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10 Best Electric Car Singapore – A Comparison Guide

electric car singapore
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Electric vehicles are growing in popularity all over the world, and the recent unveiling of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 means that car buyers in Singapore should start thinking about electric cars, too.

As part of the 2022 Budget announcements, our government revealed the Singapore Green Plan in a new effort to combat climate change – and it has significant implications for owning a traditional, internal combustion engine car here in the years ahead. By 2025, Singapore will no longer allow new car registrations on diesel cars and by 2030, all new car registrations will be limited to electric vehicles only.

For these reasons, people in Singapore today need to start thinking seriously about electric car or EV adoption. The good news is that electric cars can provide significant cost savings, but the bad news is that there are so many different electric vehicle models on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you.

Top 10 Electric Cars in Singapore – The Best Electric Vehicles Currently Available

1. Nissan Leaf – Best for Compact Electric Car Lovers

The Nissan Leaf was first launched in 2010, which means Japanese manufacturer Nissan has had plenty of time to make essential improvements to its design. The latest Nissan Leaf model boasts a competitive 311km range and an affordable price tag – plus it can reach a full charge within 1 hour or less at fast charging stations equipped with DC chargers.

  • Manufacturer/Type – Nissan/Compact
  • Price – $169,800
  • Power Consumption – 17.1kWh / 100km
  • Max Range – 311km

2. Tesla Model 3 – Best for Tried-and-Tested Technology

Tesla is one of the biggest brand names on SG’s electric car market and the much-loved Tesla Model 3 is one of the company’s most popular models. With an epic maximum range, 30-minute charging capabilities with Tesla super EV charging points and an impressive top speed, this sporty sedan has a lot to offer.

  • Manufacturer/Type – Tesla, Sedan
  • Price – $215,139
  • Power Consumption – 15.1kWh / 100km
  • Max Range – 448km

3. MG ZS Electric – Best for Budget Buyers

Starting from $145,888, the MG ZS Electric is one of the most affordable electric cars currently on the market. That said, the MG ZS offers some seriously impressive features and equipment for its price, including a panoramic sunroof and super fast charge capability.

  • Manufacturer/Type – MG, SUV
  • Price – $145,888
  • Power Consumption – 18.1kWh / 100km
  • Max Range – 270km

4. Renault Zoe Electric – Best for City Drivers

This mid-range compact car comes complete with affordable pricing, classy European looks, and a greatly improved Z.E 40 battery which offers double the electricity capacity of Renault’s previous Zoe model. You can also expect a full charge within three hours.

  • Manufacturer/Type – Renault, Compact
  • Price – $99,999
  • Power Consumption – 6.2KwH / 100km
  • Max Range – 367km

5. Hyundai Kona Electric – Best for Battery Range

Hyundai’s increasingly popular Kona Electric model comes with a 64kWh battery, market-leading range and an impressive eight-year battery warranty. That said, Level 3 charging points are crucial if you want to enjoy the best fast charge times.

  • Manufacturer/Type – Hyundai, SUV
  • Price – $154,888
  • Power Consumption – 15.7kWh / 100km
  • Max Range – 484km

6. Tesla Model Y – Best for Stylish SUV Fans

The super-cool Tesla Model Y is a must-have for soccer moms and SUV lovers who want the coolest electric car currently available in Singapore today. The Tesla Model Y doesn’t come cheap, but it boasts an excellent range, superb energy consumption stats and some of the best looks on the SUV market.

  • Power Manufacturer/Type – Tesla, SUV
  • Price – $242,955
  • Power Consumption – 15.7kWh / 100km
  • Max Range – 435km

7. BYD e6 Electric – Best for Branded Charging Point Availability

BYD is best-known for its market-leading rechargeable batteries, but the BYD brand’s attempt at a compact MPV, the BYD e6, is rapidly becoming one of the best and most sensible electric vehicle options in Singapore. Drivers get to enjoy a 370km range, excellent specs, and access to 122 brand-name charging stations nationwide.

  • Manufacturer/Type – BYD, MPV
  • Price – $149,888
  • Power Consumption – 19.5kWh / 100km
  • Max Range – 370km

8. Porsche Taycan – Best for Sports and Performance Lovers

The Porsche brand holds a certain prestige seldom seen among other electric vehicles, making the Taycan the obvious choice for sports and luxury car fans. You’ll need to pay $452,642 to get your hands on one, but you’ll be getting a supercar-standard performance vehicle with excellent green credentials and equipment levels.

  • Manufacturer/Type – Porsche, Sedan
  • Price – $452,642
  • Power Consumption – 17.3kWh / 100km
  • Max Range – 410km

9. Hyundai Ioniq Electric – Best for Car Maintenance and Warranty Offers

Hyundai is well-known for its eight-year warranties, which typically tend to cover batteries and other important components electric vehicles. The Hyundai Ioniq Electric comes with a familiar, much-loved design, decent range and trunk space, and good compatibility with various charging points.

  • Manufacturer/Type – Hyundai, Sedan
  • Price – $153,888
  • Energy Consumption – 15.3kWh / 100km
  • Max Range – 250km

10. BMW iX3 – Best for Drivers Who Value Premium Models

If you want a good-looking SUV with sporty credentials and tons of luxury gadgets, the BMW iX3 is hard to beat. Drivers can expect a 74kWh battery good for 385km on one charge, significantly lower environmental and noise pollution than BMW petrol models, and fast charge capabilities at selected charging points.

  • Manufacturer/Type – BMW, SUV
  • Price – $254,988
  • Electricity Consumption – 19.2kWh / 100km
  • Max Range – 385km
Man plugging in charger into an electric car at charge station

At a Glance – Electric Car Comparison Table

From energy costs and efficiency to expected maximum range, there’s a lot to think about when buying a new electric car in Singapore. Our table below compares the basics:

ManufacturerModelTypePriceConsumptionMax Range





17.1kWh / 100km



Model 3



15.1kWh / 100km



ZS Electric



18.1kWh / 100km



Zoe Electric



6.2KwH / 100km



Kona Electric



15.7kWh / 100km



Model Y



15.7kWh / 100km



E6 Electric



19.5kWh / 100km






17.3kWh / 100km



Ioniq Electric



15.3kWh / 100km






19.2kWh / 100km


Advantages of Using or Deciding to Switch to An Electric Vehicle

  • Less harmful emissions
  • Significant cost savings on fuel / energy
  • Less noise and engine sound pollution
  • Super-fast EV charging with many models

How Much Money Can Electric Cars Save Me After Making the Switch?

Perhaps the number one advantage of driving an electric vehicle or EV in Singapore is that drivers can typically enjoy significant cost savings. This is largely because, unlike cars with an internal combustion engine or hybrid drive system, electric vehicles can be powered 100% with electricity.

Here’s a brief illustration of how this works comparing two Hyundai models – a popular EV and a more traditional petrol car:

Car ModelHyundai Avante PetrolHyundai Ioniq Electric

Energy Consumption

6.7 liters of fuel / 100km

11.7 kWh of electricity / 100km

Annual Energy Cost



Overall Cost Savings



The above illustration is based on an average driving distance of 17,500km per year, at a price of $2.00 per liter on fuel and current EV electricity rates. It’s worth noting that because EV vehicles have “cleaner” components than traditional cars, you’ll also likely benefit from reduced car maintenance fees when driving an EV, too. This is why EV sales are skyrocketing in popularity of late.

Where Can I Charge Electric Cars in Singapore?

The table below outlines key information regarding EV charging stations, locations, and average costs:

EV Charging StationNumber of Charging Stations in SingaporeAverage Prices / Costs


4 charging stations nationally



200+ charging stations nationwide

$1 per hour for the first three hours; $2 per hour thereafter (subscription required)

SP Group

29 SP Group EV charging points nationally

Prices charged per KwH based on current electricity costs

Shell Recharge

10 charging points nationally with fast charge access available

$0.55 per KwH


122 charging station locations nationally



4 charging station locations

$1.50 per hour upwards

Should I Purchase an Electric Car Right Now?

Buying a new electric car in Singapore right now is a good idea for several reasons. With the Green Plan just over the horizon, time is rapidly running out to keep a traditional petrol or diesel car on your private premises.

What’s more, several incentives have been launched of late to encourage Singaporeans to purchase electric cars. Check out our FAQs below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Electric Cars in Singapore

How Much Does an Electric Car Cost in Singapore?

There’s a huge variation in electric car prices here in Singapore, with the cheapest typically starting at around $99,999 from new, and the most expensive available for over $500,000 for luxury and sports models. You can find out Singapore’s cheapest non EV cars under $70,000.

Why Are Electric Cars Not Popular in Singapore?

Currently, petrol, diesel and hybrid cars remain most common in Singapore, but electric cars are becoming more popular thanks to COE and insurance incentives, and upcoming government plans to limit car registrations on petrol and diesel models from 2025.

Do Electric Vehicles Have COE?

Most electric cars in Singapore fall under Category A COE, but you should double-check the status of your preferred model before buying.

Conclusion – Which Electric Cars are Best and is Now the Right Time to Buy? 

With so many excellent electric car options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which is the best fit for you. But with Singapore’s Green Plan just around the corner, awesome cost savings up for grabs and an increasing number of EV charging points being erected across the city-state, there’s never been a better time to switch to a new electric car. 

 Key Takeaways

  • Electric cars come in a range of different vehicle types, so you’ll need to compare the market, look at prices, COE and insurance and ensure you have enough money.
  • Some electric cars offer better range and electricity consumption than others – which means you’ll have to shop around to find the most efficient vehicles.
  • The high purchase price of many electric cars means that you might need a loan, so it’s a good idea to hunt for affordable personal and car loans, too.

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