in Billund, Denmark. It has produced at least four hundred billion LEGO blocks in the last fifty years and has over 20,000 employees worldwide. It creates an array of online games, video games, and other toys aside from the blocks it’s famous for.

Average salary per year (for a Senior Manager): $145, 000 – $185, 000

What Its Employees Think

  • “My coworkers were easily some of the best people I’ve met, never had a bad shift, the benefits and employee discount was phenomenal.”
  • “I absolutely loved the company as a whole, they were super great with personal time and checking in on their employees to make sure everything was going ok, there was a lot to learn in training and most things weren’t fully learned until you worked on your own…”
  • “This company means everything they say about their product, and everyone who works here is so passionate. They stand by their employees and put their 
  • “Honestly, there’s little to complain about at my time with Lego. The people there are awesome and the management team is always willing to hear you out. You do only get a 30 minute lunch, and sometimes it can be spent doing returns since the Brick Specialists (associates) cannot do returns. I’d definitely work here again. It’s a great fit for a first job.”

4. Apple

Founded in April 1976 by Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak, Apple (formerly Apple Computer Company) is an American multinational world wide technology organisation. 

Its headquarters are in Cupertino, California, and it specialises in creating computer software, personal computers, tablet computers, smartphones, etc.

Average salary per year (for a Senior Manager): $220,000

What Its Employees Think

  • “Working at Apple was a great experience. Work never felt like work because I loved what I did and I loved interacting with the public. The store was always electric, although others may say crazy. I’d say electric because the experience was exhilarating.”
  • “There are very smart and motivated people in my team, just like any teams around the world.”
  • “The team is great and you bound with peers that make your days easier and manage the overall stress”
  • “Working from home is great and the people you work with and meet are the best.”

5. Wise

Wise (formerly Transferwise) is a London-based company. It was established in January 2011 by Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Kaarmann. They created it with the aim of making international money transfer fair and more affordable. 

It has over 2,000 employees worldwide and is looking to increase that number and provide its customers with better and more innovative services.

Average salary per year (for a Senior Manager): $129,000 to $145, 000

What Its Employees Think

  • “Had great coworkers, pretty flexible hours, opportunities to try different projects, great feedback culture. They handled Covid well. They had good work-life balance.”
  • “A productive and fun workplace with ping pong table, places to lay down if you so wish to, room that you can reserve for you to be by yourself as you work if you want, a kitchen and lounge with a T.V and gaming consoles. Overall, the people are very nice and the work environment is very friendly and understanding.”

Tips to Stay Motivated at Work

It’s one thing to have a cool job at a good company and another to stay psyched all through your work day. Here are some tested pointers to help you stay at your best and maintain your performance levels:

  • Take regular breaks– you know what they say about all work and no play. Have some chill time after every two hours or so to help your mind relax. Don’t be a mere toy, though.
  • Socialise– this might be hard if you’re an introvert, but it’s an equally beneficial way to relieve stress or anxiety. Start with one or two co-workers, then increase your social circle gradually.
  • Prioritise your tasks– always begin with the challenging ones while your mind is still fresh then move on to the easier ones later on.
  • Have a target– you can’t stay motivated if you’re not working toward anything. Commit yourself to completing a certain task by the end of every day. This helps you stay focused.

Final Word

Work should be enjoyable- not a burden and source of stress and anxiety. The companies above care about their employees well being and collective good. They’re people-oriented and do everything they can to ensure their workers are comfortable, and they let their employees have their respective career progression.

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Key Takeaways

  • A sense of fulfilment, respect, flexible working hours, and work-life balance matter more in a workplace than a good salary.
  • A good employer provides a conducive work environment for their employees.
  • The top rated companies’ benefits have greater weight than the cons and should be your main focus when deciding if you’ll work in the establishment.

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Table of Contents

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