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How to Use Tiger Brokers to Maximize your Benefits: A 2022 Guide

how to use tiger brokers
Table of Contents

Tiger Brokers offers a commission of 0.03% of trade volume or zero(promotion) and platform fees of 0.005 per share for the US stocks. The platform and commission fees are only 0.03% for Singapore stocks, ETFs, REITs, and DLCs. Investors have no minimum investment restriction. Tiger Brokers is a good option for investors seeking online investing.

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What is Tiger Brokers?

Founded and backed by Interactive Brokers, Xiaomi, ZhenFund, and a celebrity investor, Mr. Jim Rogers, in 2014, TB is a technology-focused online broker providing multi-investment services to clients worldwide. 

TB is named the KPMG Fintech 100 on the C.B. Insights’ List of Unicorn Companies for its innovative trading platform.

Key Features

  • TB segregates your funds, stocks, or other assets from the company and entrust them to a custodian.
  • First-time registrants get a share of GRAB(NYSE) and unlimited zero-commission of the US trades for 180 days.
  • Access to stocks, futures, warrants, ETFs, REITs, CBBCs, DLCs, and stock options across the US, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, China A-shares, and the US OTC
  • Low cost of investing adds value to your investment gains
  • Licensed by the Monetary of Singapore(MAS) under the Capital Markets Licence under the Securities and Futures Act(Cap. 289)


TB waive all fees like custody, withdrawal and deposit, currency exchange, Tiger Brokers account maintenance, and inactivity, except for commission and platform fees.

Below are the breakdowns of fees charged by products and services:

Stocks and ETFs

Platform FeesCommission
US stocks and ETFsUSD0.005 per share(min. USD1 per order)USD0.005 per share(min. USD0.99 per order)
Singapore DLCs, ETFs, REITs, stocks0.03% of trade value(min. SGD1 per order)0.03% of trade value(min. SGD0.99 per order)
Australia stocks0.03% of trade value(min. AUD6 per order)0.03% of trade value(min. AUD2 per order)
China A shares0.03% of trade value(min. RMB8 per order)0.03% of trade value(min. RMB7 per order)
Hong Kong stocks0.03% of trade value(min. HKD8 per order)0.03% of trade value(min. HKD7 per order)


Futures typesPlatform feesCommission
AgricultureUSD1USD0.99 to 1.99
Cryptocurrency USD1USD1.99 to 18.99
EnergyUSD1USD0.99 to 1.99
ForexUSD1USD0.99 to 1.99
IndexUSD1USD0 to 2.99
MetalUSD1USD0.99 to 1.99
TreasuryUSD1USD0 to 1.99

Options, Warrants, and CBBCs

Platform feesCommission
Hong Kong warrants, CBBCsN/A0.03% of trade value(min. HKD45 per order)
Hong Kong stock options-Exercise fee: 0.03% of exercise value(min. HKD8 per order


-Trading fee: 15 per order

-Exercise fee: 0.03% of exercise value(min. HKD7 per order


-Trading fee: 0.02% of trade value(min. HKD3 per order)

US stock optionsUSD0.30 per contract(min. USD1 per order)USD0.65 per contract(min. USD1.99 per order)

Tiger Fund Mall

  • Comprehensive ranges of funds from Fidelity, Blackrock, Aberdeen, NIKKO, and UOB asset management
  • Institutional class pricing(lower costs than retail prices) and no front or backend charges. Minimum investment amount: SGD100

Tiger Brokers Account Opening and Funding: A step-by-step Guide

You have two options to open a Tiger Brokers account: 

Option A: through the “SingPass”

  • At least aged 18 for a cash account and 21 for a margin account
  • The “MyInfo” system automatically uploads your details to TB.

Option B: Apply online

  • Like typical procedures, you should upload Government-issued identity information, for example, identity cards, passports, or driver’s licenses.
  • Tax residency and identification number
  • Proof of residential address
  • Employment details
  • Investment analysis

Funding methods

  • Inter bank account transfer
  • DDA(available to account holders of DBS/POSB only)
caucasian man reading document stock chart on monitor

How to Trade 

TB offers two trading platforms: “Tiger Trade” of desktop app and mobile versions, and you can trade wherever and whenever! The following desktop-version procedures are for popular and general cash investors.

Step 1: Log in to your Tiger Trade account

  • You should have sufficient funds to trade. You can check your account balance by clicking the “Asset” on the left vertical bar. Funds of all currencies show up in a tiny display, and you can invest up to the balances in your Tiger Brokers account.

Step 2: Find a stock ticker

  • You can type in a company’s tick symbol or its name to locate a company’s information on the search bar on the upper left of the screen. A list of company information may display on a search result list. 
  • You can click the company of your choice from the list and see the company’s details like financial metrics and pricing information, including charts and order book popping up on the screen.

Step 3: Information about buying stocks

  • Order types: you should confirm whether it is a buyer or seller order.
  • Order flows: The indicator reflects the market’s depth and liquidity of a stock. If it is high, the price will be prone to fewer fluctuations and vice versa.
  • Order quantity or size: The number of stocks or lots of 100 stocks per order you buy. 
  • Order good time: If you invest with order types other than a market order, you need to specify expiry time or good-to-cancel instructions regarding your intentions.
  • Pre-regulating hour investing: You may choose to buy a stock before the market opens. But unknown fluctuations may occur after the bell rings, and you may suffer preventable losses if you purchase the share during the regulating hours(RTH).

Step 4: Check and Submit

  • Data accuracy is essential if you check before submitting your order.
  • After order receipt, Tiger Brokers fill or pend your orders according to your instructions.
  • You have finished a buy order, and the sell order is the same.

Tiger Brokers VS Other Platforms

BrokersCommissionPlatform feesMarketsProducts
Tiger Brokers0.03% of trade value(min. SGD1 per order)0.03% of trade value(min. SGD0.99 per order)10 markets across the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Australia;  9 currenciesStocks, futures, warrants, ETFs, REITs, CBBCs, DLCs, and stock options 
Interactive Brokers0.08% of trade value(min. SGD2.5 per order)USD10 per monthOver 135 markets across 33 markets; 23 currenciesStocks, futures, futures, funds, bonds, currencies
Moomoo0.03% of trade value(min. 0.99 per order)0.03% of trade value(min. SGD1.50 per order)The US, Singapore, Hong Kong, ChinaStocks, options, ETFs, REITs, ADRs, futures
SAXO0.08% of trade value(min. SGD5 per order)0 for Singapore; annual 0.12% of custodian fee for other markets37 markets across the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia; 21 currenciesStocks, mutual funds, futures, options, bonds, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, CFDs
TD Ameritrade00The US onlyStocks, options, ETFs, futures

Commission Rates for Frequent Traders with Tiger Brokers

TB rewards frequent traders with more discounts and gifts. Below is the onus offered in ranking 3 types of traders.

1. Silver trader (over 50 but less than 100 orders placed irrespective of trade types over the past 3 months)

  • 5% discount off commission from HK stocks
  • 10% discount off commission from the US stocks
  • A stock voucher worth SGD10
  • Birthday gift: 5 general commission-free trades within 30 days

2. Gold trader (over 100 but less than 200 orders placed irrespective of trade types over the past 3 months)

  • 10% discount off commission from HK stocks
  • 20% discount off commission from the US stocks
  • A stock voucher worth SGD10
  • Birthday gift: 5 general commission-free trades within 30 days
  • 5 commission-free Singapore stock trades
  • 1 UBS share for free

3. Ace trader (over 200 placed irrespective of trade types over the past 3 months)

  • 20% discount off commission from HK stocks
  • 30% discount off commission from the US stocks
  • A stock voucher worth SGD10
  • Birthday gift: 5 general commission-free trades within 30 days
  • 5 commission-free Singapore stock trades
  • 1 BAC share for free
  • 10% discount off commission from the US stock options
  • Free Reuters videos

Pros and Cons 


  • Low commission fees
  • 2 types of fees only: commission and platform fee
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Easy and quick sign-up procedures
  • No loan interests due to currency conversion.


  • Market options are limited.
  • Funding options are few.
  • Only new CDP accounts accepted
  • Limited funding methods

Investment Accounts 

4 types of accounts are available to investors:

1. Cash account

It is an account with cash trading only. Investors can use their cash to buy stocks but cannot trade with margin and leverage investing because they require financing. Clients can upgrade their cash accounts to margin accounts if they meet eligibility requirements.

2. Margin Account

Clients can use the margin account to trade futures, short selling, and margin trading besides stocks.

3. Fund Mall account

The account is an integrated account for investors of equity, bond, futures, and money market funds. Investors can choose a lump-sum investment, regular savings, or both in the fund mall account.

4. Paper account

One benefit is setting up a virtual account to familiarize yourself with the investing mechanism before investing real money. Tiger Brokers offers you USD10,000 virtual money to invest in the US and Hong Kong markets. Another advantage is you may test your investing skill and luck with the broker.

Exchanges offered by Tiger Brokers Pte Singapore

Tiger Brokers in Singapore provides investing services from 10 markets in 5 countries, covering a broad range of products and services. Though not fully comprehensive, it covers the most important financial markets. The markets covered by the Singapore Broker include:

  • Singapore Excahnge(SGX)
  • New York Stock Excahnge(NYSE-US)
  • Nasdaq Stock Exchange(NASDAQ-US)
  • American Stock Exchange(Amex-US)
  • Pink Sheet Exchange(PK-US)
  • Over-the-Counter(OTC-US)
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange(HKEX-HK)
  • Australian Securities Exchange(ASX)
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange(SSE-China)
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange(SSE-China)

Investment Products offered by Tiger Brokers Pte Singapore

Tiger Brokers investment products are all-around, ranging from low to high risks. Below is the product list:

  • US market: Stocks, ETFs, Stock Options, Futures, and OTC,
  • Singapore stock market: Stocks, ETFs, Futures, REITs, and DLCs,
  • Hong Kong stock market: Stocks, Warrants, Stock options, CBBCs, and Futures,
  • Australia market: Stocks,
  • China: A shares(through HKex northbound trading channel)

How to Trade with a Foreign Currency in your Account

Occasions may arise when you don’t have enough foreign currencies to buy stocks from overseas markets. Tiger Brokers still allow you to trade with your orders but reminds you a loan interest may occur. You can use the following procedures to settle it after sending orders.

1. Locate the “Repayment” entry under the “Cash” list from the “Asset” category on the left-hand sidebar.

2. While a mini screen shows the exchange rate between your funds and the order currency on the lower left-hand side, you may choose your favorite currency for settlement by clicking the “Repayment” next.

3. A tiny screen and a confirmation button of the “Repayment” re-appear and require you to click again. The conversion is complete once you check and submit the request.

Final Word

Tiger Brokers account lets you invest in major stock markets worldwide, offering clients low commissions and charges and special rates for frequent traders. The products stretch from stocks and derivatives to funds.

Key takeaways

  • TB offers investing services from the US, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China markets.
  • Competitive commission rates on products and institutional prices for unit trust investors.
  • Low commission rates and fees are appealing to investors, particularly frequent traders.
  • Easy-to-use and customized interfaces are captivating to beginners and advanced investors.

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Table of Contents

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