What is Loan Maturity Date?

Signing a loan

It’s easy to think of a loan’s maturity date as the last day when you should have paid your financing in full. Truthfully, that is just one idea of its definition. All loans have different maturity dates. However, this concept has its respective and relevant meaning to bonds and other fixed-income investment mediums. A loan’s … Read more

CIMB’s Cashlite Personal Loan Review

CIMB Cashlite Personal Loan

The CIMB Singapore Cashlite personal loans offer the lowest interest rate of 3.5%p.a. for their new-to-CIMB bank applicants who seek competitive loan rates and new few CIMB bank credit cards. Key Features Pros Gives quick disbursement for a personal loan Does not charge processing fees Low interest rates for new clients (competitive rate of 3.5%p.a.) … Read more