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Investment Courses in Singapore: A Complete Guide

investment course singapore
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Question: Why should I take an investment course? You may name as numerous reasons as possible: a comfortable retirement, wealth creation, and education, or a special-purpose fund. But the first step is: how to do it if I am not far wrong from what is occurring in your mind?

Common sense is that potential mistakes can be catastrophic when navigating your investment path in a various and uncertain investing world. Ignorance is not an excuse, and it may ruin your financial future. What’s left now is you should learn how to plan your financial future by attending an investment course as a first step from now on. Find out more on how to investment in Singapore works.

The good news is you have tons of options in choosing an investing course in Singapore without giving up full time on work, family, or friends. Yet you may become confused about which investing class may suit you best as explosive information from local and abroad is all around. We pick up the best courses for beginners like you, so you can start right now from one of them without spending much time looking elsewhere.

Free Investment Courses in Singapore

Singapore is a financial hub in the region. Financial services is a primary industry for this country. Whether you are investing for a career or retirement, you must benefit from attending the following free investment courses and have a bright start!

1. The Basics of Investing by SGX Academy

You may overlook that the Singapore Stock Exchange, in addition to investment services, provides professional investing training courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. The webinar course “The Basics of Investing” teaches core components of a stock portfolio. 

They include blue-chip stocks, real estate investment trusts(REIT), and exchange-traded funds(ETF). Besides the product knowledge, the course also covers knowledge related to local characteristics, such as REITs in Singapore and how to apply in real life.


  • Free


  • It is a free course taught by an investment professional.
  • The use of webinar-style saves time and transportation costs.
  • Participants can grasp the basic knowledge of mainstream investment products in Singapore.


  • Without face-to-face interactions, instructors and participants may have difficulty communicating. The aims may be hard to achieve.
  • The class time is less than one hour. Participants may not get in-depth knowledge.

2. Webclass from The Systematic Trader

The instructor, Mr. Collin Seow, is a chartered portfolio manager and a certified financial technician experienced in trading. Collin is also a developer of the algorithmic trading software – TradersGPS. 

He is also a guest speaker at corporate training courses.

Collin will tell you 1. the best stocks to invest and sell, 2. The best time to buy and sell, and 3. Ways to maximize your profit and minimize your loss.


  • Free


  • Participants can learn investment skills from an experienced professional.
  • Participants can download an ebook – the “Winning trading strategies” when attending the class.
  • Investment techniques using graphs and charts will be the focus of the web class.
  • A 3-phase growth system to master the successful trading skill


  • No personal interaction is available.

Business workshop and development

3. Intelligent Investors Immersive

The instructor – Alvin Chow, a founder of Dr. Wealth, has more than 13 years of investing experience. He develops the i3 investing system and claims he can grow his portfolio by 10% each year.

Through the 2.5 hours, Alvin will explain:

1. What is a value investing strategy? And how to buy low, sell high, and value and discover a value stock in 15 minutes.

2. What is a growth investing strategy, and how to implement a “buy and hold” strategy in different markets?

3. How can you implement a momentum strategy of “buy high and sell high”? And he will share how to maintain portfolio growth and returns.


  • Free


  • Provide comprehensive investing skills
  • Appropriate class duration
  • Class taught by experienced professional


  • No in-class interaction
  • No incentive

4. Trading Strategies by TradewithRayner

Rayner, an independent trader with over 10 years of experience, shows you how to use technical tools like candles and bars to detect and profit from momentum in the forex markets in this online course. The course has 12 modules, and each module is a new topic. Participants can learn 12 trading strategies and apply them to the investing world.

Besides, TradewithRayner offers investment courses with levels from beginner to advanced levels. They include stocks, futures, and forex. Most of them are flexible online classes, so you can study based on your schedule without interrupting your work or family matters.


  • Free


  • The course offers a venue to learn the trading skills and experience with a professional trader.
  • Flexible study schedule


  • As there is no direct interaction between tutor and attendees, the instructor may find it hard to measure its success.

5. Immersive Curriculum from TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is a US-based international brokerage offering comprehensive educational material to clients. You can study trading techniques relating to stocks, futures, options, bonds, margin trading, ETFs, and REITs through its education portal. The study material is plentiful, including investing articles, videos, and webcasts. You can begin to study when you open the web.

Besides, TD Ameritrade has developed an advanced software application – ‘ThinkorSwim,” offering a state-of-art investment environment and a mock investment account called “papermoney” of US200,000. Through the account, participants can learn how to invest in real life. But the brokerage offers the US market only.


  • Abundant educational and information substance for reference
  • Multiple study modes for participants’ options
  • Virtual training for applying trading techniques
  • Courses available 24/7


  • One-way study path without interactions
  • Without local market knowledge and applicable to the US stock market, despite universal investing skill sets.

6. Value Investing College – Free Workshop

An Australia- listed training company in Singapore, the value investing college, teaches participants how to increase passive income from investment portfolios. Combining an investing app – Wealthpark, and investing skills acquired from the 4-hour workshop, participants can benefit from the objective of passive income.

In this half-day seminar, Pauline Teo, the lead trainer, will share her investing experience with participants from ground zero to how-to-do-it-yourself.


  • $39, but currently free


  • Face-to-face interactions and communications between instructors and participants
  • Practical skills applicable to investing experience
  • An app – Wealthpark, helps participants in enhancing investing skills.


  • Technology-averse investors may hesitate to use the platform.

Paid Investment Courses in Singapore

Instead of teaching basic investing concepts, local and overseas institutions offer paid advanced and more in-depth investment knowledge courses. The course fees vary and depend on individual institutions. 

Training programmes cover broad topics, including studies of corporate financial statements, such as cash flow statements and balance sheets, to investing based on risk appetite. The investment markets for analysis may go beyond Singapore Exchange and extend into stock markets like the New York Stock Exchange or London Stock Exchange. We pick our favorites for your reference.

1. Introduction to Personal Financial Planning – Singapore Polytechnic

It is a Professional and Adult Continuing Education(PACE)-sponsored workshop helping participants learn the basic investing concepts and apply analysis techniques. After the workshop, participants can assess their risk appetite and various investment strategies. The workshop also covers the features and risks of principal financial instruments.

The online workshop uses a self-paced learning approach. Participants can study according to their schedule within 3 months from registration.


  • $21.40(inclusive GST)
  • Participants aged 25 or above can use a “skillsfuture credit balance” to offset course fees.


  • Covers comprehensive topics relating to investing
  • Applicants can use the “skillsfuture credit balance” to pay for course fees.
  • Learners can study at their pace.


  • Without face-to-face interactions
  • Participants have only 3 months to finish the course.

2. Intermarket Analysis: Relationship between currency, gold and US ratios with the equities markets – SGX Academy

The online course explores interrelationships among markets. The instructor will conduct an in-depth analysis of correlations among asset classes and aims to provide a new perspective to investors and traders in making decisions.

Assets including gold, currencies, and US ratios(VIX and Commitments of Traders Report) are the focus of the study. The course also aims to 1. let participants understand, through illustrations, basic terminologies, 2. grasp the practical skills shared by the instructor, 3. let participants do the investing analysis.


  • $50


  • Learners can grasp in-depth knowledge and experience critical to investing.
  • Reasonable course fee.


  • The course duration is short for the depth of topics covered.
  • Participants with basic investing knowledge should attend.

financial freedom concept money handcuffs

3. Cash Flow Analysis – edX

The online study platform, created by Harvard University and Masssachuttes, aims to let participants learn corporate finance through cash flow analysis. Through a study of 3 components, “cash flows from operations,” “cash flows from investing,” and “cash flows from financing,” participants can carry out an analysis of a company’s earning power and understand a company’s financial strength better in investing decisions.

Besides, attendees will attain knowledge of project finance and financial hedges.

The course is a self-paced and 4-week online program, and students should spend 2-3 hours a week studying.


  • USD300


  • Professional knowledge taught by the instructor from the New York Institute of Finance
  • Participants have flexible study schedules.
  • It suits participants with basic investment knowledge.


  • Lack of interactions between instructors and participants
  • Expensive fees

4. Proprietary Trading Indicators Vault(Premium) – TradewithRayner

Rayner also offers the advanced technical investing course. In this online course, he will show you how to identify a trending and value market. Participants will receive the “Pro Traders Edge Report” every two weeks identifying opportunities in forex and stock markets. A “Backtest Research Lab” will be available, laying out “buy low, sell high” rules. He will host a live Q&A session every two months.

The online course is self-paced, and participants choose the study schedule. And premium trading strategy guides are available once learners enroll.


  • $990 a year


  • The practical trading experience offered by Rayner
  • Strong support available
  • Flexible study schedule
  • Cancel anytime


  • No instant interactions
  • Participants should study only without face-to-face guidance.

5. Ultimate Stock Market Investing: Learn How to Value Stocks – Udemy

The online video course explains how to earn superior investment returns from investing in stocks without professional help. Participants can copy investing success from gurus of the last century without requiring any formula and investment technology. The target is a minimum of 12% annualized return.

The video course lasts 2.5 hours, including 8 articles and 41 downloadable resources. You can get access to the study material without a time limit. 


  • USD11.99, a 76% discount off the original price


  • Plentiful resources for investors to study
  • Self-pace study schedule
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Investing knowledge applicable to markets worldwide
  • Suitable for all investors, but beginners a plus


  • Like other video courses, no live Q&As, and face-to-face interactions

Here is the summary of all courses

Courses Cost Description
The Basics of Investing by SGX Academy Free Ideal for beginners and value investors
Webclass from The Systematic Trader Free Ideal for active traders
Intelligent Investors Immersive Free Suitable for advanced traders who like to dig deep
Trading Strategies by TradewithRayner Free Active traders using technical analysis and beginner investors
Value Investing College – Free Workshop Free Ideal for participants preferring two-way interactions and technology for investing. Beginners to advance level
Intelligent Investors Immersive Free Ideal for technical investors using momentum and buy-low-sell-high, buy-and-hold strategies. Beginner level
Introduction to Personal Financial Planning – Singapore Polytechnic S21.40 Cover comprehensive investment topics, ideal for beginner investors
Intermarket Analysis: Relationship between currency, gold and US ratios with the equities markets – SGX Academy $50 Offer sophisticated investment training and analysis. Ideal for advanced investors
Cash Flow Analysis – edX USD300 Ideal for advanced investors digging for corporate analysis 
Proprietary Trading Indicators Vault(Premium) – TradewithRayner $990 a year Offer in-depth technical analysis to advanced participants with plentiful research reports
Ultimate Stock Market Investing: Learn How to Value Stocks – Udemy USD11.99 Suitable for all investors preferring fundamental analysis. Beginners are best.


Investing is the first step toward wealth creation. Choosing an investment course meeting your personal needs is critical in saving your time and effort. You may find an appropriate one from the list above if you spend time reviewing the list above.

Key Takeaways

  • You should choose an investment course based on personal needs like investing styles, goals, and knowledge levels.
  • Time and effort are essential in completing a course.
  • Free and paid courses have their worth for all level investors.
  • Face-to-face interactions and access to course material without a time limit are best for all levels of investors.

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