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As one of the most trusted loan comparison sites out in the market, we take our mission to educate the public on financial matters seriously. And that is why you trust us.

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Comparing the many loans, offers and financial advice can be an exhausting process. We regularly compare every possible loan offers out in the market and placed in one easy to access site. All for your convenience. 

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We love finding out the best loans available for everyone and making sure you get the most up to date information at the tip of your fingers. All with the most impartial eye and bias-free reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions on Loan Advisor and some of them quite frequently! To help clear things up a bit, we’ve added a list of the most frequently asked questions to us.

Loan Advisor is a finance directory comparison website for financial products. We are not a loan provider and do not provide any loan services. We are an independent entity matching you with the best loan providers in Singapore.

Awhile back, we were doing loan comparisons and shopping for great deals for our own personal use. We found that that there aren’t as many sites in Singapore that provided up to date and unbiased opinions on the loans we were searching for.

Our passion for finding, comparing and securing the best loan deals and the lack of information collected in one site made this site a reality.

We make money in several ways. We are a finance directory site that compares, shares and advises our readers on the best loans available to them. Every time someone switches their loans to another through our site, we get paid a small fee for it. This fee doesn’t change your loan amount or interest, nor does it affect our reviews. It’s all done impartially and fairly.

No, as we’ve mentioned earlier, we are an impartial and unbiased loan comparison site. We only want the best for our readers, and our approach reflects that mindset.

You can, but why go through the trouble when we’ve done the legwork to compare and compile all the information you need on a single page?