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How to Pay Credit Card Bills: DBS, UOB, SC, & Other Major Banks

how to pay credit card bills
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A shiny new credit card opens plenty of shopping possibilities. But paying off credit card bills isn’t as easy as swiping it. If you don’t want to end up with a mountain of debt, you need to make sure that you can comfortably afford your credit card payments.

But why should you hurry to pay your credit card bills on time? Paying your credit card bills promptly isn’t just about escaping late fees; it’s about showing credit bureaus that you can handle your debt obligations. It’s about keeping your credit score healthy which in turn unlocks more possibilities, such as better interest rates and bigger loans.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced novice, a seasoned credit card member, or someone who just can’t seem to remember those pesky due dates, we will guide you on how to pay your bills with major banks. Plus, a few tips for paying off your credit card obligations.

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Tips for Paying Credit Card Bills

According to market players, Singapore consumers are spending more using their credit cards. Thankfully, the situation is under control with the default rates still low. If you are an avid credit card user, you need to find ways to avoid falling into deep debt due to unpaid credit card bills.

Here are a few tips to stay on top of your credit card payments:

Change Due Date

When you own a credit card, you will receive a monthly billing statement. The three dates you need to understand are:

  • Statement date: This is also known as the closing date. Any transaction after this date will go to your next statement.
  • Due date: This is the date by which you must make your payment, typically three weeks after the statement date. You must at least pay the minimum due amount lest you incur a late fee.
  • Reporting date: This is the date on which the bank or credit card company will report your balance to the credit bureaus. Note that the reporting date doesn’t appear on your credit card statement.

That said, if you find that your credit card due date clashes with other payments, or it seems to fall when your funds are low, consider shifting the due date. Your credit card provider may allow you to change the due date of your credit card bill.

Tip: Consider aligning the due date with your salary credit day or a day when you’re usually in a comfortable financial position. This can help ensure timely payments and avoid late fees. Just a simple call to your bank’s customer service can start this process.

Set Up Automatic Payments

Embrace the convenience of technology and free your mind from remembering due dates. Set up automatic payments for your credit card bill through your bank.

Note that you can opt to pay the minimum amount, the full balance, or any amount of your choosing every month. Doing so, you effectively eliminate the risk of missing a payment and the potential negative impact on your credit score.

However, if you choose to pay the minimum amount, the outstanding balance will be carried over to your next statement plus interest charges. This means you’ll be owing more debt, which brings us to the next tip.

Make Extra or Larger Payments

Whenever possible, pay your credit card balances in full. Aside from making sure that you are spending within your means, it also helps you avoid incurring interest.

If that isn’t possible, then try to pay more than the minimum payment required. Making larger payments can significantly reduce the overall interest you pay and help you to clear your balance faster. If you receive a bonus or a tax refund, consider putting it towards your credit card debt.

Keep in mind that credit card interest is calculated on a daily basis, so making extra payments whenever possible can save you a pretty penny in the long run.

Transfer Your Balance to Another Card with a Lower Interest Rate

What if you can’t keep up with your monthly credit card payments? If your credit card bills are getting out of hand, consider transferring your balance to another credit card with a lower interest rate (sometimes even 0% within a promotional period).

Balance transfer credit cards are a great tool to manage high-interest credit card debt. The lower rate of the new credit card is usually promotional and lasts for a fixed period. That said, it is advisable to pay off your outstanding balance during this period.

With this option, you can focus on reducing your principal balance instead of wrestling with interest charges. Be sure to read the terms and conditions, as there may be balance transfer fees, and the rate may spike after the promotional period.

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How to Pay Your Bills

1. DBS

Digital Banking

  1. Log in to digibank Mobile with your Touch or Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.
  2. Under Home, tap Cards.
  3. Choose the Credit Card that you want to make payment for.
  4. Tap Pay Card Bill.
  5. Choose either Pay Outstanding, Pay Minimum Amount, or Pay Other Amount
  6. Choose the Fund Source you wish to use and enter the Amount you wish to pay, tap Next.
  7. Review the transfer and taps on Transfer Now.
  8. Your payment to your Credit Card is now submitted.

DigiBank Online

  1. Login to digibank Online with your USER ID & Pin.
  2. Complete the Authentication Process.
  3. Under Pay, click on Pay DBS or POSB Credit Cards.
  4. Click on Modify Search
  5. Choose the Card Account you wish to make payment for.
  6. Click on Pay Card.
  7. Choose the Debiting Account and input the Amount.
  8. Verify whether the details are correct and click on Submit.
  9. Your payment to your Credit Card is now submitted.

Via FAST Payments

  1. Log in to your non-DBS/POSB Internet Banking Account
  2. Choose the Fund Transfer option and indicate FAST if required.
  3. Choose DBS BANK LTD as the recipient and input your 15/16 digits DBS/POSB Credit Card Number as the account number.
  4. Input the amount you wish to pay.
  5. Complete the FAST Payment to instantly pay your DBS/POSB Credit Card Bill

Note: Credit Card payments done using FAST from other banks are almost immediate.


  1. Insert your Card (ATM/Debit/Credit Card linked to your savings account) and key in your PIN.
  2. Press More Services
  3. Press Credit Card/Bill Payment
  4. Choose DBS AMEX/Mastercard/Visa
  5. Input the Credit Card Number as the Bill Reference Number (.
  6. Select Debiting Account type.
  7. Enter the Amount to pay.
  8. Select Confirm.

Note: Payment done using this method will be credited on the next working day.

Via AXS Station/ AXS e-Station/AXS m-Station/AXS QuickBill

To learn more on how to make payment via AXS, you can click here.

2. UOB

Phone Banking and Internet Banking

Payment may be made via UOB Phone Banking service at 1800 222 2121 (24-hour) or Internet Banking at with a UOB Savings/Current account. You can also use UOB TMRW, which is an all-in-one banking app.

  1. Log in to the UOB TMRW app and tap Pay Bills.
  2. Go to Biller Categories and tap the Credit card icon.
  3. Choose the credit card you want to pay for and select the amount.
  4. Enter the details and amount.
  5. Swipe the button to confirm.

Check the “Add to Favorites” option if you want the details to be saved for your future transfers and swipe to confirm.


  1. Under the Select Transaction screen, choose UOB Credit Card Payment.
  2. Under the Make Payment Screen, choose DBS/POSB/OCBC Account.
  3. Press ENTER to agree with the Terms and Conditions and proceed
  4. Select the option to “Insert UOB Credit Card” or “Enter UOB Credit Card Number”.
  5. Enter the payment amount.
  6. Insert DBS/POSB/OCBC Card.
  7. Select “Current or Savings” account.
  8. Enter the PIN code for the DBS/POSB/OCBC Card.
  9. Upon successful confirmation and transaction, payment is completed and a receipt is issued.

Via AXS Stations

  1. Select “Finance” on the top menu and select “UOB”
  2. Select “Pay bills with UOB Visa or Mastercard”
  3. Select the service(s) you wish to make payment. Enter the required information and proceed to payment.
  4. Enter your credit card details
  5. Review & confirm details and the amount payable
  6. Select “Proceed to Pay” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your transaction.


You can make minimum payments or settle your credit card bills in full by filling up this form.

Credit card payment, buy and sell products & service,selective f

3. Standard Chartered

Online Banking or Mobile Banking

  1. Log in to Standard Chartered Online Banking or Mobile Banking
  2. For Online Banking: Go to Transfers & Payments, then tap Pay SC Credit Cards
  3. For SC Mobile App: Go to Pay & Transfer, then tap Pay Credit Card.
  4. Choose the credit card you wish to pay for and follow the onscreen instruction to complete the payment.

Via FAST Payments

  1. Log in to other bank’s online banking platform
  2. Select the Funds Transfer option. Input the 16-digit Standard Chartered Credit Card number as FAST payee
  3. Make payment to Standard Chartered Credit card by opting to transfer funds via FAST

Via Cash Deposit Machine

  1. Select Credit Card Re-payment.
  2. Key in the 16-digit Standard Chartered Credit Card number.
  3. Verify the Minimum Amount Due or Outstanding Balance to be paid and place the cash properly in the cash slot to complete payment.


Mobile Banking

  1. Log in to the mobile app and tap on Pay, within the menu bar on the top left.
  2. Tap on “Bill payment” and select “Bill organization”.
  3. Tap on “Single bill payment”, select the billing organisation, fill in the bill reference number, and slide to submit.
  4. Review the details before confirming the payment.
  5. On the Payment Confirmation page, select “Add this billing organisation”, and you’re done!

Online Banking

  1. Log in with your access code and PIN
  2. Click on “Payments and transfers” and select “Pay bills”.
  3. Select “Pay billing organisation” under the “Who would you like to pay today?” section.
  4. Review the details before confirming the payment, and you’re done!


Since 3 May 2021, OCBC no longer offers the Pay Any Card service at ATMs. You can use OCBC Digital Banking (Mobile/Internet Banking) to pay your bills instantly.

5. Citibank

Mobile Banking

  1. Login to Citi Mobile App
  2. Click on the Citi Credit Card/Citi Ready Credit Card which you want to pay for under your Account Dashboard.
  3. For Citi Credit Card, click on “Pay Card” > Select or Enter your preferred amount.
  4. For Citi Ready Credit Card, click on “Make Payment” > “Cards, Bills & Loans” > “Loans” tab > Enter your preferred amount.
  5. Select your preferred Citibank account under ‘From account’ to make payment to your Citi Credit Card/Citi Ready Credit Card.

Internet Banking

  1. Login to Citibank Online.
  2. Go to the Citi Credit Card/Citi Ready Credit Card which you want to pay under your Account Dashboard and click on “MAKE A PAYMENT”.
  3. Under “MAKE A PAYMENT & TRANSFER”, select your preferred Citibank account under ‘From account’ to make payment to your Citi Credit Card/Citi Ready Credit Card.
  4. Select or enter your preferred amount for the payment.


  1. Login to your other bank’s online banking platform.
  2. Choose the “Local / Fund Transfer” option and FAST transfer option if applicable.
  3. Under the payee details, choose “Citibank Singapore Ltd” as the recipient
  4. Enter the following as Account Number: 16-digit Credit Card number; or the 10-digit Ready Credit account number (starting with ‘1’).
  5. Authorize the setup if required and make the transfer.


The secret to staying on top of your credit card bills is consistency and punctuality. Using your credit card responsibly and paying off your outstanding balances diligently will not only shield you from additional fees and penalties but also help improve your credit score.

Key Takeaways

  • You must at least pay the minimum due amount on or before the due date to avoid incurring late fees.
  • Consider setting up automatic payments so you won’t miss any payments.
  • Whenever possible, pay your credit card balances in full. Paying only the minimum amount will lead to interest charges which could snowball when you’re not careful.
  • With major banks, such as DBS, UOB, and SC, you can pay your credit card bills via Online/Mobile banking, FAST, and AXS stations.

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