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Authorised Workshop vs. Any Workshop: Which Is Better?

authorised workshop vs any workshop
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Before applying for a car insurance plan, an insurance company typically offers a choice of where you want to repair your car for covered damage in case of a car accident. Two typical options are available: an authorised or any workshop, also called an independent workshop.

As a car owner, you may find it hard to choose either one! A wrong decision may bring havoc to the treasure you are proud of possessing. And you may pay a huge price to get everything to order and go through the pain of inconvenience due to a wrong judgment.

You can thoroughly examine the pros and cons of these two types of workshops and make the best decision for you and your car by reading the following further.

What is an Authorised Workshop?

An authorised workshop is a professional place specified by an insurance company for carrying out car repair if an accident occurs in your car. The workshop performs all the fixing work covered and restores an insured vehicle to a condition before the damage.

Who is it for?

Usually, an authorised workshop is a part of an insurance clause in a policy requiring a car owner to have a damaged car repaired due to a covered car accident. Authorised workshops are fit for the following car owners:

  • Car owners with no preference: A policyholder having no preference over a workshop choice may opt for a workshop appointed by an insurance company.
  • Budget owners: Budget-conscious policyholders may be happier over choosing an authorised option because an insurance company has a lower premium than other choices.
  • Minimum-required owners: Car owners requiring minimum care on their vehicles are satisfied with using an authorised workshop as their cars calling for repair are aging and not worth spending more premiums on insurance.
  • Guaranteed-parts owner: Policyholders worried about the repair quality from authorised workshops can get warranty assurance on repair works even for a lifetime from insurance companies.
  • Generic brand owners: Policyholders owning mass-market car models are likelier to use authorised workshops than independent car workshops because the repair expenses, including spare parts, are lower, and the premiums are cheaper than unique car brands.


  • Car owners reduce insurance premiums on their policy expenses if they choose an authorised workshop for repairing their vehicles.
  • Policyholders save time and effort by having one of the specified workshops repair cars without other hassles.
  • More warranty on repair, including spare parts, without worry about further repair costs.


  • Cars requiring exceptional support may not get expertise from authorised workshops. It may lead to lower quality of vehicles, particularly high-end cars.
  • Like hair-cut technicians from a preferred workshop, though not on an approved list from an insurance company, may have better knowledge of a car than others. Car owners may not be willing to hand them to a new workshop for repair.
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What is an Any Workshop?

An “Any Workshop” or independent workshop is a workshop a policyholder chooses to have his vehicle repaired regarding a car accident covered by an insurance company. Any workshop can be a preferred or an independent car workshop selected by a policyholder. The insurer is responsible for the repair expenses due to a covered accident.

Who is It For?

  • Premium brand owners: Car owners of premium car brands, such as car models imported from Europe, requiring special care like maintenance services and spare parts, may prefer using independent car workshops. An independent workshop can be a specialized brand workshop providing technical repairing skills and helping clients find hard-to-source spare parts other workshops do not offer. 
  • Tailor-made services: Car owners may prefer using technicians’ tailored-made skills for their vehicles and are unwilling to switch to new ones if the workshop is not on an insurance company’s list.
  • Owners fond of choices: Other car owners may like a source for appropriate technicians to handle their vehicles based on a workshop’s strength and expertise. For example, workshop A is a professional leader in engine technology, while workshop B is expertise in car seating. A one-for-all workshop may not suit all car owners.
  • New car owners: Many new car owners prefer to use workshops recommended by a car manufacturer or its authorised dealer for fear of warranty violations, especially regarding their own damage accident repairs caused by a driver’s fault.


  • Policyholders have the flexibility to choose their favored workshops.
  • Owners of notable car brands, for example, vehicles from Europe, can get tailor-made workshops for their cars.
  • New car owners may stay with workshops recommended by car dealers or manufacturers for warranty reasons or other after-sale car servicing treatments.
  • Existing car owners can take advantage of the “any workshop” clause on the policy by using their preferable technicians with the know-how of their cars.


  • Clients choosing an “any workshop” option have to pay higher premiums than an “ authorised workshop” option.
  • An “any workshop” option may not benefit policyholders of the same car models of generic brands. Most general car models’ repair services and spare parts are accessible to most workshops, including ones on lists of most insurance companies. Therefore, car owners of common brands may not reap much from choosing the option.

Authorised vs. Any Workshop

The table below summarizes key differences between the two types of workshops for your reference.

  Authorised Workshops Any Workshops

Choice of preferred workshops

No or limited


Guarantee on spare parts

Lifetime or a definite period

Various or limited period up to 12 months

Tailored-made Services


Car owners can choose their favored workshops

Car insurance premiums



Suitable car brands

Generic and a mass market car model

High-end & unique models

Verdict: Which Workshop is Better?

You may consider using an “authorised workshop” choice if:

  • You are budget-conscious
  • Require minimum car care
  • Require more spare parts & services guarantees
  • You own generic car brands

You should use an “any workshop” option if:

  • You own a car of a unique brand requiring specialized services other authorized workshops do not provide
  • You prefer using tailor-made technicians to serve your car
  • You desire to use more workshops for car services
  • You are a new car owner with arrangements with a dealer or manufacturer.

More Questions

1. Which option should I choose if my car has undergone modification?

Insurance companies may review the modification details and may not accept your application based on risk policy. Therefore you may run the hazard of an application being rejected even if you choose an authorized workshop. You should consult your insurance advisor or insurance company to make an appropriate decision.

2. Do I have to pay extra expenses if I choose my preferred workshop for car repair?

Most value car insurance companies have a compensation schedule for various services and spare parts related to car repair. If your repair expenses exceed limits under specified categories, you must pay beyond the amount determined by an insurance company. Consulting with your insurance advisor or insurance company for details is a viable option. 

Final Words

Car owners should choose a workshop option based on their circumstances, like cars and preferred workshops and budgets. The above factors may give you better ideas for choosing a suitable alternative. At times, a better way to help you pay for your car repairs would be taking out a loan. This allows you to easily cover the repair and pay for the loan later

Key takeaways

  • Authorised workshops fit budget car owners, minimum car care, extended car part guarantee, and generic car brand owners.
  • Any or independent workshops fit owners of unique car brands requiring special car care, owners requiring tailor-made services, and new owners with arrangements with dealers or manufacturers.
  • Clients should base their own situations on choosing an authorised or any workshop.

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Table of Contents

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