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Best Stocks to Invest in 2024: 10 Companies to Consider

best stocks to invest
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What do you expect for the stock market in 2024? Should you adjust to your investment portfolio? Will the havoc caused by the pandemics have any impact on your views about investing in stocks?

Before going forward, you should look into two facts: 1. The S&P 500 index has climbed more than 50% from 2500 in March to 3900 now so far over the past year; 2. The Nasdaq index has gone from 7300 to 13400 by 80% over the same period!

Have the pandemics caused any changes in stock investing? Yes, at the height of fear of the disease and lockdowns worldwide, the indexes dipped down quite significantly in a short time but recovered at a fast speed soon. 

You may say it is a short-term phenomenon. However, it has indeed changed how we see and live on earth for some time to go. For sure, the stock investment is no exception. In the following, ten stocks are with your attention if you want to win in your investing in 2024!

What Is a Growth Stock?

A growth stock is a company’s business that experiences a strong growth of revenues and profit over some time. Some may even have periods of exponential speed. They have unique products and outstanding business models like Apple(APPL) and Amazon(AMZN) to outperform competitors in the market as a whole.

In like manner, the company size is growing year after year and ultimately becomes a leader in the industry. The management is aggressive and likes to explore the markets beyond the border. As a result, they bring more returns to stockholders over time. Here are more examples you may pay attention to.

1. Anthem(ANTM)

Formerly named WellPoint Inc.(a member of S&P 500), Anthem is a provider of network-based managed care plans of health benefits. It offers various health care programs for Government and private sponsors. Some 60% of its business come from the Government’s Medicaid and Medicare programs, National Government Services, and Federal Employee Program. It serves 43 million members countrywide in offering administration services of health care and claims.

Over the past three years, it has recorded significant business revenue growth and profits from ten to twenty percent. The company predicts more business growth as people are more conscious of their health due to the Covid-19 breakout.

The stock’s price has seen a surge of 75 percent and more than 140 percent growth over the past one and five years, respectively. Anthem is one of the top 5 healthcare plan providers in the US and has a market value of US 83 billion with a dividend yield of 1.3 percent. 

2. Amazon(AMZN)

Amazon, a product of another digital invention in our age, is indeed a company of almost everything covering retail and platform services to cloud computing. The business consists of three segments: North America, International, and Amazon Web Service(AWS).

You may become familiar Amazon has evolved from a website shop to a conglomerate of subscription services and kindle products, and even high-technology brick-and-mortar stores. Today, its business has expanded internationally and covered most countries in the world.

Today, Amazon’s revenue has doubled its business revenue and increased more than fivefold its operating income for the past three years. Based on its performance, you can predict that the business and profit growth will continue, particularly due to the pandemics. The business prospect should be more than better ever since.

It is an S&P 500 member. The stock has seen its price surge sixty-five and more than fourfold increase over the past five years. It has a market value of US1.5 billion and does not pay dividends.

3. Disney(DIS)

A familiar household name since our childhood is worth more than any advertising and promotions need to do. 

Disney’s business covers entertainment-related segments like film productions such as Marvel, Star Wars, theme parks, retail, hotel and resorts, clubs, cruise lines, TV entertainment, and streaming videos. Hulu and Disney+, particularly the latter, are enviable product lines for one of the reasons for recent strong growth. The Disney+ could be a potential challenger to mighty streaming video giant: Netflix!

We have no reason to doubt Disney will stop developing her business empire once the pandemics subdue. Disney has clearly stated one of her plans is to expand the streaming video business besides other regular expansion, whether local or global.

The company maintains a steady business even in lockdowns. The revenue has seen more than ten percent growth from 2017 to 2019; 2020 has seen a less than 10 percent drop in revenue. The operating income fell significantly in 2019 and 2020 due to Covid-19 affecting worldwide business. However, it is optimistic about the post-pandemic outlook in 2022.

An S&P 500 member, the stock has surged 125 percent and 88 percent over one and five years, respectively. It has a market value of US 350 billion and pays no dividend.

4. Facebook(FB)

Also, a product of modern technology advances, Facebook, Instagram, What’s App are digital platforms where people share and communicate information, messages. Through the network of 2.8 billion users worldwide, Facebook mainly profits through digital advertising and online trade platforms.

If you don’t know what Facebook is, you miss some parts of life today. Most of us use it to communicate and share information almost every day. 

Based on the vast network of global users, Facebook will expand its business globally and profits around the clock though facing some countries’ disputes. Analysts forecast the revenue and profit growth will be in double digits.

The stock, an S&P 500 member, sees prices up of more than eighty percent and twofold increases over the past one and five years. It has a market value of US 808 billion and pays no dividend.

5. Alphabet (GOOG)

“Just google it if you don’t know” sounds familiar in your ears—a formidable online search engine dominates in more than ninety percent of the search market worldwide. 

Google earns through online advertising, sales of digital content, applications, cloud computing, and hardware products, and internet TV and research & development services by providing products like Chrome, Youtube, Maps, Photo, and Google Assistant.

The tech giant grew its business in teen digit percentage over the past years. Revenue and operating income keep a speedy growth. 

As said earlier, pandemics have changed some living habits, and nowadays, more people are going online searching and shopping for what they did in the streets. More advertisers turn online to promote their products and services. We will see significant growth from Google in the future. 

Alphabet(one of S&P 500 members) sees the stock price go up by close to one hundred and two hundred percent growth over the one and five years, respectively. It has a market value of US 1.4 trillion and pays no dividend.

6. Netflix(NFLX)

Starting as a DVD-by-mail membership service earlier, the company has become a  global video-streaming service leader. Its business covers more than 190 countries and 204 million paid members all over the world. You can watch your favorite movies or videos only if you have a stable internet connection.

People are changing the ways they watch movies due to technological advances and the Covid-19. The audience numbers are increasing and will continue to do so in the future. Challengers like Disney+, HBO Max are shortening their gaps. However, Netflix still dominates and records strong growth now and predicts it will continue to lead in the game.

Netflix’s stock price(a member of the S&P 500) has climbed by more than 50 percent and fivefold over the past one and five years, respectively. Like other growth stocks, it keeps earning surplus for future development. The market value is US 230 billion and pays no dividend.

7. Pinterest(PINS)

The business model is a unique visual system where people create images and share. In a virtual pinboard alike, members exchange their ideas and inspirations through uploaded pictures and videos. The themes include travel, cooking, fashions, wedding, and home decorations. They also use image recognition technology by producing information and ideas related to images uploaded.

Pinterest also has an online marketing platform in which people can see products and services tailored to their tastes and preferences. Pinterest has more than 410 million users by the end of October 2020 and is still expanding the member base.

In the past three years, the revenue has increased by over 250%. However, the operating profits are still in negative territory but improving gradually. Like other startup tech giants, Pinterest hasn’t made a profit since and is optimistic it will do so in the following years.

The stock has surged more than sixfold and almost three hundred percent for the past one and five years, respectively. It has a market value of US 46 billion and pays no dividend.

8. Paypal(PYPL)

Paypal has been in business since 1998 and facilitating payments between merchants and customers. The payment platform systems allow users to pay and receive money in secure environments. Customers can use the website or mobile apps to make transactions.

Moreover, Paypal is a global system where people can trade and exchange their funds globally. Besides, it has its accounts and holds clients’ accounts like banks, credit or debit cards for fast and convenient transactions.

The company has seen its revenue and operating growth in double digits in recent years. It is one of the top five players in the credit services market in the US. The unique system of facilitating payments also makes it expand and dominate in markets beyond national borders.

The stock price has ended up almost threefold and more than sixfold over the past one and five years, respectively. It has a market value of US 290 billion(a member of the S&P 500) and pays no dividend.

9. Salesforce(CRM)

Salesforce is a B2B enterprise that offers back-up and support services to corporations through Salesforce software and cloud computing applications. Customers can access the systems by websites and mobile phones. 

The company’s flagship customer relationship management(CRM) offers commercial clients one-stop solutions in pre-sale and aftersale support and other back-up services.

Besides, the AI(artificial intelligence) computing applications support the smooth process of sales automation and customer data analysis for increasing productivity.

Like other tech giants, Salesforce’s revenue has been growing in double digits(20-25%), though the operating profit is not in a shining position. 

As the pandemics have been changing the way corporations are running their businesses, such as work-at-home. Demands are most likely here for the company to develop more products to cater to the needs.

Salesforce has increased its market value by fifty percent and almost threefold over the past five years, respectively. It has US195 billion(a member of S&P 500) and does not declare dividends.

10. Shopify(SHOP)

The Canadian B2B company provides merchants and customer services to connect and facilitate the sales processes globally. 

Via its online platforms, merchants offer and sell their products and services by connecting with online stores, brick-and-mortar shops, social media storefronts, websites, and mobile apps.

Furthermore, it supports inventory management and payment services. Merchants can even get assistance in business financing. The company has recorded around fifty percent growth of revenue for the three years. 

Like other techs, the operating profits make a positive comeback this year after some period’s loss. Shopify is hopeful online commerce will only expand due to the virus, and demand will increase in the future. That will benefit the company in the long term.

The stock has seen threefold and thirty-six fold increases over the past one and five years, respectively. The market value is US140 billion, and it pays no dividend.


2020 saw the pandemic’s breakout and some resets of the world orders and people’s lifestyles. It also makes industries related to technology, entertainment, and healthcare flourish for a significant time. The stocks can offer answers if you need the opportunities of creating wealth in 2024. 

Financing your investments can be a lucrative deal for your investment plans. You may be planning to strike this kind of move in 2024. Any ideas for using loans for investing?

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Table of Contents

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