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10 Best Home-Based Food Businesses in Singapore To Support

home based food business singapore
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Craving for savory home-cooked meals? What about cakes and baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth? Today, you can enjoy all these without even leaving the comfort of your home.

Buying from home-based food businesses has become the norm among Singaporeans. By supporting these local side hustlers, you can also enjoy good food in your own home without having to spend hours in the kitchen. But with countless home-based food businesses to sift through, which one should you try?

If you’re looking for scrumptious food that will satisfy your cravings, support local and order directly from these merchants. Check out our list of the best home-based food businesses in Singapore.

Best Home-Based Businesses in Singapore

1. Wild Bento

Meticulously made from scratch and by hand using recipes that were passed down through generations, Wild Bento offers delicious, home-cooked food. They really live up to their tagline “a gentle mum’s cuisine” because their dishes will tug at your childhood memories. Best of all, they use only premium ingredients, such as fresh chicken, pork, and vegetables.

Must Try: Rich, flavorful Wild Curry with Prata and Fried Shrimp Dumplings.

Price Range: Their mains starts from S$9.90 to S$30.90 for a 4 pax Wild Curry ‘only.

Delivery: You can place your order through their online store or social media pages.


2. Mamas And A Wok

Want to make your own spicy meat dish but don’t know how to achieve the right flavors? Home to artisanal sambals and rempahs, 2 Mamas And A Wok have the perfect solution

Started by a trio of friends who love to cook and eat, they help clumsy cooks create delicious dishes without spending hours in the kitchen. Using recipes passed down through generations, they offer authentic flavors of South-East Asian rempahs and sambals, perfect for the everyday chef. Expect to receive fresh, homemade, and sealed Peranakan Rempah with clear indications of the ingredients used.

Must Try: Dry Laksa Rempah, Rendang Rempah, Sambal Belacan, and Green Chili Sambal

Price Range: Their prices start from S$12 per pack of rempah to S$52 for a Dry Laksa DIY Ki

Delivery: Yes, they offer delivery services. You can place your order through their website or Instagram.


3. No Pat No Pit

Craving for scrumptious, satisfying burritos? This homemade food business offers the most affordable burritos on the island. Bursting with Mexican and Malay flavors, No Pat No Pit does not skimp on marinating their meats which are then grilled to perfection. 

Not sure what to get? Try their Jamah Sets which is a combination of mutton satay, chicken burrito, and wedges, with homemade cheese or sauces.

Must Try: Cheesy Chicken Burrito, Mutton Satay Burrito

Price Range: Their prices start from S$7.50 to S$13

Delivery: They charge S$10 delivery fee islandwide


4. Eat Hum

Eat Hum started during the lockdown in 2020 when Val’s husband was craving hums. The marinated hums turned into a big hit with her husband. It was so good that they decided to make some for their neighbors and friends and the rest, as they say, is history.

Val uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients with no added MSG or preservatives. Aside from cockles from Malaysia and Indonesia, they also offer imitation abalone slices, topshell, and lala and gong gong which are marinated with their secret sauce.

Must Try: Crabs, L Size Hums, 4 XL Size Hums

Price Range: Their prices start from S$18 to S$88 for Crabs

Delivery: They deliver between 5pm to 9pm. You can also opt for self-collection which starts from 7pm or earlier.


5. Mr. Singh Eats

If you’re looking for top-quality Indian food and Thai bento boxes, then you won’t go wrong with Mr. Singh Eats. Based in Singapore and run by a certified food handler, this home-based business offers tantalizing flavors and scents that will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Must Try: Thai Crab Fried Rice and Tom Yum Soup Chicken

Price Range: Their prices start from S$8 to S$15.

Delivery:  They have a minimum order of 2 sets for delivery and charge an S$8 fee islandwide. Self-pick up is available at Yishun


Sweet cupcake with cranberry on black background

6. Frosted by Fang

Frosted by Fang offers truly Instagram-worthy cakes and dessert boxes. But aside from the aesthetic, their freshly-baked goods also have an irresistible aroma with unique flavors. These goods are highly addictive and will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Frosted by Fang boasts an exciting flavor profile from salted caramel popcorn miso teacakes, taro mocha cakes, peanut butter, and kaya streusel muffins, to miso oatmeal cranberry cookies. Aside from dessert boxes, Fang, a self-taught home baker, also specializes in making customized cakes.

Must Try: Nutty peanut butter banana Tiramisu, chocolate chip cookies, and mocha cake

Price Range: Their prices start from S$2.50/cookie (minimum of 12). You can find their complete menu here.

Delivery: Islandwide delivery is available for a flat fee of S$9. You can also opt for self-collection.


7. Ade’s Homebake

Craving for ondeh-ondeh cake? Grab your share from Ade’s Homebake. Aside from their signature Ondeh-cake, they also offer local flavors, such as Nonya-inspired Durian pengat, as well as international recipes, such as sea-salt chocolate.

With homemade, uniquely local recipes, Ade’s Homebake treats boasts “otona no amasa” which means sweetness for adults. So if you’re looking for baked goods that are not overwhelmingly sweet, definitely check them out.

Must Try: Original Durian Ondeh Cake, D24 Durian Pengat, Sea Salt Chocolate Cookies

Price Range: Their ondeh-ondeh cakes start at S$30. You can find their complete menu here.

Delivery:  Delivery is available. You can order via Instagram or their website.


8. Dream Hearts

Looking for delicious, traditional treats? You can order pineapple tarts and mooncakes from Dream Hearts. All their products are homemade daily using only the freshest ingredients. This home-based food business strives to create unique designs on their pineapple tarts, such as fortune casts and smiley faces.

All their tarts are preservative-free and made from premium ingredients.

Must Try: Pineapple Tarts, Premium Mini Mooncake

Price Range: A box of 8 fortune tarts start from S$18 to S$28 for a box of 12. You can find their complete menu here.

 Delivery:  Islandwide delivery with standard delivery of S$5. Delivery is free with a minimum order of 2 boxes to a single location. You can order via Instagram.



 9. My Rustic Bakez

If you’re looking for the perfect sweet treats for your kids, My Rustic Bakez has just what you need. This Muslim-owned home-based food business makes delicious tarts, cookies, and other halal desserts. You can be assured that each bite will entice the senses and will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Must Try: Batik Cake, Blueberry Tartlets, and Pavlova Cuppies

 Price Range: You can check out their Instagram page or send a DM to ask for prices.

 Delivery:  You can place your orders anytime through their Instagram or Facebook page.


10. Chocolate Anatomy

For all your chocolate cravings, check out Chocolate Anatomy. This home-based food business started with a simple tailored recipe of chocolate truffles. Now, Chocolate Anatomy has made a name for itself with its exciting new flavors.

They have everything from chocolate brownies, cookies, tarts, to truffles. But aside from chocolate flavors, they also have loaf cakes, macarons, and cupcakes. They also offer Omakase Style Box with no minimum or maximum purchase amount. Best of all, you can also create your own dessert box.

Must Try: Omakase Box, Signature 65% Truffles, and Raspberry Brownies

Price Range: You can reach out via Instagram DM to ask for prices. Check out their full menu here.

Delivery:  You can place your orders anytime through their page.


Asian Woman Hand Hold bowl bread

How To Start a Home-Based Food Business in Singapore

Inspired by these home-based food businesses? If you want to turn your home baking passion into a side business, here are a few things you need to know.

First of all, you are not required to apply for a license. This applies whether you’re living in an HDB flat or a private residence. However, even if a license is not required to run a small-scale home-based food business, you may still need to register. Learn more on how to start a side business.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step 1: Formulate a Business Idea

Preparing and selling food requires a lot of effort and considerations, such as food safety, production rate, packaging, and delivery.

For instance, selling packaged foods online is easier and has lesser quality and food safety risks. But this type of market also has higher competition. That said, you need to formulate a solid business idea.

  • Is there a demand for the type of food you want to sell? Take into account the feedback from family and friends.
  • What makes you different from the competition? Take a look at other home-based food businesses and establish your unique selling point. It could be a unique design, ingredient, or competitive pricing.
  • Who is your target market? Define who you’re selling to and provide value to them.

Step 2: Take Into Account Key Operations

Licenses and Food Safety Guidelines

In Singapore, home-based businesses are subject to guidelines by HDB. And as previously stated, small-scale home businesses are not required to get a license. However, they are subject to food safety and fire safety requirements. Check out the Sale of Food Act and Environmental Public Health Act for the guidelines on food hygiene practices.

Note: food handlers are encouraged to attend the Food Safety Course Level 1.


Ingredients and food must be legally imported and from licensed food establishments that are regulated by the Singapore Food Agency. Additionally, you must follow the safe management measures for delivery and collection.

Step 3: Choose Where To Sell Your Products

Selling Prepared Food

If you’re selling cooked food, you can advertise your menu through your social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. This is perfect for reaching out to customers as well as dealing with small batches of orders. Plus, the cost is low and you can engage with your customers better.

Selling Pre-Packaged Food

If you’re selling packaged foods, such as salted egg chips, you can consider using E-commerce platforms. You can sell them through Shopee and Lazada since these platforms have existing payment support and delivery.

Step 4: Market Your Home-Based Business

One of the best ways to boost your business is through word-of-mouth. However, you won’t be able to reach your market if you don’t attract attention. Here are a few tips: 

  • Post aesthetically pleasing photos: Use Instagram and Facebook to your advantage. Take appetizing photos of your food.
  • Engage with your audience: Keep your Instagram and Facebook pages active. Consider joining Facebook groups for home businesses.
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews: Reviews and recommendations are some of the best ways to build credibility and trust in your business. Asking family and friends to recommend your business or post photos of your food is a great starting point.

Advisory for Home Businesses

According to the Home-Based Business Singapore Scheme, HDB flat owners are permitted to carry out small-scale home business activities to boost their income. They are not required to ask for approval from HDB.

Here are some examples of permitted home business activities:

  • Small-scale food businesses, such as baking
  • Hairdressing, facial and beauty (excluding massage), manure, or pedicure services
  • Private tutoring of not more than three students
  • Sewing or tailoring services
  • Freelance business, such as writer, photographer, or journalist

However, certain conditions that must be followed:

  1. Only the residents of the property can work in the business, such as the owner and registered occupants. Third-party and non-resident food handlers or employees are not allowed to work in the flat.
  2. Business activities must not cause disruption or cause disamenities to your neighbors.
  3. There must be no advertisements, signboards, or posters displayed at the flat.
  4. No selling of food at food outlets or food fairs.
  5. No large-scale storage or frequent loading and unloading of goods
  6. Equipment must be for domestic use. So avoid using industrial-grade heavy equipment.

Lastly, all activities must comply with the rules and regulations set by other authorities, such as Singapore Food Agency for food hygiene and safety, and Fire Safety and Shelter Department for fire safety requirements. 

Food Health and Safety Standards

If you’re setting up a home food business, one of the most important factors to consider is food safety and hygiene. There are potential health hazards to consuming food that was not properly handled and prepared. That said, make sure to follow the guidelines issued by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

SFA’s food guidelines include:

  • Personal hygiene: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before and after preparing food. For extra precaution, it’s best to wear gloves when you prepare food.
  • Kitchen hygiene: Keep your kitchen and food prep area clean and hygienic. Clean and sanitize equipment, bowls, mixers, spoons, cups, and more. This will lower the risk of contamination.
  • Food Safety: Use only ingredients from approved sources and make sure that the ingredients are not expired.
  • Storage Safety: Properly store your ingredients at food-safe temperature. For instance, raw food items must not be placed on the kitchen counter.

You can read the SFA’s full food guidelines for the Home-Based Business Scheme here.


A home-based business offers plenty of opportunities to supplement your income. Aside from its flexibility, it is also a good way to test your business idea and see how it performs in the market. So take inspiration from the home food businesses above and consider the tips to get started. You may also explore other business opportunities here. 

Key Takeaways

  • You are allowed to carry out small-scale home business activities in your HDB flat without requiring approval from HDB.
  • Small-scale home businesses are not required to apply for a license. However, you may need to register your business.
  • For a home food business, make sure to follow the SFA’s food and safety guidelines to avoid potential health hazards.

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