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Standard Chartered Trading: Best for International Investors

standard chartered trading
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  • Custodian: Stock holding type
  • Minimum fee: S$10
  • Trading fee: 0.20%

Key Features

  • Broad choices of international markets: Standard Chartered provides additional 13 global markets across 9 countries. They include 3 from the US, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, 2 from Singapore, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. 
  • Multiple order types: You may choose to trade from popular order types, e.g., market orders, limit orders, and stop-loss orders. You have more control over investing and increasing the chances of profit-making.
  • Interface customization: The system allows you to change font sizes, stock alert and notification settings, criteria searches based on your preferences.
  • Updated market news: You can choose to receive the latest news from news portals.
  • Stock analytical tools: Tools for technical and fundamental analysis are available to assist you in finding the best stock.
  • ETF selector tool: An ETF selector is in place to help you filter ETFs of your choice.
  • Profit and loss calculator: If you input stock information into the calculator, a summary of the prospective trade profit or loss will show up with the inclusion of charges.

How Standard Chartered Bank compares with other online trading platforms in Singapore

Brokerages Trading Fees
Moomoo 0.03%
Tiger Brokers 0.08%
Standard Chartered 0.20%
Citibank 0.25%
DBS Vickers 0.28%

Our Verdict

Standard Chartered online trading provides investors with flexibility and advanced technology for global investing. Though it is not the lowest-fee broker, Standard Chartered trading service has the access to more markets than other companies. Therefore, international investors may prefer a traditional financial institution with solid financial strength. Find out the best trading platform in Singapore.

Account Opening

The application procedures are simple. You have 2 options to open a trading account with the bank: 1. in-person at bank branches; 2. through the bank’s official website.

Before applying, you must be 21. You can trade if you are an existing Standard Chartered online banking access customer. If you are not an existing client, you can apply online with the “MyInfo” system. Applicants also complete the “Common Reporting Standard” form and finish the setup.

trading illustration

What services does Standard Chartered offer?

  • Stocks: Stocks are the most investment you are buying in the 15 markets around the global exchanges through the Standard Chartered trading platform.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds(ETFs): Besides stocks, ETFs are another popular investment vehicle you can access for ETFs of varied asset classes. They include stock, bond, derivative, futures ETFs.
  • Derivatives: Standard Chartered also provides warrant investing services. A warrant is a right to buy a company at a specified price within a period. It’s worthless if you don’t exercise it or its value is zero after the expiry date. Derivate is one of the high-risk investments, and you should be careful in investing in the derivative.
  • Margin trading: You use your stock as collateral to borrow to buy other stocks from Standard Chartered bank. It’s also a high-risk business because you may either liquidate your position or pay up the price gap if the collateral’s price fall.

Pros and Cons


  • Standard Chartered charges competitive brokerage fees than others: The online trading fee is a flat fee of 0.20% for each order volume. A minimum charge is S$10 per transaction. If you register as an Accredited Investor with the bank, you can pay a 0.15% rate with no minimum fee.
  • The Priority clients pay only a 0.18% brokerage fee with no minimum charge. Until Mar 31, 2022, Newly registered Priority Banking clients can buy stocks with unlimited trading transactions for free within 12 months.
  • Trade anytime, anywhere: Standard Chartered uses the technology-advanced platform, so you can trade using its friendly interface on a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile phone.


  • The platform does not provide chart tools clients may need most on pricing. Chart tools may provide clarity, analyse market movements, and find market entry and exit points.
  • Standard Chartered uses another group subsidiary as its custodian for assets. That may cause both security and custody fees concerns for customers.
  • Clients cannot use SRS and CPFIS funds for investing with the service and may appeal less to investors.


Standard Chartered online trading provides investors with flexibility and advanced technology for global investing. The benefits are low fees, particularly for the Priority Banking clients.

  • You can trade 12 global markets
  • Standard Chartered brokerage fees are low compared with other firms.
  • Advanced technology lets you trade on desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and IOS, Android systems.
  • An ETF selector with a filter function allows you to select ETFs of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to trade after finishing the application procedures?

After you complete the application and submit the required documents, including the W8Ben form for the US investing, you should wait 14 days to begin trading on approval.

What is a securities trading account, and should I open one with the bank?

A securities trading account is an account separate from your other accounts in the bank. You should have at least a securities trading account if you invest with the bank. Besides, an account caters to one currency only. That said, you may have more than one securities trading accounts for investments of multiple currencies.

Are there any other fees I’ve to pay besides the trading fee?

Yes, besides a minimum fee of S$10 applies to personal banking members, all trades are subject to 1. SGX trading transaction fee of 0.0075%; 2. CDP clearing fee of 0.0325%; 3. SGX settlement instruction fee of S$0.35 per contract; 4. GoodS Sales Tax(GST). Other fees may apply to charges by other markets.

Can I get lower fees if I trade with Standard Chartered online trading service?

If you are a priority banking client, you may get 0.18% and 0.20% for the Singapore stock market and other global markets each. Furthermore, Standard Chartered offers 0.15% for all markets to Accredited Investors. No minimum fees are necessary to the 2 kinds of investors.

Can I buy other investments from Standard Chartered besides stocks?

You can invest in other securities like exchange traded funds (ETFs) through its trading platform. The bank provides various services regarding investment tools because you will have access to more than 13 markets worldwide.

Table of Contents

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